You can expect to find business access control systems in offices, hotels, educational buildings, retail properties and a range of other commercial premises. There is no denying that they are a brilliant security system to use and there are numerous benefits to being able to control who can pass through a given secure point. Also, the fact that you’re able to integrate access control systems with other security systems makes them even more popular these days.


When it comes to choosing a business access control system for your commercial premises it goes without saying the vast selection on the market can be incredibly overwhelming. With numerous brands and solutions available, you will want to ensure that you’re investing in the best possible system for your needs. So, to help any businesses who are currently contemplating which access control solution is best, below are a few essential things to consider when choosing your system.


What do you need to be able to fit the system to?

Whilst the majority of companies will simply be looking for a business access control system that can be fitted to single or multiple doors, it is worthwhile noting that this isn’t all they can be used for. These systems can also be fitted to turnstiles, traffic barriers or gates too, so think about where you’re going to require them at your premises.


How many areas do you need to control access to?

Consider which areas in your building will need to have controlled access and also what type of access each individual area will require too. You may find that your needs will differ slightly from area to area, so it is important to ensure you’re choosing a security solution that will be able to accommodate this.


Who is going to require access through the system?

Establish who is going to need access to each area you plan on controlling too. Think about both full-time employees and also anyone else who may require access every now and then, such as cleaning companies for example. You can then ensure you’re choosing a business access control system that can handle the amount of traffic it’s going to experience.


Which entry method will work best for your business?

Not all access control solutions will use the same entry method, for example, some use an identification card or key fob that is presented by an authorised person whereas others will use keypad pin code entry systems. Take some time to consider the pros and cons of each entry method before deciding which is most suited to your business.


Are you interested in integrating the system?

As mentioned above, these days you can integrate your business access control system, so consider whether this is something you’d like to do. Also, think about what you’d integrate it with, whether you’d like an alarm system, CCTV, a monitoring system etc., so much is possible these days with these smart security solutions.


Do you have a budget in mind for this security system?

Whenever you’re installing something new at a business premises, it is likely that you will have a budget in mind. Whether you’re working with a security company or not, make sure you know what this budget is before you begin looking into business access control systems, it will help you to ensure that the solutions you choose are affordable.


Choosing a business access control system

Hopefully, when taking the time to carefully consider everything mentioned above, you will find it easier to choose between the many different business access control systems available. There is no denying that whenever you invest in a security system, there is a lot of pressure to ensure you choose the best solution available, but when you take the time to think about the different factors that affect your choice, you can then select a system confidently.


If you’re looking for a company that can assist you with your business access control system, visit the EA Group website today. We have a reputation for being the company to speak to for electronic security and access control systems, installations and services, so you can trust you’re in safe hands with our team. With over three decades of experience behind us, we will gladly help you ensure you’re choosing the right business access control system for your requirements too. Contact us today to arrange a free site survey.




Lots of companies have private car parks attached to their business premises and although these car parks are incredibly beneficial, many companies tend to have difficulty controlling access to them. It isn’t uncommon for businesses to find that their employees are unable to park during working hours due to unauthorised vehicles using the car park and there are also issues with these car parks being used after hours without permission too.

These ongoing problems lead to companies looking into different high-quality security systems that they can use to specifically prevent access to their car park. Thankfully, there are lots of options to choose from these days from automatic gates and barrier systems to automatic number plate recognition solutions. However, one option that is frequently overlooked, often because people don’t know about it, is a security bollard. If you would like to find out more about automatic security bollards and why they are a brilliant choice, keep reading today.


What are automatic security bollards?

As the name suggests, this security solution is made up of bollards that automatically rise from and sink into the ground. With a remote control device, you can easily prevent or allow people access into your car park. There are two types of automatic security bollards to choose from;

  • Electro-pneumatic – motorised by compressed air
  • Electro-hydraulic – motorised by a hydraulic pump with biodegradable oil

As expected, there are pros and cons to each of these security bollards, so it is worthwhile looking into them further and considering which would be best for your specific application.


Why are bollards a good security solution?

There are many reasons why security bollards are a brilliant choice for anyone looking to protect their company car park and below are some of the biggest benefits of this solution.


