Tall Revolving Door by EA Group installed within the London financial district

When you invest in a business property the type of doors you have is probably quite low down on your list of importance. However, if you are considering refurbishing the building then the entrance shouldn’t be overlooked. With so many different options available in this day and age you can be left spoilt for choice. 

One of the most popular choices is revolving doors. This type of door can be traced back to 1888 and the very first wooden revolving door was installed at a Times Square restaurant back in 1899. Since this time they have continued to be seen at the entrance of shopping centres, hospitals, museums and many other buildings. 

If you’re considering this type of door for your building, the EA Group have put together some of the very important benefits for you to take into account. Keep reading to see exactly what revolving doors can add to your business. 

Reduced heating costs 

In business, anything you can do to save money is worth considering. Typical standard manual doors allow significant amounts of air to escape from the building every time some enters or exits, this is due to the large opening that they create. Not to mention the constant draft you receive from these doors. 

Revolving doors, however, remain mostly sealed and create much smaller gaps for the air to escape through. As a result of simply installing new doors, warm air in winter months, as well as air-conditioned air in the summer, can remain inside the building. 

Improve access 

When people are entering or exiting a building with manual doors they must take it in turns and filter in slowly which often creates a traffic jam causing people to get impatient. Thankfully, revolving doors have provided a solution to this issue. They allow for a constant stream of people both entering and exiting the building. 

Revolving doors also come in lots of different sizes and models, for example, you can get automatic revolving doors with bigger sections which allow for disabled access as well as standard access. This prevents you from needing someone to monitor the entrance to open the doors when required. 

Creates a good first impression 

Along with your building front, your door is the first thing that people see when they enter your business for the first time. When it comes to running a successful business, making a good first impression is vital. Revolving doors are associated with power and wealth, they are often found at the entrance of large corporations or big franchises. 

By installing revolving doors, you too can create this impression for your business and for anyone who visits your property. You can always rely on something as simply as a revolving door to enhance the appearance of any commercial building. Some revolving doors can also be customised with colour, posters and more marketing assets, enabling them to act as brand ambassadors to anyone who walks in.

Investing in a revolving door 

Overall there really isn’t a downside it investing in revolving doors. Like all other aspects of refurbishment, there will be an upfront payment to install but over time you will reap the benefits and make this money back. Whether you opt for a simple manual revolving door or more a complex automatic revolving door you will have made a smart investment. 

If you think that revolving doors seem like the best solution for your business property then please get in touch with EA Group. We are reliable experienced revolving door suppliers and can assist you with the rotating door you are interested in. With many years of experience behind us, our expert team can assist you with every aspect of this part of the refurbishment from the design right through to revolving door installation. 

Should you want to know more about our organisation or range of solutions please contact us at sales@ea-group.co.uk


First impressions are everything in business and one of the first things you will see when entering a business property is the door. Without even realising, your clients and customers will judge your building partly by the door they enter through. Due to this, you should take your time when it comes to deciding on an automatic door.

When it comes to choosing the right type of power-assisted doors for your business property, there are lots of things to consider before you go ahead and buy. The EA Group have put together the pros and cons of each door to help you make an informed decision.

Revolving doors

You can install either automatic and manual revolving doors. They both typically consist of two, three or four doors that are attached to a central shaft and rotate around an axis within a cylindrical enclosure. You will typically find revolving doors in places like airports, hospitals, and shopping centres.


  • Attractive

There is no denying that revolving doors look attractive and they are often associated with wealth. Having this type of automatic door at your entrance will instantly add elegance and make your business property look more professional.

  • Good for climate, draft and noise control

Revolving doors are always simultaneously closed and open, meaning your heat stays in and the cold stays out. This works for noise too, because the doors aren’t ever fully opened any noise from the street will be kept outside.

  • Customer flow management

This type of automatic door isn’t just an entrance to a building, it is an exit too. They are brilliant for managing foot traffic allowing people in and out, simultaneously. They also prevent lots of people entering the building at the same time which has added security benefits.


