Revolving doors are arguably the most visually impressive entrance that most businesses can access. Their association with luxury hotels and large enterprises makes them a popular choice, as does their modern and sleek appearance.

It’s this association with executives and the high life that might lead many businesses to overpay on their revolving doors, or choose a solution that doesn’t work for them based on price. At EA Group we’re helping businesses of all sizes to access these fantastic solutions in a way that actually works for them.

Our team here at EA Group all share a passion for detail and innovative solutions. In today’s blog we’ll cover the qualities that you need to look for when choosing a revolving door and how finding one that can make a real difference for your business might not be as difficult as you might think.

How many revolving doors do I need?

This naturally depends on the size of your building and flow of pedestrians. A typical 3-wing revolving door allows 24 people to enter and 24 people to exit within one minute, which adds to a total of 48 people per minute. If you’re expecting more than that number, you need more doors!

What kind of revolving doors are available?

In terms of size and finish you have a lot of options when working with EA Group. All our doors are designed by our team of experts here at EA. This means we’ll always strive to meet your exact specification in terms of the size and appearance of your door and recommend any changes that could be made.

In terms of the types of doors available, our most popular are the all-glass models. These stunning doors refract, reflect and diffuse light in and out of your premise, creating a bright and welcoming entrance. We manufacture these doors bespoke in size increments of one millimetre, so they fit your precise specifications. They are constructed almost entirely from glass or can have a thin metal frame if you prefer.

Other options include manual revolving doors which are a stylish solution for traditional style buildings. We also offer doors with larger frames to create a great entrance for sites with more challenging architecture.

Are revolving doors energy efficient?

The short answer to this is yes! Especially considering soaring energy prices and environmental concerns, businesses need to look more closely about how we heat or cool our buildings. Revolving doors do a fantastic job at naturally keeping warm air inside and cool air out, and vice-versa in the summer.

With a revolving door, it’s physically impossible for it to be left ajar. This means that conditioned air doesn’t escape, and external air doesn’t enter. This is because at least two of the door’s revolving wings will be touching the wall at any time, creating a seal as the door revolves.

This means that when you consider investing in a revolving door, you should consider the outlay alongside its potential energy savings.

How can revolving doors be made more accessible?

Accessibility is incredibly important to any business or organisation. You need to ensure that people with all levels of mobility can reliably access your building. The best entrances ensure that anyone can get to where they need to go quickly.

We can offer extra-wide revolving doors that do not feature a centre shaft. This provides much easier access for wheelchairs and other mobility aids. We usually provide this style of door for airports, where moving through with luggage trolleys is a necessity.

For extra accessibility, we can also offer automatic sliding doors alongside our revolving doors. These provide a range of options for entry, without compromising the aesthetic quality of your entrance.

What businesses need revolving doors?

There are some industries more associated with revolving doors than others. Hotels, airports, and business centres immediately spring to mind. The truth is, however, that if you need a professional entrance and a contemporary appearance, they can work for just about any site. We’ve provided doors for all the sectors mentioned above, but also for the education, leisure and residential properties.

In terms of aesthetics, we’re guided by you. Not only can you customise the number of wings that your door has, but you can also customise its finish. Our revolving doors are available in a choice of stainless steel (brushed or polished), brass or bronze finishes. We can even offer copper cladding, or your choice of anodised colour finishes.

What are the alternatives to revolving doors?

If you’ve read this blog and started considering other options, we can help. Our automatic sliding doors are incredibly popular, and can be customised to the same degree as the revolving models.

For more information about our range of revolving or automatic sliding doors mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

A revolving door is a brilliant way to create both a stunning visual presence and a smoother way for visitors and staff to enter your premises. Revolving doors have a number of benefits over more traditional entry solutions.

