There is a reason that EA’s automatic sliding doors are the leading standard when it comes to commercial entry solutions. With their range of customisable options, they can be installed to fit the style and function of any space required. The technology behind door automation has also come a long way, and provides multiple new benefits to older ones.

Want to know more about automatic sliding doors? Read on to find out how your business can make a good impression with EA Groups’ state-of-the-art automation technology.

Convenient and easily accessible

Our automatic sliding doors are designed to provide seamless access, ensuring visitors and customers can easily enter and exit your space. The challenge lies in finding a balance between speed and safety. Our sliding door system addresses this challenge by offering adjustable settings for door opening and closing speed, half-opening width, and precise timing settings. This allows you to customise the door’s behaviour to suit the specific needs of your space.

Moreover, our multi-functional door functions, including manual full open, automatic full open, automatic partial open, one-way in/out, and door lock position, provide flexibility to adapt to various scenarios. Whether you need a fully automated entrance during peak hours or controlled access during quieter times, our automatic sliding doors can effortlessly accommodate your requirements.

Automatic doors as a modern design feature

First impressions matter, and the aesthetics of your commercial space can significantly impact visitor perception. Its’ ideal to have an access point that fits into an existing space seamlessly. The right automatic sliding door can serve as a modern design feature that adds a touch of sophistication to any environment.

Our doors’ sleek and contemporary design complements your space’s overall aesthetics, creating an impression of professionalism and cutting-edge technology. Incorporating our automatic sliding doors demonstrates a commitment to providing your customers with a seamless and visually appealing experience.

Multi-activation access control

Efficient access control is essential in commercial spaces to manage the flow of people and ensure security. ‘Multi-activation’, which refers to authorisation and authentication for your automatic doors, adds this layer of enhanced capability and security. Every business has unique requirements when it comes to authorisation and ensuring that your automatic doors let the right personnel into your site.

Our automatic sliding doors can be fitted with a range of multi-activation device functions to cater to different access control needs. The radar sensor, utilising an infrared sensor for microwave detection, provides a hands-free experience by detecting movement and activating the door accordingly. For added security, our advanced password identity system enables password access, while ID cards and radio-frequency cards enhance the convenience of authorised personnel.

Whatever access control functions you require for your automatic doors, EA Group can provide the best, customised solution. We can also make changes to your existing system should your needs change over time.

Increased security measures

Maintaining a secure environment is crucial for the safety and well-being of everyone within your commercial space. What can your entrances and exits do to improve this? With enhanced security features, your automatic doors can cope with the most challenging situations.

Our doors are equipped with advanced safety features to ensure a secure experience. In the event of a collision, the reverse sliding system automatically engages, preventing accidents and safeguarding individuals. Additionally, the option to incorporate a safety beam (photocell) system further enhances door operation safety by detecting obstacles and ensuring safe passage.

We offer an optional UPS advanced battery system that guarantees uninterrupted operation for up to 30 minutes during power failures. These provide peace of mind and seamless operation even in challenging circumstances. Furthermore, the durable electro-mechanical lock system offers an added layer of security, ensuring that the door remains securely locked when needed.

Low-noise and energy efficient

Our automatic doors are close to silent through low-noise operation. The sliding door drive unit incorporates special lubricating features and a decelerate gear mechanism, minimising operational noise. Furthermore, our innovative Fibrous nylon guide way profile and self-lubricating nylon carriage wheels contribute to a smoother and quieter door operation.

Energy efficiency is another key consideration for businesses striving to reduce costs and minimise their environmental impact. Our automatic sliding doors are designed with energy-saving features. By carefully controlling the speed of door opening and closing, they minimise unnecessary air exchange, thereby reducing heat loss or gain from the surroundings. This not only helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature but also contributes to lower energy consumption and cost savings.

Moreover, our automatic sliding doors can be customised to meet your specific energy efficiency requirements. Whether it’s incorporating insulated glass panels for better thermal insulation or integrating motion sensors to activate the doors only when necessary, we can enhance energy efficiency in your commercial space.

EA Groups’ EA1000 Automatic Sliding Doors

When it comes to creating a positive first impression in commercial spaces, EA Group’s automatic sliding doors excel in these areas. Our EA1000 Automatic Sliding Door system combines cutting-edge technology, rigorous testing, and reliable performance to exceed expectations.

Experience the difference with EA Group’s automatic sliding doors and make a lasting impression in your commercial environment. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let our expert team assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs. Head to our contact page or give us a call on +44 1372 459536.

We have specialised in providing and installing advanced technology and modern standards for integrated healthcare entrance systems for over 30 years.

There are a range of entrance systems that each have their own unique benefits and applications within the healthcare sector. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become increasingly crucial to provide entrances that adhere to social distancing guidelines and hands-free access.

In this article we aim to explain just how we can help hospitals, practices and NHS trusts in different ways.

If you have a direct question in relation to our products and services, you can get in touch on +44 (0) 1372 459536.

Revolving doors, do I need them?

Revolving doors have many benefits for hospitals, clinics and care centres. Firstly, they are convenient and easy to use for all patients and personnel. They provide safe and easy access and though they are not suitable for those who have a walking disability, we also provide automatic sliding doors in pairing with these entrances.

