Speed Gates & Turnstiles

EA Group offer a full and exciting range of speed gates, speed lanes and turnstiles, combining impressive aesthetics with design, functionality and reliability.

Our extensive experience has proven that building and facility owners want security, but not at the cost where it creates a hindrance to the users. They need speed gate systems that can offer fast, secure and reliable access control within the entrance area of their facility along with visually enhancing and architecturally acceptable speed gate products that complement the buildings aesthetics.


At EA Group we have the right speed gate, speed lane and turnstile product mix, along with the service and reliability that can support the needs of both the end users and the integrator that will ensure a seamless process from inquiry to delivery.

For over the last 30 years we have held an excellent reputation of installation and service support within all areas of the access control business.

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All of our speed gates, speed lanes and turnstile products are designed and manufactured under strictest controls and those with electrical components are CE rated to ensure that they meet European and International standards, and that they are among the best available for quality and reliability.

We understand the importance of supporting our customers, by responding to their needs quickly and effectively as well as providing technical information to help you with the installation and maintenance.

We believe that our prices are extremely competitive when compared to similar speed gates and turnstile products available in the market, and we will be pleased to provide you with a detailed proposal for any of your project requirements.

The EA Range of Speed Lanes, Speed Gates & Turnstiles

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EA Speed LaneThe EA Speed Lane waist-high turnstile is the most space saving type of the EA range of turnstiles. The stylish appearance perfectly harmonises with high safety and traffic flow capacity.
Visually the EA Speed Lane turnstile has been designed to aesthetically fit into any modern interior providing reliable security control against unauthorised access.
EA Swing Lane Speed GateThe EA Swing Lane is a stylish speed gate turnstile that operates on the swing open principle and combines 3 important features:
1/ high safety
2/ high traffic flow
3/ stylish modern appearance: glass blades and side panels produce the impression of a transparency effect.
EA Swing Lane-S Speed GateThe EA Swing Lane-S slim speed gate combines elegance and sophistication within it’s slim profile design and beautiful LED illumination, making it an attractive, yet highly effective access control barrier wherever it is positioned.

The EA Swing Lane-S still operates on the swing open gate principle, with glass (or optional plastic) panels acting as the pedestrian barrier gates on each lane.
EA Slide Speed GateThe EA Slide Speed Gate is distinguished from other types of speed gates & turnstiles by the glass sliding panels and they can be supplied up to 1.54 metres high. By reducing the risk of people hurdling over them, this design feature ensures a higher level of security when compared to other waist high speed gates & turnstiles.

The EA Slide speed gates also features a short time of opening/closing time of just 0.8 seconds.
EA Glass Swing GateThe contemporary EA Glass Swing Gate turnstile is the simplest and most affordable way to control and restrict access available from 500 to 900 mm clear opening. The EA Glass Swing Gate is perfectly suited for access control where wider access than the standard unit is required.

The stylish design perfectly balances the importance of an aesthetic appearance with high safety and traffic flow capacity and blends perfectly with the other EA range of turnstiles. Read more...
EA Glass-PassThe Glass-Pass security turnstiles are designed for un-attended access controlled applications where higher security is required and tailgating is prevented, for example gym’s & clubs membership areas, as well as many other busy yet secure zones within buildings.

Glass-Pass is a full height glass turnstile built on the principle of the traditional rotary security turnstiles, but with rotating glass wings instead of metal rods. Read more...
EA Rotary Turnstile The EA Rotary turnstile combines optimal efficiency and space-saving size offering a low cost efficient means of controlling pedestrian access.

The EA Rotary turnstile provides high traffic flow at 20 pedestrians per minute in single access mode and 60 pedestrians per minute in free access.
EA Tripod TurnstileThe EA Tripod turnstile is one of the most efficient and versatile models in the EA range of turnstiles.
An extremely durable turnstile providing high traffic flow and reliability make it an ideal solution where a more utilitarian product is required.

The EA Tripod turnstile has a neat design that can be finished in a range of different materials such as powder coated steel, brushed or polished stainless steel.

A leader in the pedestrian control space, EA Group can offer simple solutions to stem the flow of pedestrian traffic from one area to the next, right through to fully integrated systems for use in high security buildings or large corporate offices.

Speed gates, speed lanes and turnstiles offer a reliable method to control visitors and ensure only authorised users are allowed access to particular areas of a building and we have a solution that can work in all spaces.

We offer a comprehensive range of speed gates, speed lanes and turnstiles that encompasses the needs of a broad spectrum of users with simple, tripod, waist high glass gated and drop arm models, through to full height glass gated turnstile products. Frequently used in high-end, high profile entrance foyers, entrances of airports, sports facilities, libraries and other facilities requiring managed pedestrian traffic flow.

Speed gates, speed lanes and turnstiles all can give an accurate, verifiable count of attendance. From a security standpoint, they lead patrons to enter single-file, so security personnel or cameras have a clear view of each person.

Our range of speed gates, speed lanes and turnstiles can all be controlled using biometrics, proximity or swipe card, coin, token and tickets.

Our speed gates and turnstiles can be integrated to the fire alarm which, once activated, will retract and disable the barrier arms to allow free, unrestricted emergency egress and in power fail the system can be configured to fail safe. Included too, is an “anti-crawl” system, should anyone try to duck under the arms.

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