Revolving doors are the ideal entry solution for the current environment where controlled entry is just as important as easy entry. Not only are they stylish but are also energy efficient which allows you to maintain a comfortable environment within your business. With a revolving door, it’s difficult for conditioned air to be let out and outside air to be let in. They are also ideal for creating a one-way-system throughout your business.

At EA Group we can offer businesses a wide range of revolving doors, each suiting a different environment. We know it can be difficult to know which specific solution is right for your business, which is why we’ve created today’s blog. Here we’ll cover some of the major requirements that businesses have from their revolving door, and which door is right for you.

Create a great visual impact

We know that one of the main reasons behind installing any new entry solution is their visual appeal. Especially for business centres, commercial spaces and anywhere to do with professional services, your business needs to have a great first impression. A revolving door provides that with a grand appearance that will keep its impressive visual impact for years to come.

In terms of which door creates the best visual impression, it depends on the appearance of your building. Our all glass revolving doors are some of the most popular available today and for good reason. Not only does the glass provide an ultra-modern appearance, but it also lets the most light into your building, creating a more appealing visual inside and out.

Accommodate varying levels of traffic

Revolving doors are used by a wide variety of different industries. Many of these, including the transportation sector require a solution that can allow many people to access your premise in a safe and organised way. High-capacity revolving doors are the perfect solution here.

One of the first things you need to consider when choosing a revolving door is the capacity it will have to support. Our standard capacity doors, such as the all glass solutions we mentioned earlier can support roughly up to 38 people a minute per door. If you require a higher capacity, we recommend installing multiple doors, or considering one of our high-capacity revolving doors. These two wing doors allow for an even higher flow of people. These solutions are ideal for airports, stations and indoor event venues.

This should also inform your decision on the number of wings you choose for your revolving door. To allow for a more comfortable entry experience a three-wing door is perfect.

Create a more accessible entrance

It’s important to accommodate all people when creating an entrance for your business. Our revolving doors can be customised and augmented to create a safe and convenient entrance for anyone.

Alongside manual revolving doors we can also include systems with power assisted drives that require minimal physical force to operate. We can also install automatic sliding doors alongside manual ones, both created bespoke to fit your entrance to the millimetre. This allows wheelchair users and those with other accessibility needs to access your premise with ease, without sacrificing the visual appeal of your entrance.

Despite the accessibility of our entrance solutions, we never fall short on security. Our revolving doors can integrate seamlessly alongside access control solutions and our expert team can advise on how your entrance solution can work alongside CCTV.

Our framed revolving doors can also be equipped with manual night sliding security doors and panic breakout options to further improve security.

Create a comfortable and inviting environment

A revolving door’s job doesn’t end once a visitor has passed through them. They provide just as much impact to the interior of your space as they do to the outside. One of the main purposes of a revolving door is to be energy efficient. This is naturally best achieved with one of our manual revolving doors, but they can also reduce your heating bill.

Using a four-wing revolving door reduces the amount of outside air allowed in to your premise. This means that less conditioned air from inside can escape, creating a much more comfortable internal temperature for a fraction of the cost. Many of our revolving doors are also designed and Made in Britain. This reduces their carbon footprint from manufacture to installation and means that any maintenance or replacement parts can be provided very quickly.

Since 1984 we have had the pleasure of installing and integrating high quality automation products across the UK. For more information about any of the solutions mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536

Since the pandemic, many businesses are looking at their pedestrian access differently. There needs to be a focus on making sure that no matter your industry, staff and customers can get inside safely and securely whilst feeling comfortable. With footfall traffic on the rise again, now’s the perfect time to introduce a solution that can make your business reliably accessible for years to come. This is where revolving doors can help.

Revolving doors provide a unique level of versatility when compared to other entry points. They can help you maximise space efficiency in your entryway while allowing you to better manage the flow of traffic into your premises. At EA Group, we pride ourselves on providing entry solutions that match the needs and the aesthetic of your business. Our revolving doors, including all-glass and high capacity models are some of the key solutions that allow us to do this. Here’s a few of the industries in which they can help.

