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6 entry solutions and their uses within the healthcare sector

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We have specialised in providing and installing advanced technology and modern standards for integrated healthcare entrance systems for over 30 years.

There are a range of entrance systems that each have their own unique benefits and applications within the healthcare sector. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become increasingly crucial to provide entrances that adhere to social distancing guidelines and hands-free access.

In this article we aim to explain just how we can help hospitals, practices and NHS trusts in different ways.

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Revolving doors, do I need them?

Revolving doors have many benefits for hospitals, clinics and care centres. Firstly, they are convenient and easy to use for all patients and personnel. They provide safe and easy access and though they are not suitable for those who have a walking disability, we also provide automatic sliding doors in pairing with these entrances.

Revolving doors also help you save energy. They do this by minimising the escape of air from your building, which in turn preserves the temperature. Healthcare providers will also of course understand the importance of managing the flow of people via their entrances and exits, which revolving doors can assist with.

Revolving doors also serve as an impressive and welcoming feature of a building, whether you are looking at the three or four wing versions.

Hermetic medical doors – safe, sterile and Covid-friendly

For areas such as X-ray rooms, operating theatres and pharmaceutical production facilities, barriers that employ hermetic seals are vital for providing a sterile environment. Our hermetic door seals are easy to clean and keep an area safe from foreign contaminants.

We can offer automatically sliding, hinged swing, X-ray room or observation room doors that seal hermetically. All of these can be fully integrated into a pre-existing access operating system or built-in with an independent one.

How speed gates can assist with the accessibility of your building

A speed gate, apart from being stylish and integrated by design, will regulate the flow of people entering an area. This is a key benefit in high traffic areas that would benefit from regulation, such as a hospital. Our speed gates are perfectly suited for controlled access, so they would be ideal for use in areas where restricted personnel can enter using key cards or fobs etc. Speed gates will also limit the spreading of germs via the handle-less entry system.

Access control – secure restricted areas

Integrated access systems are any technology that you employ to grant access, benefit all manner of buildings that are open to the general public and members of staff. Using access control can provide benefits such as visitor monitoring, integrated security systems and fire roll-call software.

They allow the controllers to provide security to a hospital or care centre. Through these services you can keep track of patient/staff entrance times and even keep record of entrance times stored in a database where necessary.

How to protect your site with CCTV cameras

We offer a complete line of CCTV video surveillance products, of the highest quality, performance and reliability. Our products are suitable to be fitted inside and outside any healthcare facility and once again can be fully integrated into your broader security infrastructure. We include high-definition cameras, colour security cameras, day and night CCTV cameras – ideal for 24-hour healthcare units.

Cameras selected by EA Group are designed for exceptional build quality and long-term functionality. They are also designed to look good and to fit into any aesthetic, wherever you choose to position them.

Easy admin for hospitals – time tracking and attendance

Every second counts in hospitals. When it comes to everyday tasks, efficiency is simply essential. We offer a range of tools to speed up admin and access control. These include:

  • Time and attendance access control
  • Hands-free access control
  • Intercoms
  • Security and access management systems

Our fully integrated range of products can lower the overhead costs of administration and serve to simplify event reporting for your personnel. Obtaining a reliable and functional access and security system to a hospital can also increase your CCG funding, by demonstrating your commitment to operational efficiency.

At EA Group, our product selectors and installation team have had a wealth of experience in kitting out entire hospital entrance and security systems. Whatever your needs and set up, we can accommodate.

For more information on how you can utilise these systems and individual features for your unit of healthcare or have any questions that haven’t been addressed in this blog then don’t hesitate to get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536. Check out our other blogs for tips on how your business can make the most out of our services.