Works have just completed at the London Marriott Hotel Regents Park in London. As part of a wider scheme aimed at improving the overall offering of the hotel, the rooms have been redesigned by Anita Rosato Interior Design to move away from corporate colours and take inspiration from the local area. Earthy tones are offset against the park orientated Jean-Paul Gaultier fabric featured on the layered headboard. The rest of the rooms have further references to the park and the zoo.

The hotel’s lobby, executive lounge, restaurant and meeting and events spaces have all been reinvented in the past 12 months. Part of the works included a bespoke entrance with a new revolving door, and again local inspiration was drawn upon for the earth toned colour choice.

Marriott International is the world’s largest hotel company with more than 5,700 properties in 110+ countries and territories. The company’s 30 leading brands include Le Meridien, Renaissance Hotels and Sheraton.

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We are all proud again today. This time some kind words from our client for the Cassini Court scheme in Leatherhead, Surrey:

I would like to thank you for helping us get this Project over the Line at Cassini Court. Thanks for your “Can Do” attitude. I look forward to working with you guys on the next one. 

Installation and management by our colleagues Phil Stonell and Chris Post

Our British Made All-Glass Revolving Door

EA Group are delighted to announce the launch of their British made, new All Glass Revolving Door.

EA Group have taken the initiative and developed an all new Glass Revolving Door which is manufactured in Great Britain, enabling the company to have the quickest possible lead-times, most competitive pricing, and reduces the carbon footprint of delivery from our British production facility to sites within the UK and Ireland.

Our new all-glass revolving door can either be constructed almost entirely from glass with only stainless steel patch fixings to secure the glass panels together. Or with a thin edging frame, offered in choices of polished or brushed stainless steel, brass or bronze finishes or PPC to match any RAL colour.

From research with architects and designers, we have made our new all-glass revolving door available in sizes of one millimeter increments, in both width and height, at no additional bespoke penalty cost. This new all-glass revolving door will now be designed and manufactured in Britain, specifically to fit the aperture requirements of a building.

By manufacturing our own door within Great Britain, we are further able to meet the design aspirations of our clients, specific to the finest detailing and delivering exceptional results, all within tighter timelines.

Within the first few months of its manufacture, EA Group have been able to deliver and install several client orders of the new All-Glass Revolving Door, including: The prestigious One Springfield Drive office development in Surrey (pictured above).

With more installations of our new all-glass revolving door within the immediate pipeline, and new variations of this door due to be released during Q3 and Q4 of 2017, EA Group are very positive for the future of our British made door.

More images and updated information will be published on our All-Glass Revolving Door web page.

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International House is located in Ealing town centre a few moments’ walk from the station and adjacent to the Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre. The offices had two fairly old and narrow revolving doors. These had four compartments which left little comfort for the users each day. One door was beyond economical repair and had been put out of action some time ago:

The building was already being refurbished when EA Group attending meetings with CBRE and British Land. EA were asked to determine how easily and quickly these could be replaced. Soon thereafter we installed two replacement doors with a three wing configuration to add comfort to the visitors and users of this building:

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Work is just completing for us at this exciting new development, St James’s Market in London. We have recently installed 3 No. bespoke revolving doors with an overall height of 4000 mm.

For many door companies, offering an oversize entrance door is a headache, manufacturing it with a short lead-time is often a non-starter. However for EA Group this is what we do. And we have recently done it again at St Magnus House.

Sited near Monument in Lower Thames Street, London, St Magnus House is a sixties building named after the nearby St Magnus Church, one of the 51 parish churches rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London.

EA Revolving Door installed at St Magnus House London


St Magnus House had a non-functioning 3 metre tall all glass door that had been installed many years ago by another manufacturer. EA Group were tasked with replacing this oversize automatic door with another that met the latest EN16005 regulations.

Over the course of two days, we carefully removed and replaced their existing door with a brand new EA bespoke automatic revolving door that fitted exactly into the same space, not only above ground, but with an underfloor drive mechanism and bespoke mountings that were fabricated off site to fit into and suit the existing slab recess.

To add to this feat of engineering, the new EA automatic door was made available to the site with an expedited delivery to meet their tight programme of works.

EA Group employ staff with decades of automatic revolving door product experience, from concept to installation. The project was delivered on time, on budget, even with the technical challenges that we were faced with.

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EA Revolving Door installation at St Magnus House London

EA Group UK Limited have completed the installation of three stainless steel high capacity revolving doors at Inverness College.

The doors chosen for this scheme are the most technologically advanced doors available to date incorporating both revolving and sliding functionality in one unit. Each door has an integrated heater with bespoke and discreet hot air outlets fitted neatly within the top of the head.

EA revolving door overhead heater outlet

Chosen for their superior build quality, high capacity and efficiency, these three 4.2 metre wide doors supplied and installed by EA Group grace the main entrances to the new state of the art facility.

Inverness College have opened these doors to students in its new campus location where the new state of the art facility provides an exciting range of further and higher education courses, alongside post-graduate opportunities and in work training.

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Farnborough Airport or TAG London Farnborough Airport is an operational business/executive general aviation airport in Farnborough, Rushmoor, Hampshire, England. The airfield is the home of the Farnborough Airshow which is held in even numbered years. The first powered flight in Britain was at Farnborough on 5 October 1908, when Samuel Cody took off in his British Army Aeroplane No 1.

After TAG took control of the airport from the MOD, it invested in a series of new infrastructure projects, including a new radar unit and a resurfaced runway. The most striking new constructions were a new control tower, a large hangar unit, and finally a brand new terminal building that opened in 2006, all designed by Reid Architecture and Buro Happold. The designs won a series of awards, and were nominated for Building of the Year by Building magazine in 2007. The terminal was formally opened by HRH Prince Andrew.

In 2014 the airport approached EA Group as they required a solution for sliding doors which were pretty draughty and presented a heat or air conditioned air loss issue throughout the year.

Many options were tabled and together with digital surveys, many renders and digital fly through videos, EA Group offered the solution of a multi-function revolving door that could offer all the benefits of a revolving door, but at peak times could be parked and could become once again a sliding door if required.

In 2015 an order was placed for this solution and was installed thereafter during a refit of the lounge:

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The Ark is a prominent GE Real Estate owned office building in Hammersmith, London, and was constructed in 1992.
When EA were approached the building had a tired circle slide door without an air curtain. During the depths of winter the reception and atrium became a cold place.

As there were existing pass doors for DDA passage the solution was to install an automatic revolving door. The turnkey solution was completed in just one weekend.

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