  • Take up lots of room

It is clear to see that revolving doors are bigger than your standard automatic sliding door, not just by width, they are also deeper and can cut into reception areas. You have to have lots of spare space to install an automatic revolving door, especially if you need a large diameter revolving door to accommodate for prams, wheelchairs or luggage.

  • Expensive

Unfortunately, they aren’t a cheap option. Their price can vary dramatically and there are various factors that can change their price, including size, materials and how many doors you need for your building. Although they are expensive to install, they can save you money on energy costs so, this is something to consider when you are factoring in the overall cost.

Sliding doors

We offer straight and curved sliding doors, they usually both open horizontally by sliding parallel to a wall. You will commonly find this type of door in offices and shop entrances and they are the go-to option for many businesses.


  • Similar in size to a normal door

These doors are a great option if you don’t have much space but you still want to offer an automatic door option. The only additional space you will require is next to the door, to allow the doors to slide open and shut.

  • Wider entrance point

Sliding doors, when open, provide a much wider entrance point. They are usually the size of an open double door, if not bigger. This allows lots of people to enter at once and they also take into account anyone who has a double pushchair or people who require disabled access.

  • Cheaper

Although slidings doors still cost more than a standard automatic door, they are considerably cheaper than any of the revolving doors you will find on the market. They are a much more affordable investment and the upfront cost is much nicer on your pocket.



  • Let in the cold

Due to the amount of time that they are open and also how frequently they are opened, sliding doors are known for letting in the cold air and letting out hot air during winter and the opposite in summer. If you have a reception or waiting area on the other side of your entrance doors then they might not be the best option.

  • Need separate doors for in and out

In order to properly manage traffic entering and exiting the building, depending on the foot flow you have, you may want to consider having two separate sliding doors. This avoids traffic jams of people trying to get in whilst others get out. However, it also makes it more expensive and requires more space.

Automatic sliding doors are also an effective emergency route, as the width of the door opening often allows more people to pass through in a given period of time than smaller revolving doors. To meet fire safety building regulations, sliding doors can be installed to supplement a revolving door.

Which is the door for you?

Taking into account all of the factors mentioned above you may now be able to decide on the best power-assisted doors for your business property. Whichever option you have chosen please don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group for assistance. As specialist sliding door and revolving door suppliers we will be able to provide you with the automatic door that meets all of your needs and requirements.


Before and after image of a Revolving Door installation

EA Group have just completed works at Chancery House in Sutton.

The building originally had a manual revolving door with solid drum walls. Roll forward just a few weeks and they now enjoy a bespoke sized, frameless all glass revolving door that lets the sun light flood into the building reception.

Features include integral night shutter doors to close across the door opening during out of hours, adding a further layer of security.

Additionally, this manual revolving door is fitted with an underfloor power assisted drive to self park the door carousel after each use.

All proudly manufactured in the UK and available from the EA Group with a short lead time. Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us or call on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services.

Power Assisted Revolving Door manufactured in the UK by EA Group UK Limited

This started as a simple enquiry for a revolving door and quickly developed into something quite unique. The designer was looking for an all-glass door that could be put into a Corten rusty steel entrance for an office scheme in Putney, London. The information provided to EA was very minimal, below was the concept image we were provided:

Not only did we offer the revolving door but also the Corten surround that other companies that had been approached were not interested in. Below are some of the drawings we developed:

The end result now installed is a far cry from the enquiry we received and looks great within the newly fitted out offices.

The interior of the building is non-standard too, the staircase incorporates and slide to return back to the ground floor should you wish:

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Render of the new Alton Sports Centre that will feature an EA Revolving Door


This new sports centre with an investment of nearly £20m is a joint project between East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) and contractor, Everyone Active who will run the centre thereafter.

It will be open to the public in 2019 and will replace the current 1970s-era building. It will be built alongside the town’s current sports centre, so there will be no break in service while construction goes ahead. The entrance to this facility will have an EA Group All Glass Revolving Door manufactured just 32 miles away at our Surrey premises.Render of the new Alton Sports Centre that will feature an EA Revolving Door, Spa area

With a climbing wall, fitness studios, soft play, improved swimming pool, gym and spa, this will be the perfect modern facility for Alton’s families.

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us via our web enquiry form or call us on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services.

