EA Group is very proud to have been the chosen company to provide the revolving door entrance and security speedlanes within the new  Watford Football Club VIP and hospitality suite.

Our UK manufactured doors are custom made in 1mm increments so a good fit is always possible to the facade opening.

Being UK manufactured they are also available more quickly than the rest of the market and offer good value for money and high quality.

CCTVSecurity is incredibly important, no matter what industry you work in. Whether you have a huge business that requires a large multi-storey property or a small independent business with one office, your security solutions should never be overlooked.

Many companies turn to commercial CCTV systems as their security solution. Reliable security cameras now play a key role in monitoring security both inside and around buildings and they are a very popular choice. Overall, there are many different reasons to consider a CCTV system for your business and EA Group have laid out their key benefits below.

Powerful crime deterrent

One of the biggest benefits of CCTV systems for businesses is that they are a deterrent for crime. The sight of a CCTV camera is usually enough to scare anyone carrying out illegal activities away from your property, it infers an air of danger and the presence of the law. Ensure that your cameras are in a visible place and also consider putting up warnings that CCTV is in operation and you’re sure to stop any criminal before they attempt anything.

Monitors activity

CCTV systems are able to keep track of what is happening in your establishment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having the ability to monitor the activity of both workers and visitors at your business, this allows you to be completely in control and fully aware of what is going on under your roof at all times.


Gives you peace of mind

Knowing that you have a system watching over your premises at all times gives you peace of mind that it is being protected from criminals, even if you are out of the office. Having a high-quality CCTV system can reduce your stress outside of work and allow you to really relax knowing that you have an effective security system in place.

Increases staff safety

As well as keeping your building safe and giving you peace of mind, your CCTV can also keep your staff safe and help them feel secure. Keeping your staff protected whilst at work should be of the utmost importance to you. No matter whether you have solo night workers you want to feel safe or you just want to be able to keep an eye on all of your staff – CCTV is the way to do it. This system is a great way to make your premises a safe work environment for everyone.

Provides evidence

In the unfortunate event that a crime does occur at your premises having a CCTV system can help you piece together exactly what happened, helping to hopefully solve the crime. It may even be able to catch the criminals in the act. The evidence that your CCTV can supply will be incredibly beneficial in police investigations.

Cost-effective solution

CCTV systems are one of the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to security. They are a lot less costly than hiring a full-time security officer for the premises and they also cover a lot more ground than one security officer can. There is now such a wide range of security cameras available on the market, along with supporting equipment to meet all of your technical and environmental requirements.

Installing a CCTV system

There really aren’t any downsides to installing CCTV systems into your business premises and there is no denying that once you are aware of the benefits, you will want to arrange an installation service as soon as possible.

If you are looking for an experienced access control company in the UK that will be able to assist you with your CCTV system, as well as any additional security systems and access control systems, then please don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group. We have a wealth of experience in designing commercial CCTV systems, providing clients with everything from high-definition CCTV cameras and infrared security cameras to pan tilt zoom cameras and IP and networked digital security cameras.

There seem to be so many different options available these days when it comes to security for business premises. It can be incredibly confusing and not many people know everything about all of these different solutions, so sometimes the best options are overlooked simply because they might not be as well known.

A security solution that isn’t as well known and is often forgotten is the turnstile. If you are looking for a new security solution and are open to exploring every option then we would definitely recommend you keep reading. We have put together a complete guide to turnstiles to help you get to know this security solution.

What are turnstiles?

To put it simply, a turnstile is a security gate that uses stiles and a ratchet mechanism and optionally a drive. This mechanism is specifically used to allow the rotation of the stile in one or either direction which in turn, enables someone to enter or allows egress.

Where are they used?

You will find turnstiles are used in a wide variety of settings, some of the most common include stadiums, amusement parks, office lobbies, airports, ski resorts, and casinos. There really are no rules regarding where you can and can’t use a turnstile and if you think it is the best solution for your security, then there is no reason why it can’t work for your needs.

Why are they used?

One of the main reasons why turnstile gates are used is to control the flow of foot traffic through the entrance and exit points of a building, without the need for manned monitoring. However, they can also be used to increase security, count visitors and they are regularly chosen to restrict access to areas only allowing entry from people who have a specific ticket or pass.

