High Capacity Revolving Doors

Where high capacity, performance and functionality are all essential for the efficient operation of a building entrance, our 2 wing automatic revolving doors make for a practical solution for high volume and tidal pedestrian foot flow.

The larger spacious segments combined with the smooth movement of the revolving wings gives this door an inviting salubrious appeal.

Our high capacity revolving doors do not have a centre shaft, thus affording more space in the segment compartments for wheelchairs, luggage trolleys etc. and the use of glass to reflect more natural light into the building.

Without a centre shaft to impede, we can offer our high capacity revolving door with a choice of either a dividing glass separation panel between the two compartments, or an optional centre sliding door, giving further functionality to the entrance.

Either choice, reduces the heating and/or cooling costs for a building as the door provides excellent environment separation from the internal and external elements.

Offered with both slim or standard profiles and a choice of further configurations to suit all entrance solutions, our two wing revolving doors are available in a choice of stainless steel (brushed or polished), brass or bronze finishes, PPC to any RAL colour or Anodised. Furthermore, we can even offer copper cladding as an additional optional finish.

All of our revolving doors can be installed directly to any finished floor surface or can be offered with a base ring to accept matting.

KA021 – 2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door (Slim Profile)

The key operational feature of our high capacity automatic revolving doors are the two revolving wings, with the addition of the sliding door and/or balanced door option within the central frame.

This door has the ability to switch modes, from a revolving door to a sliding door, giving the building operators the valuable option when there is a high footfall of pedestrians all waiting to pass through. The KA021 – 2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door with the option of a centre sliding door, has proved a popular choice to hotels for luggage trolleys and large guest parties, universities for high predicted student footfalls, and office facilities when hundreds of employees arrive or depart at a given time of day.

There are two showcase segments that rotate within the revolving door that offer an opportunity for display marketing as users pass through the door.

This balanced door option allows a wider width for larger items or building maintenance equipment to pass through it.


KA022 – 2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door (Standard Profile)

The KA022 model two wing automatic revolving door has the very same features to the KA021, however it is manufactured with standard width profiles and is therefore popular where the requirement for vertical mullions are important element to the overall door design, or when the interface between the curtain walling and the revolving door requires the drum wall of the door to have a central mullion upright to connect to.

These are just some of the choices that we can offer. Choices available from our continued development with architects and designers to be able to build the best door for their projects.


Attention to the fine detail

EA revolving door overhead heater outlet

As standard, our KA023 framed automatic revolving door include; neatly integrated activation and safety radars recessed into the soffit for a cleaner appearance.

In addition, we can neatly incorporate optional heater systems aesthetically into the top head of the door so only the fins of the heater duct vents are visible as pedestrians walk beneath.



Three Doors In One

Standard high capacity revolving door

Revolving Door:
The revolving door design effectively controls indoor and outdoor air exchange.

Energy consumption is lowered due to the controlled environments in air conditioning and heat preservation.

Other benefits of these doors are the wind proofing, ash proofing and noise reduction.


high capacity revolving door with centre sliding door option


Sliding Door:
Sliding door incorporated within a revolving door can provide a more efficient flow for faster and heavier pedestrian traffic.



High capacity revolving door with balanced centre door option


Balanced Door:
Balanced door is able to provide maximum opening width for peak flows, large cargo and evacuation situations.



Drum Wall Load Bearing

The KA022 doors use our exclusive “drum wall load-bearing” structure. This is the essential element to keep the structure safe and of a superior quality. Compared with other two-wing doors which are pole-bearing, the KA022 doors are more stable and the revolving movement smoother.

EA door demonstrating the drum wall load-bearing structure

EA – Drum Wall Load Bearing Structure                                                              Others – Standard Pillar Bearing

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