EA demiDUETTO series

The EA demiDUETTO series, thanks to its semi-circle shape, perfectly match already flat doors, even existing ones, to create an interlocked, controlled access without modifying the building facade.

Available also with integrated metal detector, they are a practical secure portal door solution for access control for many different applications within buildings, using just 50% of a standard curved sliding door, with the same free passage area, it can be used as an interlocked access or as mere weather filtering door.

Interlocked access is performed through a pair of electric motor assisted, fast sliding doors on one side plus a manual operated flat door.

They are available for 180° straight doors in the following model dimensions:

  • demiDUETTO: base 1380 x 930mm and glass up to 20/21mm
  • demiDUETTO Maxi: base 2300 x 1540mm and glass 18/19mm
  • demiDUETTO MD: base 2300 x 1600mm and glass 20/21mm


  • Volumetric single passage checking system (available only for demiDUETTO)
  • Digital display, menu-guided command and setting console
  • Intercom, voice messages and traffic-lights
  • Easy-link to third party manufactured access control systems (RS232 – RS485 – IBIS interfaces)
  • Hidden micro-camera inside the cabin
  • Low-side mechanical key for additional locking
  • Proxy and swipe-card and biometric readers can be easily integrated
  • Left object control (available only for demiDUETTO MD)
  • CounterPeople Pro system (available only for demiDUETTO MD)
  • Imago system (available only for demiDUETTO MD)
  • Built in metal detector option (available only for demiDUETTO MD)
  • Monitor 19’’ (available only for demiDUETTO MD)

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