  • Dramatically increase security

Security bollards are incredibly resistant to impact and force, so there is no way that someone will be able to break through them and enter your car park without permission. You can guarantee that they will not only be able to prevent unauthorised access, but they can also act as a visual deterrent to any trespassers too.


  • Incredibly durable

You can trust that once you have installed this type of security solution, it will keep your premises safe for many years to come. Not only are they impossible to break through, unlike other alternatives, but they are also made from durable material meaning they will experience very little wear and tear over the years.


  • Quick and convenient

Automatic security bollards can be raised or dropped in less than 3 seconds, meaning that you will never have to worry about their convenience. They are known for being much faster than automatic barriers and gates too, which can be very useful if you need to allow or prevent access without much warning or in emergency situations.


  • Versatile in design

These days, security bollards are actually available in a wide range of different colours and also several different designs too. They can easily complement the architectural surroundings wherever they are needed, which makes them much more aesthetically pleasing than classic car park barriers or a large gate.


  • Multiple uses

Whilst they are commonly used to secure company car parks at the entrance, these security bollards actually have many other uses too. For example, they are used to protect pedestrians too or can even be used to prevent parking in particular spaces within the car park. You may find that they are beneficial to install in other parts of your business premises too.


Installing automatic security bollards

Ultimately, whatever your reasons may be for wanting to install a security system for your car park, you can guarantee that automatic security bollards will be able to meet your needs in this regard. They are well worth considering when looking at all of the different options that you have to choose from. If you would like to speak to a security bollard supplier about this option in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group today.


Here at the EA Group, we have been supplying, installing, and maintaining automatic security bollards for over twenty years now, including both commercial parking bollards and domestic driveway bollards. We are well known in the industry for providing both the highest quality products and aftercare services, so you can trust that we are the best people to contact.

These days, it is becoming much more common to see CCTV on the sides of buildings. Commercial CCTV solutions are essential for businesses in today’s modern age, especially in particular areas of the country, so it is worthwhile considering additional security like CCTV.

It goes without saying that there are numerous benefits to installing CCTV commercial security and for many, it is the best option available on the market. If you’re unsure as to whether CCTV is the best option for you and whether it really is a solution to consider, keep reading today. Our team here at the EA Group have put together a list of undeniable benefits to installing a CCTV security system at your property.


Provides peace of mind

The biggest benefit to CCTV security is that it will provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for. You can rest assured knowing that you have additional security measures in place that can protect you, your employees and assets. Whether you’re present at work or not, you know that your CCTV will be there to look after your property.


Cost-effective solution

Many people choose some form of CCTV security because it is much more affordable than they assume. Depending on the size of the solution you’re looking for and how many cameras you would like, you can expect to find numerous options at a range of different prices. Of course, you’re likely to benefit from reduced insurance premiums after the installation too, so the system may end up paying for itself, so to speak.


Remote monitoring options

The majority of modern CCTV commercial security solutions allow you to keep an eye on your property no matter where you are. Often, these systems have remote monitoring where you can log in from your mobile phone or tablet to check the live footage being filmed by your CCTV cameras.


Deter and prevent crime

Often, just having a visible CCTV camera installed at your property is enough to deter criminals. Thieves are much less likely to target your property if they can see that you have additional security measures in place and you may even find that your CCTV prevents any criminal activity from taking place.


Supplies evidence if required

In the unfortunate event that your business is burgled, damaged or vandalised then your CCTV security can assist you with bringing criminals to justice. Your cameras will help the police identify the criminals and the footage can even be used by prosecutors as evidence in court if required.


Flexible and expandable

Lots of CCTV commercial security solutions also work in conjunction with other systems such as access control systems and intruder alarms. You have the option to build upon your CCTV in the future if you would like to expand your security solution and this can prevent you from having to completely replace the system if you’re looking for new specific features.


Installing CCTV commercial security

There is no denying that this specific type of security system is incredibly effective and it works very well for lots of business owners. Ultimately, if you’re searching for an effective, affordable, and flexible solution then CCTV security is the perfect option for you. With so many different types of CCTV security systems on the market too, you shouldn’t have any issues finding something that meets your needs and requirements.


When searching for a CCTV security system, please don’t hesitate to visit the EA Group website today. We offer a wide variety of different services, so you can trust that we will have something that works well for your business. If you have any questions at all about any of the products you see on our website or if you’re looking for some professional advice, please get in touch today and we will happily assist you further in this regard.

