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The EA Swing Lane speed gate is a contemporary waist-high design that operates on the swing open principle and combines 3 important pedestrian turnstile features

  • high safety
  • high traffic flow capacity – 30 persons per minute.
  • stylish modern appearance: glass blades and side panels produce the impression of transparency effect

Our Swing Lane speed gate turnstile model is available in the following variants;

Swing Lane Speed Gate  Standard – Our most popular model in a standard 550mm lane width.

Swing Lane Speed Gate 900 – The ideal turnstile solution where wide lanes are required, for example wheelchair access.

Swing Lane Speed Gate S – For the aesthetic appeal or to accommodate additional space, the Swing Lane S model is our slim body turnstile.

Swing Lane Speed Gate HG – To increase your security level but keeping an aesthetic appeal, the Swing Lane High Glass (HG) model prevents people hurdling over as they can with standard height turnstiles.

All of the EA Swing Lane speed gate turnstile range can be controlled in either manual or automatic modes.


  • In the manual mode, the glass panels are opened/closed according to the command from a control panel often positioned at a reception desk or a remote position.
  • In the automatic mode, the glass panels are opened/closed determined by the signal from an access control system such as a proximity ID card, key fob, biometric reader etc.

The Swing Lane speed gate can operate in two ways: either normally closed or normally open.

  • Normally Closed – The most common way of configuration, the glass panels are always in the closed position, and only open when the signal to do so is given by the access control.
  • Normally Open – The glass panels are always in the open position, and only close when a person is detected entering the turnstile that has not presented an acceptable form of ID to the access control.

Both access directions either in or out are free to swing open when the turnstile is powered down. (battery backup options are also available)

The EA Swing Lane speed gate turnstile can enable access in either one or two directions making it versatile and suitable for installation in offices, banks, sports facilities, shops, or anywhere that has a need for access control at the point of egress.

The EA Swing Lane speed gate as standard is designed using the combination of stainless steel and glass to give a light and airy aesthetic feel to any modern interior, however this speed gate design also lends itself to be finished with custom detailing to match a specific architectural design of a building,  such as some of those shown in the images below. Perhaps it is the versatility of the Swing Lane speed gate that makes it a popular choice of architects and specifiers alike to incorporate into their latest building designs.

If you wish to learn more about the Swing Lane speed gate turnstile and its features, please visit it’s specific product page here on our dedicated turnstile website

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To be read with Preliminaries/ General Conditions.

- Item: 2 No. EA Swing Lane Turnstile (2 No. Cabinets)
- Drawing reference(s): available upon request to EA Group Ltd
- Manufacturer and reference: EA Group (UK) Ltd, Units 20/21 Bookham Industrial Park, Church Road, Bookham, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT23 3EU. Tel: 01372 459536
- Website: www.ea-group.co.uk

Cabinet: Brushed stainless steel cabinet with a round vertical face. Secured front access panels provide entry for maintenance and storage for controllers if not desk mounted.
Top: XXmm deep top, stainless steel/glass. Integrated and flush windows at either end to house the LED status indicator and provide space for a proximity card reader.
Glass panels: 10mm thick toughened safety glass with polished edges swing into the cabinet.
Operation: Can be open or closed. When in closed mode the lane unlocks and opens upon from a signal sent by an authorised user. The turnstile can be controlled in either a manual or automatic mode. In manual mode, the blades are opened/closed according to the command from a control panel often positioned at a reception desk or a remote position. In the automatic mode, the blades are opened/closed from a signal sent from the access control system. The turnstile blades are opened/closed in 0.8 seconds providing a high traffic flow capacity (up to 30 persons per minute).
Sensors: Flush mounted sensors along the length of the unit provide efficient bi-directional access control to authorised users. If tailgating is attempted the lane will close, the glass blades will illuminate red and an integrated alarm will sound.
Fail safe: In the case of power voltage failure both access directions are free.



Sweeper Swing Lane Turnstile


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