The security trade is one of the most criticised and probed industries across the world, where many are arguing there more should be done to increase the overall quality of the industry. Fortunately, there are many improvements and developments thanks to many private security firms investing in the latest advancements.


Why is this happening?

  • Consistency

One of the primary reasons why automated security systems are becoming the norm is because they are highly consistent. With the way that they are designed, using a specialist database, algorithm, and rules, they have continuously been proven to show consistency in their specific role.

A great example is this includes the use of turnstiles that require specific input such as a valid ticket to be usable. Using this system allows users to simply swipe their valid ID to be granted access, whereas previously they would need to be manually checked, potentially resulting in human error, therefore not consistent.

  • Focused attention

Even a security guard can lose attention from time to time, whereas autonomous security systems are strictly designed for their specific purpose, after all, it is a computer system. Due to this reason, it’s more than likely that consistency is achieved as mentioned above, but can also guarantee no issue goes unmissed, enabling for human interaction only when it’s really required.

  • Simplifies investigation process

As mentioned above, these systems will only trigger the requirement for human interaction when really required, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t working in the background. Systems such as automated number plate recognition operate by reading, reviewing and checking the registration within seconds, whereas, this may take much longer if carried out by a specific individual.

  • Potential to save costs

Although the up-front fee for some notable automatic systems is considerably high, over time, this should be considered as a cost-effective solution. There is, of course, the potential that they can replace the requirement for human cooperation in specific sectors, but it’s also advised that they become introduced alongside human interaction, further increasing the efficiency and productivity.

What can you do?

Simply jump on board and carry out your research to find the most suitable automated security systems that are suited to your business. We are just at the very beginning stage of automating the security industry, though there is still a large range of systems that can be implemented in every business that will provide advantages.

Contact the EA Group

If you are keen on speaking to a specialist company regarding advanced and autonomous security and entrance solutions, then be sure to contact the EA Group today. As a business, we focus on giving you the very best service available by providing the very best products and services, as well as our first-class customer service.

To get in touch with our team, simply call +44 (0) 1372 459536 where you can confer with one of our experts who will be happy to recommend the most suitable solutions based on your requirements. For general enquiries, you can also send our team a message via our website, though be sure to include your contact details so that we can get in touch at the earliest convenience.

The Union Jack Club is for all serving and veteran enlisted members of HM Armed Forces and their families, providing a unique and inspiring meeting venue in the heart of London that is a popular and affordable venue for a variety of events for Members, Military Associations, HM Armed Forces, charities and businesses.

EA Group is proud to have been the provider of waist height speedlanes, door automation, and full height turnstiles during the refurbishment of this venue.

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In this day and age, cyber threats to businesses are so prominent and physical threats are sometimes cast aside and deemed as less important. It is still vital for companies to think about and prepare for these physical threats and a huge part of this is ensuring that the perimeter of the premises is protected.

The evolution of technology has enabled security solutions to develop so, there are now multiple solutions available that all provide numerous benefits to the user. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is now the first choice for many businesses looking for suitable perimeter protection. If you have been considering this security solution yourself then keep reading today, the EA Group have put together a list of irresistible benefits of ANPR for any business owner.


24/7 monitoring

Unlike other car park barrier systems, an automatic number plate recognition system will allow you to not only protect your car park, but monitor the access too. With ANPR cameras, you will have eyes on your car park 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will know exactly who has entered your premises, the time they enter and also the time they leave. This can be incredibly helpful in many situations.


Easy and efficient

While installing a heavy-duty security gate or having a manual check system is an effective deterrent against intruders, they can both be incredibly time-consuming for businesses. It is always important to consider how easy it is for people you want to grant access to, such as employees ad delivery vehicles, to get in and out. Thankfully, an ANPR system is incredibly easy and efficient, people can come and go as required without you needing to do anything, but you will still know who has entered your premises.



As well as being easier and more efficient, ANPR technology is also one of the most cost-effective solutions for managing your car park. You will be able to cut costs and reduce the need for security personnel when you choose this smart solution. Many companies will also issue fines to anyone picked up by their ANPR system that shouldn’t be on their private property or anyone that has exceeded the maximum time limit. This can bring in extra money for the company and may even end up paying for this security solution.