WHG Housing Association came to EA Group and required a solution to their fairly new but drafty building.

As we often see they have two pairs of draft lobbies that sit opposite each other and when open they let air conditioned air out and hot or cold air in, this is particularly noticeable in the winter as the cold enters and fills the atrium within.

We proposed that the lobbies could be altered to have a DDA door to each side, remove one pair of sliding doors internally and replace with UK manufactured all glass revolving doors. The outer set remain to offer an extra line of security out of hours.

Whilst on site we were shown another set of sliding doors that were operated with access control, these were priced with a much better solution of high glass speed lanes. to stop tailgating.

Another service we were able to offer were full renders to the client so they could envisage the changes. Below are just a few:

The WHG Walsall entrance before new revolving doors installed


A rendered impression of how the WHG Walsall building will look when complete, showing the new revolving doors


A rendered impression of the new entrance at the WHG Walsall building showing new revolving door installed


A CAD rendered impression by EA Group of WHG Walsall showing High Glass Speed Gates turnstiles installed


EA Group won this under competitive tender and we are pleased to say that not only did we show good value, we will be able to turn this around much faster than our competitors who import.

In one case we are a third of our competitor’s lead-time.

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EA Group are pleased to announce that we have won the order for a large revolving door at this new venue under construction at the famous Silverstone Race Track.

On Wednesday 7th March 2018, the Silverstone project was visited by His Royal Highness Prince Harry who officially marked the start of the construction programme. In his capacity as Royal patron of The Silverstone Experience, Prince Harry launched the project by switching the Silverstone start lights from red to green.

There were Formula1 cars on display to represent Silverstone’s first race in 1948, and also this year’s race in 2018 which marks Silverstone’s 70th anniversary.

The Silverstone Experience Centre, supported by a £9.1m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, is expected to attract over 500,000 visitors a year and will bring to life the history of Silverstone and British motor sport through the creation of a dynamic, interactive and educational visitor experience.

The recently commenced works include the full refurbishment of an existing World War II aircraft hangar alongside the construction of a new two storey building to create an immersive experience incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The facilities will accommodate the Silverstone motorsport exhibition alongside the British Racing Drivers’ Club archive, educational facilities, café, atrium and reading room.

For further information on the project visit www.silverstone-experience.co.uk

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Surrey Quays is a leading London shopping destination in Rotherhithe with over 40 shops and restaurants. Situated in a very busy and residential part of London, the centre receives a huge foot fall each day.

EA Group were instructed to remove two revolving doors originally installed by another company that had become unreliable. EA Group offered a complete turnkey solution. One of the two doors has been replaced today. Here are some images of the original:

And the replacement high capacity entrance solution with an integrated air curtain:

UPDATE 02/07/2018. We met with the centre manager today and received his feedback: We are so impressed with your doors, zero operational errors, a really nice bit of kit”

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Usay Compare is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing Private Medical Insurance intermediary. Based near Cirencester in the picturesque Cotswold region, Usay Compare has an ever-growing staff of more than 120 including a team of over 55 fully-trained health insurance advisers.

EA Group were asked to survey and quote for a revolving door and turnstiles for a business unit opposite their existing premises which forms part of the companies expansion. They had recently received similar items on their current building (by others) and weren’t fully satisfied with either the quality of product, installation or communication.

An order was received last week. With only a five week lead-time from drawing approval we will be installing one of our Surrey manufactured all glass bespoke revolving doors complete with a night shutter for added security. Our turnstiles are held in stock and will be installed at the same time.

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A brand new premium wedding and events venue for Somerset is under construction. It is set within an idyllic picturesque location amongst an 18 hole meadow golf course. As well as offering a fantastic golfing facility, the venue be able to host weddings, business events and parties.

The £4M venue will eventually become part of Brean Country Club, with plans in place to also build tennis courts and a bowling green on the grounds.

As a late change to the main entrance EA Group were approached to offer a bespoke sized revolving door with collapsible door leafs in lieu of the proposed swing doors. I am pleased to say we have now been in instructed and our entrance will be installed during this summer. The facility opens to the public during the autumn of 2018

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us via our web enquiry form or call us on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services.