Professional Services – Create the perfect welcome

Revolving doors are ideal for creating a warm welcome, literally! Due to the way that they are always simultaneously open and closed, there is a separation of the indoor and outside air. This is ideal for both summer and winter and allows everyone to be met with a sense of comfort when they enter your business.

Presentation is vital for many professional services. This is often communicated through your branding, the technology you use and the level of service provided. A revolving door, whether manual or automatic, framed or all-glass provides a clean and highly professional appearance. Revolving doors also naturally limit foot traffic to ensure that people always enter in a safe and relaxed manner, allowing your staff to always provide the right welcome.

Retail – Maximise space and safety

Once again managing pedestrian traffic has to be a focus of businesses in the retail sector. Since the start of the pandemic, it’s crucial to know exactly how many people are within your premise at any one time. This can also in some circumstances include screening details about them. Revolving doors allow you to manage this entry process while maximising the available floor space.

In terms of safety, revolving doors allow you to limit the number of visitors entering your premise at any one time. Combined with a thermal CCTV solution, you can even test skin temperature on entry to better protect your guests and customers. The design of a revolving door allows you to create a one-way-system, even if you don’t have designated entrances or exits, as the same revolving door can be used for both purposes.

Revolving doors are the perfect way to create an efficient entry solution, that guides pedestrian traffic around your premises in an organised and secure way for both them and your staff.

Airports & Stations – Support your capacity needs

With passengers once again returning to airports and busy city stations, it’s vital that these sites can improve both traffic flow efficiency and the travel experience. Congestion needs to be alleviated wherever possible and revolving doors provide a great way to limit queues in a comfortable and visually appealing way. At EA Group we can provide high-capacity, full height gates that allow guests and their belongings an easy way to enter and exit your premises. Full-capacity solutions do not have a centre shaft, allowing space for pushchairs, wheelchairs or luggage trolleys.

Once again there is a cost benefit here too, as the cost of heating or cooling your premises is greatly reduced by the revolving door’s environmental separation. Our full-height solutions also allow reflective light into your building, creating a more appealing entrance.

Healthcare & Education – Improved access and security

Organisations in the healthcare and education sector need to be able to manage high footfall areas effectively. Revolving doors allow you to guarantee that all visitors, patients or students have left and entered in an organised and secure way. Not only are our high-capacity entranceways accessible for all, but they can be augmented with custom built sliding doors for added accessibility.

Our revolving doors are also rigorously tested to meet the highest security standards. Our security solutions range from doors that can integrate with access control services; ideal for schools, all the way up to bulletproof glass for high security sites. We also offer a range of security systems that can be installed alongside your entranceway for added peace of mind.

EA Group are the UK’s leading provider of entrance solutions. All our entranceways are tailored to your businesses’ specific dimensions and requirements, giving you an entrance that remains efficient and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. To get in touch with our team, call EA Group on 01372 459536, or to find out more about our revolving doors, visit our website.

Montcalm East Hotel occupies a prime position between Shoreditch and the City and is a short stroll from Old Street. Montcalm East is a diamond-shaped building that pays tribute to the op art of Tate Modern luminary, Bridget Riley. As light hits it, the shimmering shark-grey façade tricks the eyes

During Covid lockdown EA was asked to replace a circleslide door installed by others and introduce an all-glass revolving door and pass door that EA Group manufactured in Surrey UK to the bespoke dimensions requested, we visited the site in May 2021 and received glowing feedback from the staff on site now that they have reopened to the public.


Montcalm East draws inspiration from the art studios that blossomed in Shoreditch in the 1980s and 90s. Led by Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, and photographers such as Turner Prize-winning Gillian Wearing, a new breed of creatives revitalised this dynamic patch of London


The Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, London reopened its new doors on May 17th 2021. EA Group was employed to remove the high capacity 2 wing revolving door also originally installed by EA group and replace with a brand new and bespoke three-wing automatic door and also replace the automated swing doors which were originally by others.

The Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London has 202 rooms and suites that start on level 34 and occupy 18 floors. The Shard is Western Europe’s tallest building and also boasts London’s highest hotel infinity pool. Guests can connect to the whole city through panoramic skyline views overlooking the River Thames, with beloved landmarks such as the Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, Borough Market, and St Paul’s Cathedral.

More often than not, when wanting to install new revolving doors at the entrance to a commercial property, many will assume that they only have two options available; manual revolving doors and automatic revolving doors. However, this isn’t the case and there is another option that is always worthwhile considering; power assisted revolving doors.


As the name suggests, these doors are designed to assist the user but they aren’t fully automatic. So, similarly to a manual door, users will need to push the door to start it moving, however, once the door senses manual operation, the power assist gently takes over and it will power the door to reach its self-parking position where it will stop and be ready for the next user. It really is considered to be a happy medium between manual and automatic doors.


If you’re currently contemplating which type of revolving doors you should install at your commercial property, below is a list of benefits to opting for power assisted doors.


Incredibly energy-efficient

Revolving doors are known for being more energy-efficient than other automatic door options available, such as sliding doors, because they make it much easier to maintain the desired temperature inside a building, but power assisted doors are even more energy-efficient. Due to the fact that they aren’t fully automatic and they only require a minimal amount of electrical power to self-park, they use much less energy than fully automatic revolving doors.


More affordable than automatic doors

Not only will power assisted revolving doors help you to save on your energy bills and have reduced running costs when compared to automatic doors, but they also have a more affordable up-front cost too. Power assisted doors sit in between the standard manual and fully automatic revolving door price bracket and their costs make them a very attractive choice. Once people know the savings they can make, they tend to choose these doors over fully automatic doors.


Effective in smoothing people flow

Power assisted revolving doors are just as capable as any other type of revolving door in smoothing the flow of people in and out of a building. Of course, only so many people can use a revolving door at once and power assisted door mechanisms are usually fitted with a speed limiter too. So, you can trust that these doors will always rotate as a comfortable pace and they can’t be pushed at excessive speed, which also makes them an incredibly safe option too.


Undeniably aesthetically pleasing

Many favour revolving doors over the other entrance solutions available to them because they are aesthetically pleasing and thankfully, opting for power assisted doors won’t hinder their appearance. Power assist drive units can be configurable for both frameless and framed revolving doors, three or four-wing configurations and the doors can be brushed or polished stainless steel or any RAL colour. So, they can perfectly complement your building’s aesthetics.


Straightforward and virtually effortless to use

Power assisted revolving doors are intuitive for users and they won’t cause any confusion when people are wanting to enter or exit your building. Their drive mechanism also ensures that very minimal physical exertion is required to manually rotate the door from its stationary parked position, meaning that they will be virtually effortless for the vast majority of users. Due to the fact that they self park ready for the next user, they are always easy to get into as well.


Installing power assisted doors at your commercial property

All in all, whilst there are advantages to both manual and automatic doors too, it is fair to say that the many benefits associated with power assisted doors makes them a main contender for most revolving door projects. It is highly likely that a power assisted revolving door will be able to meet all of your requirements and as mentioned above, they will be the most cost-effective and energy-effective solution available to you.


When searching for a company who can assist you with manual, automatic and power assisted doors, be sure to contact us here at the EA Group. Our knowledgeable team will gladly help you to decide between all three of these options and no matter which you end up choosing, we can design and build the doors you require to your building’s dimensions. With many years of experience behind us, you can trust us to ensure that the revolving doors installed are perfectly suited to your building and your needs.



EA Group was recently approached for a minimalist revolving door with a concealed power assist and parking function. A short lead-time was requested.

Luckily for the client we manufacture in the UK and have a few drives on the shelf, the rest on the door will be bespoke made in Surrey during the next few weeks.