People choose to use turnstiles specifically for the prevention of piggybacking and tailgating. They are the perfect solution for stopping any unauthorised person following an authorised person through either with or without their knowledge.

Are there different types of turnstiles?

There are many different security gates that use a turnstile mechanism but the two most popular and, the ones that people picture when you mention a turnstile is a waist-high turnstile and a full-height turnstile. This fixed arm style has traditionally been the most popular type of turnstile, although drop arms are also an option for emergency exit.

Most of the time you will see a waist-high turnstile in busy public places, however, if you are considering installing them in somewhere quieter you may want to consider opting for a full-height security turnstile gate. We recommend this because people have been known for jumping over waist-height turnstiles and this defeats the object of the security gate.

Do I need more than one turnstile?

This really does depend on the amount of foot traffic you experience. On average, if all goes smoothly, the crossing capacity in free access mode can offer 60 users per minute or a crossing capacity in single access mode, of 25 people per minute. This can differ depending on who you have entering and what they need in order to enter.

This flow rate will work well for many business properties, however, if you have incredibly busy time periods then you should consider investing in multiple turnstiles. Ideally, you want to keep your foot traffic flowing smoothly preventing people from having to wait and causing issues in this regard.

How do I go about installing them?

If you are considering installing security turnstile gates in your business property then please get in touch with the EA Group today. We are a team of experienced professionals who can provide you with a wide range of turnstile access control systems.

No matter what you are looking to get out of your turnstile system, the EA Group can provide you with a bespoke turnstile solution. We have installed these automatic barriers for pedestrian control, to count visitors and also for security purposes to work alongside existing access control systems. Whether you are looking for a turnstile to work with a swipe card, barcode, bio-metrics, coins, tokens or tickets, the EA Group can assist you.

Various car park barriers are a very common sight that you will see when you visit large businesses, properties, residential flats or multi-storey car parks. If you have your own business car park connected to your property then you have probably considered installing barriers to the entrance of this car park.

For some, they may seem like a pointless expense, however, there are in fact many benefits to installing barriers on any kind of car park. The EA Group have put together a list of the benefits of car park barrier entry systems for you to see exactly why they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Creates a safer space

If you own or manage a car park, one of the biggest worries is keeping it secure. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for cars to be broken into when parked up in a car park and people using your car park, whether they are paying to park or not, will want to feel safe parking there.

Car park barriers have been proven to be a deterrent for break-ins and also vandalism. Depending on the security system you choose, you may also be able to see who is parked on-site and identify anyone who attempts to cause problems in your car park. Today, automatic barriers can be used almost anywhere, they are a useful addition to any property to add an additional layer of security.

Stops unauthorised parking

There is nothing more frustrating than turning up to your work car park and there being no spaces left or going to leave and being blocked in by someone who doesn’t even work for your company. An automatic car park barrier can prevent both of these things.

The look of a car park barrier is usually enough to put someone off attempting to park in your car park. However, you can ensure that anyone who doesn’t work in your for your company is unable to enter if you opt for an automatic barrier that works with number plate recognition or that requires a fob to be opened. With so many options available you are guaranteed to stop unauthorised parking.

Prevents overfilling

Your barriers can also prevent your car park from overfilling, this ties in with preventing unauthorised access. You can get car park automatic barriers that will calculate how many cars are in the car park at any one time and only allow in additional cars if there is space. When the car park is full, it will turn into a one-out, one-in process.

Preventing overfilling can be extremely important in emergency situations. Having room in your car park can prevent a major hazard in the event of a fire or another emergency. If there are cars blocking the car park then emergency services won’t be able to access the area, making the situation potentially fatal.

Prevents misuse

Sometimes, if your car park is situated in a busy town centre or, is in a convenient place for people to use to turn around in or as a shortcut then you can experience a lot of through traffic. Not only is this incredibly frustrating but, it is also very dangerous and can cause unnecessary levels of traffic in your car park.

By installing a barrier entry system you can prevent this danger and inconvenience completely. Fewer hazards and accidents tend to occur when you invest in a car park barrier and you can avoid any form of through traffic. It is a definite way to keep any unwanted cars out of your private car park.

About EA Group

If you think that installing a car park barrier system is the best solution for your company then get in touch with the EA Group today. With so many different types of barriers to choose from our experienced team can ensure that you are installing the best barrier for your needs and requirements, whether that may be a rising arm barrier or a swing gate. You can trust that any barrier designed and installed by the EA Group will be of high quality and made to last.