Traditionally you would find intercom systems in commercial buildings and the only time you would expect to see them at residential properties is in flats or apartment buildings. However, these days, it is becoming much more common for homeowners to install intercom systems at their properties too. It goes without saying that there are numerous benefits to these door entry systems and they are a brilliant choice, especially if you have a gated property.

When browsing the market for domestic intercom systems you will notice that there is such a vast range to choose from. Not only are there multiple brands to decide between but there are also lots of different models too and it can be incredibly difficult to know which system will be best for your home. For this reason, our team here at the EA Group have put together a list of things that all homeowners should consider when choosing an intercom system for their home.


Your individual needs and requirements

Take some time to think about what you’d like your intercom system to be able to do. For example, would you just like a call button and to be able to speak to visitors or do you want to be able to see them as well. Also, consider things such as whether you would like a keypad on the intercom system so you’d don’t necessarily need a key in order to gain access.


Any preferences in regards to style

Of course, if your intercom is going to be at the front of your property, it is worthwhile considering the style of the system too. Whether it is going to be wall-mounted by your front door or installed next to the gates at the front of your property, think about which style of system would look best alongside your property.


Which system will work best at your home

Often, one of the biggest decisions to make will be whether you choose a wired or a wireless intercom system. As you would expect, there are lots of pros and a few cons to both of these systems, so take some time to do your research and find out which would be better for your property at this moment in time.


How much you have to spend

It is always beneficial to have a realistic budget in mind when you’re considering things such as intercom systems and doing so will automatically reduce the number of options that you have. You will notice that the prices of these systems can vary quite dramatically, so you won’t need to worry about being able to find a system within your budget.


Whether you’re going to install it yourself

There are some intercom systems that you will easily be able to install yourself, however, there will also be lots that require a professional to undertake the installation. Consider whether this is something you would feel comfortable installing yourself or whether you think it would be beneficial to turn straight to a professional for assistance.


If you want to integrate it with any other systems

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners these days to integrate their intercom system with other access control systems or even security systems. It is worthwhile considering whether this is something you’d be interested in doing too. Of course, this will be slightly more complex than simply installing a single system, so think carefully about what is best for you and your home.


Choosing the best intercom system for your home

Hopefully, when taking into consideration everything mentioned above, you will find it much easier to navigate the market when choosing a door entry system. Of course, upon consideration, if you decide you’re going to work alongside a professional team for the installation of the system then it is worthwhile getting an expert opinion regarding which intercom system to choose too. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to an experienced company.


If you’re searching for a company to help with your home intercom system, please get in touch with our team here at the EA Group today. We can provide you with a vast range of intercom systems, all of which we are able to install for you too. We are renowned for our expertise and our consultants will gladly advise you which intercom solution would be best suited to your property. So, contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail or to arrange a free site survey.

EA Group now offers a special solution for authorizing access depending on a person’s state of health. More specifically such a system enables to limit access of people with suspected disease symptoms such as a high temperature.

Our turnstiles and speed gates together with this special integrated authorization system perform facial identification and monitor body temperature. Such a solution can be widely used in public places like commercial offices, leisure facilities, schools, and manufacturing facilities, etc.


  • Contactless temperature control – allows controlling access of people with abnormal temperatures.
  • Equipped with an audio module (siren) – in case of detection of a person with abnormal temperature.
  • Face recognition of a person with a mask on their face.
  • A readymade solution that does not require special provision for installation and can be mounted in any place with the help of a universal mounting plate.
  • Free software – work hour counter + monitors of body temperature per employee.
  • Finish: 304 Brushed stainless steel) (316 grade is optional)
  • IP54 protection for easy disinfection.

Please download our brochure: EA SYSTEM TO DETECT SYMPTOMS OF VIRUS

It is becoming more and more common for commercial properties to replace their current standard doors for revolving doors. There are so many benefits to revolving doors, you can find out more about these in our previous blog, and, of course, with such a wide range of revolving doors available there is a perfect door for every property.

If you have decided that you would like to install a revolving door at your business building, you may have noticed that the current market can be quite hard to navigate. To help anyone currently browsing revolving doors, the EA Group have put together a complete guide to the different revolving doors that we can offer.


