Curved Sliding Doors

Curved Sliding Doors are designed for building applications that would like the aesthetic rounded look of a revolving door but have the requirement to provide disabled access within a limited space of the entry area. Our automatic curved sliding doors are an entry solution that meets this requirement as it negates the need to provide a separate pass door to the side of a traditional revolving door.

The curved sliding door consists of two sets of two circular sliding door leaves and it offers an aesthetically appealing design, with the high capacity and ease of passage offered by traditional sliding doors. Their curved appearance offers a slightly wider opening than a traditional straight sliding door set within the same installation width, giving scope for a larger throughput.

Our curved sliding doors can also be configured in half circle designs, either singularly or interconnecting between other curved wall panels and curved sliding doors to give the effect of a flowing wave of glass.

As with all of our door systems, the automatic curved sliding door is offered in a choice of polished or brushed stainless steel, brass or bronze finishes, or PPC to match any RAL colour.

An optional internal heater can be installed neatly within the ceiling of the door compartment.

Elegant and Aesthetic Appearance
With its elegant, mild streamline and crystal-clear door leaves, the KC1000 imparts lightness and harmony of the curved sliding door at its opening and closing.  Either concave or convex, curved sliding door creates an impressive and enticing entrance whilst it meets the requirements of most architectural styles.

Intelligent Control
Equipped with Swiss-made Main Control System (MCS) and the original fittings, the curved sliding door leaves in opposite directions with automatic stop function to avoid injury and impact of pedestrians and objects.
The control panel communicates with the MCS bilaterally and by the panel you can choose operating mode, set emergency stop or change operating parameters, and learn directly where failure occurs.

Unique Seal
Our unique static balance technique creates an airtight, dustproof and anti-static brush seal within the curved sliding door.

Safety Device
The curved sliding door drive unit, composed by DC motor, fault-locating and feedback, control and protection circuits, is capable of accurate orientation ensuring the quiet and steady operation and reasonable acceleration or declaration.
The optional battery pack, and emergency unit with function of voltage monitoring, self-charging and self-switching, can ensure normal operation of the door within 30 minutes upon power failure.
In addition, electro-mechanical locking system can be installed for night security.

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