EA Tonda Light K Series

The EA TONDA LIGHT K series is the solution for a secure, quick and elegant access control door. Automatic interlocked doors and round base are available both in painted steel and in stainless steel.

The design of the structure maximises the glazed surface area thereby offering a light aesthetic security door solution.

Equipped with curved doors controlled by a powerful motorised system, it provides rigorous control while maintaining a high flow passage, from 3 up to 5 passages per minute in the same direction and from 6 up to 8 passages per minute in alternative directions, dependent on the chosen model.

Designed to be delivered in separate component parts for local assembly, the Tonda Light K Series security portal door is an ideal solution that can be installed in areas where access maybe limited within a building.

They are available with 180° passage in several models:

  • TONDA LIGHT K: Ø 1050mm and glass up to 26/27mm
  • TONDA LIGHT K Plus: Ø 1150mm and glass up to 26/27mm
  • TONDA LIGHT K Maxi: Ø 1485mm and glass up to 26/27mm


Features and Options for the Tonda Light K Series security portal door:

  • Volumetric left object control system
  • Volumetric single passage checking system
  • Digital display, menu-guided command and setting console
  • Intercom, voice messages and traffic-lights
  • Easy-link to third party manufactured access control systems (RS232 – RS485 – IBIS interfaces)
  • Hidden micro cameras inside the cabin
  • Proxy, swipe-card and biometric readers easily added
  • Low-side mechanical key for additional locking

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