Manual revolving doors

This type of door is quite self-explanatory and as the name suggests the door is powered solely by the user. Manual revolving doors tend to be the preferred solution where space is limited, they can easily be adjusted to meet the available space. This low energy revolving door can be made in three or four-wing configurations and they can be framed or frameless depending on your personal preference, needs and requirements.


Power-assisted revolving door

These are probably the most popular type of revolving door and they are a happy medium between the manual and a fully automatic door. Users will need to lightly push the power-assisted revolving doors to start the doorset rotating and then they can simply pass through. Again, this type of door can be designed and built to your building dimensions, be three or four-wing configurations and either framed or frameless.


High capacity revolving door

High capacity revolving doors are specifically designed for buildings that experience large volumes of foot traffic. These doors can be two, three and four-wing and, the fewer wings you have, the more space you will have in the segments of these revolving doors. High capacity doors are usually always automatic and will be framed, but you can choose from a range of finishes for this.


Framed revolving door

When the majority of people picture a revolving door, this is the type that they will envisage. Framed revolving doors are based upon the traditional centre pivoting shaft concept and can be manual or automatic. They are available in a range of finishes to make the door look contemporary, traditional, or a mix between the two and they can have either three or four rotating compartments. This classic door works really well at the majority of properties.


All-glass revolving door

Again, the name of this door is quite self-explanatory. All-glass revolving doors highlight the beauty and versatility of glass, and look incredibly elegant. This type of door is available as manual, power-assisted or automatic and they are known for being energy efficient. Unlike the framed doors, these can be manufactured in size increments of one millimetre, both width and height, to ensure exact fitting.


Turning to the EA Group for your revolving doors

Hopefully, the above guide has helped you understand a little bit more about the revolving doors on the market and you may now be able to make a decision regarding which type of door is best for your company. If you have any further questions at all regarding these doors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Any revolving door that you purchase from the EA Group will be produced by a team of highly-skilled staff that only use quality materials and innovative automation solutions. Once the doors are made, every revolving door installation is carefully planned and carried out by qualified engineers. As incredibly experienced revolving door suppliers, you can trust that you are in safe hands with the EA Group.




As an employer, you have a legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of your employees and also anyone else who may be affected by your business, such as clients and customers. Part of this duty includes being responsible for ensuring the security of your workers whilst they are at your business premises.

There are various ways that you can handle employee security and many employers take additional steps, such as installing commercial CCTV systems, checking the identity of visitors and investing in access control systems, to ensure that they do all they can to protect their team. Of course, it goes without saying that this additional security is crucial in some industries but, if you’re wondering whether employee security is really that important or even beneficial for your company then keep reading today.


Reduce the risks of threats

Aside from the legal obligations as an employer, putting correct security in place for your employees allows you to reduce the risk of threats. It is important to remember that these threats are not only to your employees, but also your business premises.

Physical security protocols might include things such as requiring employees to always use ID card access control systems, and it is important to stress to your employees how important this is too. Whilst some may feel like it is a restriction, thieves and intruders will exploit any vulnerability in your security, so it’s vital to ensure everyone adheres to your security protocols at all times.


Improves overall productivity

There is no denying that a team who feels safe in their place of work will be more productive. Knowing that they can come to work and just get on with their job without having to worry about anything gives them more headspace to focus on their individual tasks at hand.

Ultimately, the more productive your team are, the better for you so, it is worth asking them what would make them feel safe and secure when at work. You may find that lots of employees have a similar response and this can then help you to ensure that you’re installing the best security systems for everyone. Remember that your business wouldn’t be able to function without your employees, never overlook their needs.


Reduce expenditures in the long run

Whilst you may have to pay out initially for your additional security you will find that in the long run, this can save you money. Having comprehensive workplace security can reduce liabilities, insurance, compensation and other security expenses.

Putting yourself and your business in a position where you know that you have done all you can to protect your property and your employees just makes sense. You can relax whenever you’re not at work knowing that there is adequate security in place to look after your business as a whole. Of course, then if anything was to happen you will also have the peace of mind that there isn’t anything else you could have done rather than thinking ‘what if’.


Installing additional security

It is clear to see that no matter what industry you work in, employee security is incredibly important and undoubtedly beneficial to you as an employer as well. If you would like to speak to an experienced security company about your business security needs in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group.