Stand alone

Unlike the majority of other automatic car park barriers, ANPR cameras can operate in a way where all information is entirely processed on board so that no extra computers, or software licenses, are needed. These cameras also have optical character recognition software embedded which enables all images to be analysed directly on board the ANPR camera. Due to them being stand-alone solutions, ANPR cameras are quick, safe and light to install.


Provides evidence

Similarly to CCTV, automatic number plate recognition systems can provide you with the details regarding when someone was at your premises, whenever they are required. The images taken by this camera can be used as evidence and can provide valuable information that can be used in investigations. You can easily prove when the vehicle in question was on your premises and it will be all the hard evidence you need.


Installing automatic number plate recognition

All in all, ANPR systems are incredibly useful security solutions and many would say that they are the best solution for company car parks. Many companies are moving away from automatic gate systems and solely using automatic number plate recognition to ensure that all vehicles in their car park have permission to be there.

When searching for a reliable company that can install your ANPR system for you, turn to the EA Group. We have many years of experience providing automatic number plate recognition systems and solutions to police, civilian and commercial users. Our team of engineers is able to design ANPR camera systems that can meet your specific needs. If you’d like to find out more about utilising cutting-edge ANPR technology in your business, get in touch today.






Even though it isn’t required, many companies will supply onsite car parking for their employees and this can be a huge benefit. Often, employees will be informed that their car and any belongings will be kept in these car parks at their own risk, but this doesn’t prevent anger if the theft was to take place. For this reason, many employers will choose to adopt various security methods.

There is a huge range of car park security methods on the market currently and if you’re searching for a solution to install in your company car park, then you may be spoilt for choice. To help anyone in this situation, the EA Group have put together a list of the three most frequently used security methods for commercial premises.


Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

ANPR cameras are quickly becoming the most popular security solution used in private car parks. These are all in one camera systems that have built-in optical character recognition software to perform automatic plate reading. When installing these cameras you will know which vehicles enter your car park, what time they arrive and also when they leave.

This security method works very well in private company car parks because you can easily spot number plates that don’t belong to any of your employees. You will automatically be able to see when unauthorised people are using your car park and if you wish to, issue a parking charge notice to prevent them returning.


Car park barriers

Car park barriers have been used in private car parks for many years now and they are an incredibly reliable solution. You can get multiple variations of these barriers and these days, the most common is probably the automatic car park barrier. Different companies will choose for their automatic barriers to open at different times and this is something you can decide yourself.

This car park security solution is brilliant for business properties as it physically stops any unauthorised cars from entering. You can monitor who has access to your car park and sometimes even the times that they can enter through these barriers too. It gives you complete control over your private land.


Automatic security bollards

Security bollards are the answer to the most demanding requirements in terms of access control and impact resistance. They work in a similar way to car park barriers but will provide you with additional security as there is no way to get past them in a vehicle. These bollards sink into the ground when indicated to by remote control device, clearing the way for traffic. They will then rise back once the vehicle has passed through.

This solution isn’t as common for company car parks as the other two mentioned above, however, depending on your car park and its location they may be the best solution available. Security bollards will give you control over who enters your private car park and will allow you to decide when people can enter.

Choosing a security method for your car park

All of the security methods mentioned above have their own unique benefits and different companies will favour different methods. No matter which one you choose, whether it is a car park barrier entry system or automatic number plate recognition system you can trust that it will be a step in the right direction to making your car park safer.

If you’re searching for a trustworthy company that can provide you with any of the methods mentioned above along with other systems too, such as security gates, then visit the EA Group website. Our experienced team will be able to provide you with their professional opinion regarding which security solution would work best in your company car park. They will then be able to create and install your security method for you and help you to gain back control of your private property.





The majority of businesses will have a security solution in place to protect not only their premises but also their staff along with any guests that they may have. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have taken all the necessary actions and initiatives to ensure your business is physically secure.

In today’s modern age, there are many different types of security solutions available on the market and it can be difficult to know which will work best for your business property. To help anyone that is currently weighing up the different options, the EA Group have put together a handy guide to help you choose the best security solution.


Have a budget in mind

When investing in anything in business you should always consider your budget before you make any decisions. It is hard to put a price on security, but ultimately you will have a maximum cost in mind for your system. Of course, some systems will be more expensive than others so depending on your budget your choices may be limited. For this reason, this is always a good place to start.


