EA Compact Plus Series

The EA Compact Plus Series integrates multiple functions into one unit: electrically assisted doors opening, transit to challenged people, emergency door (certified anti-panic push bar).

The Compact Plus Series was conceived as a flexible solution for entrances to offices, banking institutions, shops, airports, data centres etc, and it is available in three versions: Compact Plus with framed doors, Compact Plus Light with glass edged doors and Compact Plus R featuring an anti-burglar, reinforces structure.

Compact Plus doors require limited space in comparison with the available free passage area, and they are available with an innovative self-supporting structure which allows the installation of these doors in fully glazed façades, without the need of vertical jambs connected to the ceiling.TONALI_CompactPlus_12

One of the main features is the integration into one High Security Portal Door of the following functions:

  • electrically assisted doors opening
  • transit to challenged people
  • emergency door: the door is equipped with a certified anti-panic push bar, so that additional emergency doors are no longer a necessity. Pressing the fitted push bar disengages the doors which are now free to open. Doors automatically re-close after a preset, adjustable time.

Led lights can be installed in the door leaves; this feature, especially during night hours, highlights the entrance of the building.
Due to the clever design of the doors movement Compact Plus gate series doors never make contact with the proceeding person.

Features and Options

  • Self-supporting structure
  • Digital display, menu-guided command and setting console
  • Suitable as emergency exit lane (50 people module)
  • Certified anti-panic push bar with adjustable delayed opening time. Electrical and mechanical push bars are Available: when activated both versions disconnect the holding magnets and release the doors, but mechanical version does it also in case mechanical lock is engaged
  • Led light on door leaves
  • Mechanical key for additional locking during night-times
  • Compact Plus R gate can be equipped with an additional three points mechanical lock, plus two 180Kg/each holding magnets
  • Intercom, voice messages and traffic-lights
  • Easy-link to third party manufactured access control systems (RS232 – RS485 – IBIS interfaces)
  • Proxy and swipe-card and biometric readers easily added


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