With numerous security solutions available, from intercom and access control systems to CCTV camera systems for businesses, our team will gladly discuss with you the best choice for your company and provide you with our professional opinion in this regard. You can trust that we will take into account your needs and requirements before ensuring that we can create and install a solution that you are more than happy with.



The Advantages Of Time And Attendance Access Control Systems


Access control is a general term in the security industry and it is quite self-explanatory. As the name suggests, they are systems which are specifically designed to control who can pass through a particular secured point. So many businesses use some form of access control system and you will find them in office buildings, airports, hotels, schools along with many other commercial buildings.

There are lots of different types of access control systems and they can also be integrated with other systems such as CCTV systems. Recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of a time and attendance access control systems. It can be incredibly beneficial for many reasons and below, the EA Group have highlighted some of the biggest advantages of this particular system.


Keep track of hours worked

There is no denying that it can be incredibly time-consuming and sometimes quite complex keeping on top of the hours worked by your employees. This specific access control system will automatically calculate hours worked by your employees for you, and it can keep a record of each worker on its smart system.

This feature can be incredibly helpful if you have flexi-time workers and freelancers who need to ensure their hours are recorded correctly. It is also beneficial for keeping track of sick days and if anyone leaves early due to illness. You can ensure that you are always paying your employee correctly without the hassle of keeping track of hours worked manually.


Manage holiday and leave

Of course, all contracted employees will require a certain amount of holiday days throughout the year and it is important to schedule these in the correct way so that you aren’t left short-staffed. You may also have some people on leave for various reasons which can make it even more complicated to manage who you have working and when.

When using this type of employee access control system, holiday and leave planning will be easier than ever before. You will be provided with a range of tools to help with holiday calculations and an easy way to keep on track of which employees have time off and on which days, to prevent any mistakes being made in this regard.


Create a staff roster

If your members of staff work different days, different shifts or even different amounts of hours each week, creating a staff roster can be complicated and quite timely. Thankfully, this is something else that this system can assist you with. It helps create efficient, contract compliant and cost-effective staff rosters and fast.

Not only can it create the roster for you, but there is an add-on the system that can even send all employees their roster by text message. This way, you know that every member of staff knows exactly when they should be working.


Installing an access control system

After hearing some of the most irresistible advantages of a time and attendance system, if you think that it would be beneficial to have in your workplace then please don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group. We will gladly arrange a free site survey to discuss the benefits along with your specific needs and requirements in further detail.


Our team has years of experience and expertise in the industry and you can trust that we will ensure that the business access control system you choose is the best available for your company before guaranteeing it is planned and installed correctly. As a company, the EA Group recognises the need for high-quality security and access control systems, so you can trust that we will ensure your system is installed on-time and that any security risks are eliminated.



Security is vital to every business, especially for corporation buildings that are accessible to the public. However, it’s very unlikely that every company will want members of the public being able to physically enter into their facilities once they reach reception, as an example, which is why several security systems are being introduced.

Fortunately, the team at the EA Group have a great understanding of the security industry, enabling them to be able to create this guide covering why speed gates are becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Prevents tailgating

The primary reason why they are so popular is that they provide great security, but it’s important to understand how. Previously several gate options have been undependable due to the ability to tailgate each other to get through the barrier, often because they aren’t supposed to have access, to begin with.

Almost all speed stile gates are now created with highly perceptive infra-red and dual access sensors, making it near enough impossible for tailgaters to go undetected. Even if there was an attempt to try and go through one of these barriers, it’s likely that an alarm will be activated, which raise attention for a member of staff to attend to the concern.

Integrates with many third-party devices

It’s possible that before the introduction of speed gates, many businesses would have already had an entrance control system, often through the use of ID cards or badges. Fortunately, most security speed gates can integrate with many third-party devices such as these, enabling more companies to have the opportunity to install these systems with ease.

In terms of health and safety, they can also be linked with other vital third-party systems including the building’s fire system to guarantee that the gates are continuously open and operational.

Quick to process people

As the name gives away, these security gates are known for being speedy and efficient. This is often one of the crucial aspects for particular industries that require security, such as offices or leisure facilities, where they continuously handle a substantial amount of people at a single time. With the implemented innovations, the security systems can read ID cards quickly whilst also guaranteeing that no issues occur including tailgating and long queues.