Evaluate your space


Once you have decided on a budget, the next thing to do is look at the type of property that you have. The space your business occupies will likely have a significant impact on the type of security system you choose. For example, if you have an open office space then your choice would probably be different to if you have lots of individual closed-off rooms. Also, remember to highlight any areas that may need additional entrance access solutions too.


Consider all culprits


In order to choose the correct security solutions, you need to think about the threats that you are protecting your property from. Look into the crime rates in your area and also consider why people would potentially want to enter your property without permission and what they would be looking for. Depending on your specific business, you might require a complex business access control system.


Bear the future in mind

Never make a big investment without thinking about the future. Security solutions can be expensive and you want to make sure that it can grow with your business. You should also consider potential relocation and how this will work in relation to the solution you are looking at. Enquire as to whether you will have the option to add to your security or even move it if required in the future before you invest.


Think about the right features

Lastly, take some time to think about which security features would be most beneficial to your company. There is no denying that security can be complex, so be sure about your needs and requirements when searching around. For example, do you need cameras that have the ability to move around to monitor large spaces and would additional sensors to monitor movement benefit you? Think about the features that would be best for your business and choose a system that has all of them.


Choosing the best security solution

Taking the time to consider the things mentioned above will help you to narrow down your options and help you pinpoint exactly which solution would work best for your business property. Of course, there is always the option to have multiple forms of security in one building, so don’t worry if you can’t get everything you require from a single solution.


If you’re searching for a company that can provide you with a wide range of security solutions then visit the EA Group website. Whether you would like to install an employee access control system or you require CCTV systems for your business, we can assist you. We will be able to provide you with a comprehensive installation and support service within the security systems market sectors, so you can trust that you are in safe hands with their team.



EA Group can supply and install any size cantilever or tracked sliding gates, these fantastic gates come completely pre built-in your bespoke size and finish, complete with full automation and BS EN12453 safety equipment ready to be bolted down on site, connected to power and your choice of new or existing access control.

We can offer these gates in any bespoke size and your choice of finish and colour, standard in aluminium or steel structure these gates are designed to last.

One of the best features of these industrial gates is the installation time, with a pre-built base EA Group will have the gate delivered by specialist Hi-Ab truck to be lifted into place and can complete the installation generally within 48 hours* (Dependant on extras required).

Below are some photos of our most recent installation taking place of a 6.5 meter cantilever gate, offering a direct replacement for our clients’ existing sliding gate which had reached the end of its life.

Arlington Business Park in Theale near Reading was designed to blend the benefits of a modern working environment with the benefits of outdoor living. The park has been home to a number of major corporations such as Nokia, Laithwaites, KPMG, Wrigleys, Wolseley, Arrow ECS, Clearswift, and Koch Media 

Over the last couple of years, EA Group has installed bi-parting sliding doors, automatic revolving doors and facades to recent building extensions and for refurbishment schemes.

One of our automatic revolving doors and three bays of new curtain walling incorporating back painted glass

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us via our web enquiry form or call us on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services.

It isn’t uncommon to drive past houses with gates to the entrance of their properties these days and it is becoming more and more popular for homeowners to invest in automatic gates. People’s reasons for purchasing these gates will differ, yet overall, they are seen as a great addition to the exterior of a residential property.

An automatic gate is a very appealing feature for homeowners across the UK and if you have been considering investing in some automatic gates yourself you might be curious about the benefits of these gates. EA Group has put together a list of these benefits to help you decide whether an automatic gate is for you.


Privacy is important for all homeowners, especially if you have a family. Installing a suitable automatic gate system is one of the best ways to protect yours and your family’s privacy from passersby. By having a gate to your property you will be able to keep your children, as well as any pets, safe inside and away from anyone passing the property.


Probably the most obvious benefit of installing an automatic gate is added security. The gate alone will deter thieves and vandals from your residential properties. With an automatic gate, you can also guard your property incredibly easily, usually at the switch of the remote. Thanks to this entrance access solution, you can always control who enters and exits your property. With such a large variety of automatic gates to choose from now, you can get a gate in any shape, size, and height to make sure your home more secure.


