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EA Group UK Limited are both a manufacturer of revolving doors and an integrator of automatic doors and entrance solutions. Several of our revolving door products are now manufactured within the UK which enables us to offer the fastest possible lead-times, highly competitive pricing, and we reduce the carbon footprint of delivery from our UK production facility to your site.

We offer an extensive automatic door range that are designed to provide aesthetic style, efficiency, accessibility convenience, and hygiene for any building entrance or indeed doors within a building. Our automatic door solutions include automatic revolving doors, automatic sliding doors, curved sliding doors (circle slide doors) and of course swing doors.

Our experienced in-house project design team work with architects, specifiers, contractors and facilities managers to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
All automatic doors from the EA Group range are designed and built to the highest standards. Our doors are CE marked and built to meet the requirements of BS EN16005 safety regulations.



Automatic Revolving Doors

Automatic revolving doors are increasing in popularity for the many attributes that they offer, their KSP is that they add energy efficiency to any building that they are installed within.

As well as a UK manufacturer, Our group are also the UK and Ireland exclusive partner for KBB Automatic Entrances Inc, the designers and manufacturers of the world’s first 3 in 1 door solution that combines a revolving door, a sliding door and maximised balanced door, all within one single automatic door unit.

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Sliding Automatic Doors

Automatic sliding doors are ideal for efficiency improving traffic flow whether used externally to a building or internally. We offer a reliable range of automatic sliding door systems that will compliment any building, new or old.

Our automatic sliding door mechanism is a carefully designed and thoroughly tested automatic sliding door, and by tested we mean to 3 million operations without any failures.

We also provide the full solution, not just the sliding automatic door operator mechanism and doors, but side screens and any other accessories such as balustrades.

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Curved Sliding Automatic Doors

Our automatic curved sliding doors or circle slide doors as they are also known, combine both aesthetic appearance and mechanical design within this popular automatic door choice.

The convenience of two sets of sliding doors offers a walk through experience and improves energy efficiency over a single sliding door solution. The outside door will open when approaching pedestrians are detected, however the internal sliding door will not activate unless the pedestrian actually enters the door circle, thus preventing heat loss with pedestrians walking past the automatic door and not intending entering the building.

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Swing-Door Drive Systems

We offer a choice of automatic swing door operators from several manufacturers to automate a wide range of doors up to 450kg in weight.

We supply and install these automatic door operators in a variety of applications, from a single swing door with push button control, to multiple swing automatic door solutions with access control systems controlling their operation from one or both sides of the door.

Quite commonly, we install swing opening automatic doors next to revolving doors to offer a DDA compliant solution.


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