First impressions are everything in business and one of the first things you will see when entering a business property is the door. Without even realising, your clients and customers will judge your building partly by the door they enter through. Due to this, you should take your time when it comes to deciding on an automatic door.

When it comes to choosing the right type of power-assisted doors for your business property, there are lots of things to consider before you go ahead and buy. The EA Group have put together the pros and cons of each door to help you make an informed decision.

Revolving doors

You can install either automatic and manual revolving doors. They both typically consist of two, three or four doors that are attached to a central shaft and rotate around an axis within a cylindrical enclosure. You will typically find revolving doors in places like airports, hospitals, and shopping centres.


  • Attractive

There is no denying that revolving doors look attractive and they are often associated with wealth. Having this type of automatic door at your entrance will instantly add elegance and make your business property look more professional.

  • Good for climate, draft and noise control

Revolving doors are always simultaneously closed and open, meaning your heat stays in and the cold stays out. This works for noise too, because the doors aren’t ever fully opened any noise from the street will be kept outside.

  • Customer flow management

This type of automatic door isn’t just an entrance to a building, it is an exit too. They are brilliant for managing foot traffic allowing people in and out, simultaneously. They also prevent lots of people entering the building at the same time which has added security benefits.


  • Take up lots of room

It is clear to see that revolving doors are bigger than your standard automatic sliding door, not just by width, they are also deeper and can cut into reception areas. You have to have lots of spare space to install an automatic revolving door, especially if you need a large diameter revolving door to accommodate for prams, wheelchairs or luggage.

  • Expensive

Unfortunately, they aren’t a cheap option. Their price can vary dramatically and there are various factors that can change their price, including size, materials and how many doors you need for your building. Although they are expensive to install, they can save you money on energy costs so, this is something to consider when you are factoring in the overall cost.

Sliding doors

We offer straight and curved sliding doors, they usually both open horizontally by sliding parallel to a wall. You will commonly find this type of door in offices and shop entrances and they are the go-to option for many businesses.


  • Similar in size to a normal door

These doors are a great option if you don’t have much space but you still want to offer an automatic door option. The only additional space you will require is next to the door, to allow the doors to slide open and shut.

  • Wider entrance point

Sliding doors, when open, provide a much wider entrance point. They are usually the size of an open double door, if not bigger. This allows lots of people to enter at once and they also take into account anyone who has a double pushchair or people who require disabled access.

  • Cheaper

Although slidings doors still cost more than a standard automatic door, they are considerably cheaper than any of the revolving doors you will find on the market. They are a much more affordable investment and the upfront cost is much nicer on your pocket.



  • Let in the cold

Due to the amount of time that they are open and also how frequently they are opened, sliding doors are known for letting in the cold air and letting out hot air during winter and the opposite in summer. If you have a reception or waiting area on the other side of your entrance doors then they might not be the best option.

  • Need separate doors for in and out

In order to properly manage traffic entering and exiting the building, depending on the foot flow you have, you may want to consider having two separate sliding doors. This avoids traffic jams of people trying to get in whilst others get out. However, it also makes it more expensive and requires more space.

Automatic sliding doors are also an effective emergency route, as the width of the door opening often allows more people to pass through in a given period of time than smaller revolving doors. To meet fire safety building regulations, sliding doors can be installed to supplement a revolving door.

Which is the door for you?

Taking into account all of the factors mentioned above you may now be able to decide on the best power-assisted doors for your business property. Whichever option you have chosen please don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group for assistance. As specialist sliding door and revolving door suppliers we will be able to provide you with the automatic door that meets all of your needs and requirements.

This started as a simple enquiry for a revolving door and quickly developed into something quite unique. The designer was looking for an all-glass door that could be put into a Corten rusty steel entrance for an office scheme in Putney, London. The information provided to EA was very minimal, below was the concept image we were provided:

Not only did we offer the revolving door but also the Corten surround that other companies that had been approached were not interested in. Below are some of the drawings we developed:

The end result now installed is a far cry from the enquiry we received and looks great within the newly fitted out offices.

The interior of the building is non-standard too, the staircase incorporates and slide to return back to the ground floor should you wish:

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us via our web enquiry form or call us on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services