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us or call on 01372 459536

The Biltmore Mayfair opened its doors as Europe’s first LXR Hotel & Resorts property – Hilton’s collection of luxury hotels – in September 2019. The 308-room hotel combines exquisite contemporary accommodation, stunning views across the gardens of Grosvenor Square and innovative culinary concepts by Michelin-starred restauranteur Jason Atherton, creating the ultimate urban sanctuary in the heart of Mayfair. (The Betterment)

EA Group was chosen as the revolving door manufacturer for the entrance to the ballroom, chosen as we manufacture in the UK and offer a short lead-time and a bespoke choice of finishes and sizes as standard.

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us here or call us on 01372 459536 #bespoke #ukmanufacturing #eagroupukltd

It is becoming more and more common for commercial properties to replace their current standard doors for revolving doors. There are so many benefits to revolving doors, you can find out more about these in our previous blog, and, of course, with such a wide range of revolving doors available there is a perfect door for every property.

If you have decided that you would like to install a revolving door at your business building, you may have noticed that the current market can be quite hard to navigate. To help anyone currently browsing revolving doors, the EA Group have put together a complete guide to the different revolving doors that we can offer.


Manual revolving doors

This type of door is quite self-explanatory and as the name suggests the door is powered solely by the user. Manual revolving doors tend to be the preferred solution where space is limited, they can easily be adjusted to meet the available space. This low energy revolving door can be made in three or four-wing configurations and they can be framed or frameless depending on your personal preference, needs and requirements.


Power-assisted revolving door

These are probably the most popular type of revolving door and they are a happy medium between the manual and a fully automatic door. Users will need to lightly push the power-assisted revolving doors to start the doorset rotating and then they can simply pass through. Again, this type of door can be designed and built to your building dimensions, be three or four-wing configurations and either framed or frameless.


High capacity revolving door

High capacity revolving doors are specifically designed for buildings that experience large volumes of foot traffic. These doors can be two, three and four-wing and, the fewer wings you have, the more space you will have in the segments of these revolving doors. High capacity doors are usually always automatic and will be framed, but you can choose from a range of finishes for this.


Framed revolving door

When the majority of people picture a revolving door, this is the type that they will envisage. Framed revolving doors are based upon the traditional centre pivoting shaft concept and can be manual or automatic. They are available in a range of finishes to make the door look contemporary, traditional, or a mix between the two and they can have either three or four rotating compartments. This classic door works really well at the majority of properties.


All-glass revolving door

Again, the name of this door is quite self-explanatory. All-glass revolving doors highlight the beauty and versatility of glass, and look incredibly elegant. This type of door is available as manual, power-assisted or automatic and they are known for being energy efficient. Unlike the framed doors, these can be manufactured in size increments of one millimetre, both width and height, to ensure exact fitting.


Turning to the EA Group for your revolving doors

Hopefully, the above guide has helped you understand a little bit more about the revolving doors on the market and you may now be able to make a decision regarding which type of door is best for your company. If you have any further questions at all regarding these doors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Any revolving door that you purchase from the EA Group will be produced by a team of highly-skilled staff that only use quality materials and innovative automation solutions. Once the doors are made, every revolving door installation is carefully planned and carried out by qualified engineers. As incredibly experienced revolving door suppliers, you can trust that you are in safe hands with the EA Group.




Arlington Business Park in Theale near Reading was designed to blend the benefits of a modern working environment with the benefits of outdoor living. The park has been home to a number of major corporations such as Nokia, Laithwaites, KPMG, Wrigleys, Wolseley, Arrow ECS, Clearswift, and Koch Media 

Over the last couple of years, EA Group has installed bi-parting sliding doors, automatic revolving doors and facades to recent building extensions and for refurbishment schemes.

One of our automatic revolving doors and three bays of new curtain walling incorporating back painted glass

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us via our web enquiry form or call us on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services.