Manual control operation

Unlike a few notable electrical security system alternatives, speed gates can also be controlled manually if required. For this, it’s likely that a control panel will be installed close to the gates so that a member of security can continuously overlook who the gates are permitting through, as well as enabling the option for manually opening and closing the gates if required.

More than one type

Every business has its unique security requirements, which is why it’s ideal most manufacturers can devise speed gate systems that are tailored for their needs. Often this revolves around how many lanes they will require, where it advised the more people you have to enter the premises, the more lanes you include. Additional variants include narrow or wide lanes, tall glass gates, and bespoke finishes.

Modern and sleek design

Although the design and finish of speed gates may vary depending on the manufacturer, overall they are very aesthetically pleasing. Due to this, many companies will often consider this more than the advanced security features that special edition speed gates provider, where they will simply choose a system based on its look within the business environment.

Thinking about introducing them into your business?

For those that now have a keen interest in installing security speed gates into their business, why not confer with an expert, like the EA Group? Having been established for numerous years, we have become one of the UK’s most reputable suppliers for advanced security products and services, most notably speed gates. By calling +44 (0) 1372 459536, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our experts who will be happy to recommend the most suitable system based on your requirements.

Airports are amongst one of the most secure and safeguarded locations in most countries, after all, thousands of people pass through each airport every day. Due to this reason, it’s nearly impossible for just human intervention to guarantee the safety and protection of all passengers, which is why numerous security systems have been implemented.

With that being said, to give you a better understanding of the different security measures that airports have enforced, the talented team at the EA Group has created this guide on the most common types of security systems in all airports across the world.


Passenger pre-board screening

The first and most known security system that is utilised in airports includes passenger pre-board screening. This primarily involves passengers going through metal detection systems, as well as x-ray systems to check that passengers aren’t attempting to carry any undislocated or illegal items through into the airport.

It’s also likely that the cabin baggage screening process will be completed simultaneously when you are being screened. During this process, the passengers’ carry-on items will be checked through x-ray systems so that they can identify any items that aren’t permitted for air travel or to be taken through into the airside zone.


Hold baggage screening

Any luggage that is checked-in prior to going through to security will also need to be checked over within a process called hold-baggage screening. Similar to cabin baggage screening, all of the items that are checked-in be processed through an x-ray system, as well as being processed with computer tomography and explosive detection systems.



CCTV systems are one of the most crucial security solutions regardless of the specific location in the airport, primarily because they can be installed to monitor every single movement happening. It’s often the case that all of these cameras will be closely monitored in a control center, where trained teams will be looking at these cameras around the clock to guarantee any suspicious behaviour is dealt with appropriately.

Fortunately, various commercial CCTV systems are becoming smarter in terms of autonomous recognition. Especially for airports, where numerous individuals look to go to in order to flee the country, smart CCTV systems are able to track, identify and alert the authorities if they are caught on the camera.


Passenger access control

Depending on their airport, it’s likely that they will also have implemented passenger access control systems in order to control where they can enter. A suitable example is for passengers’ boarding passes, where they will scan them on a speed gate or security turnstile in order to be granted access to the next zone within the airport.


Restricted area identity card

Especially in airports, there are several areas that are restricted from passengers, but they still need to be accessible to staff. Depending on the airport, it’s likely that they have installed heavy-duty security doors that require an identity card to open, though there are several other alternatives including security speed gates as mentioned above.


Security bollards

Not only do individuals need to be prevented access, so do vehicles. Many notable airports have road infrastructure close or running into the airport, but not all of these vehicles are permitted. Due to this, many airports have implemented security bollards which are designed to work with third-party applications including their ID passes so that relevant people can be granted access when needed.


Can these systems benefit your business?

Although this guide is based on the security systems used within an airport, there is no reason why most of these systems can’t be used for commercial businesses. Fortunately for those that are keen on finding out more, the EA Group is here to help.

As one of the UK’s reputable providers for advanced security systems and entrance solutions, we have worked with almost every industry, enabling our team to have the expertise to guarantee you the very best solutions and services possible. By calling +44 (0) 1372 459536, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our specialists who will be more than happy to suggest the most suitable systems based on your specific needs and requirements.