Thankfully, automatic gates have made getting into a gated property much easier. You don’t have to physically get out of your car and open the gate in order to get into your home. It is so much more convenient, especially if you are in a rush or if it is raining. It is also convenient if you forget to close the gate behind you, close it from the comfort of your home instead.

Aesthetically pleasing

Of course, these gates are also very aesthetically pleasing. The whole picture of your house will change with the addition of an automatic gate. You can now get them in such a wide range of design options too, so you can get the protection you need with the look you want. It isn’t uncommon for people to opt for bespoke automatic gate systems so that they can ensure it complements the rest of their property’s landscaping and architecture.


Installing an automatic gate for your home is actually a cost-effective investment and solution that may even save you money in the long run. You may be able to get a discount on your property insurance as providers will notice the added protection you have installed at your home. Automatic gates usually increase the property value of a home too and they can make it easier to sell.

Installing an automatic gate

Now that you are fully aware of all of the benefits of installing an automatic gate at the entrance of your property, if you would like to go ahead and design your perfect automatic gate please don’t hesitate to contact EA Group. We are bespoke automatic gate manufacturers that offer a gate design service which will enable you to design the gate you have always dreamed of, ensuring all of your individual requirements are met.

Another great solution and installation by the EA Group. This was a turnkey solution for our client. Our works included our slim lanes, balustrade with cable containment.

Part of the brief was to gain access with either biometric fingerprint, NFC so staff could use their mobile devices to enter as well as proximity cards or fobs, and all connected to their active directory for ultimate control. Works were also carried outside of normal working hours at the clients’ request.

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us here #eagroupukltd #accesscontrol #security #speedlanes #proximity #nfc #biometric

Currently, we are living in a world that is fast-paced and has many modern amenities, thanks to constantly advancing technology. Among the vast range of security products on the market today, intercoms are often forgotten even though they provide a simple low-cost access solution. They are an invaluable security measure for many different types of buildings, both commercial and residential.

Due to the many benefits of the intercom system, more people are starting to consider installing them at both residential and business properties. Depending on your needs and budget, you can install a wired intercom system or a wireless one, both of which are capable of fulfilling your requirements. Whichever system you choose, when installing an intercom device you will be getting more than the money’s worth. To help you understand just how good these systems are EA Group have put together a list of the advantages of using them.

Enhanced security

When you install an intercom system you automatically take the security of your property to the next level. Detection and verification of guests, whether they are of the welcome or unwanted variety, is imperative. It can be incredibly dangerous when you answer the door to a stranger and having an intercom system will allow you to speak to the visitor before breaking your security barrier. You can then decide whether you want to open the door or not which can prevent dangerous incidents of forced entry from people that you don’t know.

Improved communication

Traditionally, intercom systems have been used to easily communicate with people inside buildings. Whether they are used in a block of flats or to get into a business property they allow you to communicate with your visitor before they enter the building. Being a two-way communication device, intercoms don’t only allow you to speak to the person trying to get into your property but, it also allows them to speak back to you too.

Deters crime

When you have an intercom system, it requires anyone who wants to enter a building to identify themselves. You will find that this instantly deters criminals or unauthorised people from attempting to enter your property, which in turn, will hopefully make it a much safer place.

Cheaper insurance

It is becoming more and more difficult to find cheap home/building insurance cover. Once you have installed a professional intercom system you may find that you can get a better deal. Some insurance providers recognise the importance of this added security barrier and most of them would be willing to lower your annual premiums.

Restricts access

Lots of people don’t think about using an intercom system for restricting access, especially in commercial properties, but it works really well. Key or card security systems have their vulnerabilities, the main one being that the key/card can get lost or stolen. Using an intercom system instead, where visual or verbal identification can be made, will help keep the area safe and secure from anyone who isn’t authorised for access.

Investing in an intercom system

Whether you are interested in a wired intercom system for your office, or a wireless intercom system for your home, EA Group will be able to assist you. We specialise in intercom and access control systems for both home and business properties and can tailor the services to meet your individual requirements.

Our incredibly experienced team can provide you with a free site survey where we will be able to advise you regarding which intercom solution would be best suited to your application. Whether you require a video or voice intercom you can trust that when you choose EA Group for your system we will design and install a system that meets all of your needs and requirements.