Revolving doors also help you save energy. They do this by minimising the escape of air from your building, which in turn preserves the temperature. Healthcare providers will also of course understand the importance of managing the flow of people via their entrances and exits, which revolving doors can assist with.

Revolving doors also serve as an impressive and welcoming feature of a building, whether you are looking at the three or four wing versions.

Hermetic medical doors – safe, sterile and Covid-friendly

For areas such as X-ray rooms, operating theatres and pharmaceutical production facilities, barriers that employ hermetic seals are vital for providing a sterile environment. Our hermetic door seals are easy to clean and keep an area safe from foreign contaminants.

We can offer automatically sliding, hinged swing, X-ray room or observation room doors that seal hermetically. All of these can be fully integrated into a pre-existing access operating system or built-in with an independent one.

How speed gates can assist with the accessibility of your building

A speed gate, apart from being stylish and integrated by design, will regulate the flow of people entering an area. This is a key benefit in high traffic areas that would benefit from regulation, such as a hospital. Our speed gates are perfectly suited for controlled access, so they would be ideal for use in areas where restricted personnel can enter using key cards or fobs etc. Speed gates will also limit the spreading of germs via the handle-less entry system.

Access control – secure restricted areas

Integrated access systems are any technology that you employ to grant access, benefit all manner of buildings that are open to the general public and members of staff. Using access control can provide benefits such as visitor monitoring, integrated security systems and fire roll-call software.

They allow the controllers to provide security to a hospital or care centre. Through these services you can keep track of patient/staff entrance times and even keep record of entrance times stored in a database where necessary.

How to protect your site with CCTV cameras

We offer a complete line of CCTV video surveillance products, of the highest quality, performance and reliability. Our products are suitable to be fitted inside and outside any healthcare facility and once again can be fully integrated into your broader security infrastructure. We include high-definition cameras, colour security cameras, day and night CCTV cameras – ideal for 24-hour healthcare units.

Cameras selected by EA Group are designed for exceptional build quality and long-term functionality. They are also designed to look good and to fit into any aesthetic, wherever you choose to position them.

Easy admin for hospitals – time tracking and attendance

Every second counts in hospitals. When it comes to everyday tasks, efficiency is simply essential. We offer a range of tools to speed up admin and access control. These include:

  • Time and attendance access control
  • Hands-free access control
  • Intercoms
  • Security and access management systems

Our fully integrated range of products can lower the overhead costs of administration and serve to simplify event reporting for your personnel. Obtaining a reliable and functional access and security system to a hospital can also increase your CCG funding, by demonstrating your commitment to operational efficiency.

At EA Group, our product selectors and installation team have had a wealth of experience in kitting out entire hospital entrance and security systems. Whatever your needs and set up, we can accommodate.

For more information on how you can utilise these systems and individual features for your unit of healthcare or have any questions that haven’t been addressed in this blog then don’t hesitate to get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536. Check out our other blogs for tips on how your business can make the most out of our services.

Revolving doors are arguably the most visually impressive entrance that most businesses can access. Their association with luxury hotels and large enterprises makes them a popular choice, as does their modern and sleek appearance.

It’s this association with executives and the high life that might lead many businesses to overpay on their revolving doors, or choose a solution that doesn’t work for them based on price. At EA Group we’re helping businesses of all sizes to access these fantastic solutions in a way that actually works for them.

Our team here at EA Group all share a passion for detail and innovative solutions. In today’s blog we’ll cover the qualities that you need to look for when choosing a revolving door and how finding one that can make a real difference for your business might not be as difficult as you might think.

How many revolving doors do I need?

This naturally depends on the size of your building and flow of pedestrians. A typical 3-wing revolving door allows 24 people to enter and 24 people to exit within one minute, which adds to a total of 48 people per minute. If you’re expecting more than that number, you need more doors!

What kind of revolving doors are available?

In terms of size and finish you have a lot of options when working with EA Group. All our doors are designed by our team of experts here at EA. This means we’ll always strive to meet your exact specification in terms of the size and appearance of your door and recommend any changes that could be made.

In terms of the types of doors available, our most popular are the all-glass models. These stunning doors refract, reflect and diffuse light in and out of your premise, creating a bright and welcoming entrance. We manufacture these doors bespoke in size increments of one millimetre, so they fit your precise specifications. They are constructed almost entirely from glass or can have a thin metal frame if you prefer.

Other options include manual revolving doors which are a stylish solution for traditional style buildings. We also offer doors with larger frames to create a great entrance for sites with more challenging architecture.

Are revolving doors energy efficient?

The short answer to this is yes! Especially considering soaring energy prices and environmental concerns, businesses need to look more closely about how we heat or cool our buildings. Revolving doors do a fantastic job at naturally keeping warm air inside and cool air out, and vice-versa in the summer.

With a revolving door, it’s physically impossible for it to be left ajar. This means that conditioned air doesn’t escape, and external air doesn’t enter. This is because at least two of the door’s revolving wings will be touching the wall at any time, creating a seal as the door revolves.

This means that when you consider investing in a revolving door, you should consider the outlay alongside its potential energy savings.

How can revolving doors be made more accessible?

Accessibility is incredibly important to any business or organisation. You need to ensure that people with all levels of mobility can reliably access your building. The best entrances ensure that anyone can get to where they need to go quickly.

We can offer extra-wide revolving doors that do not feature a centre shaft. This provides much easier access for wheelchairs and other mobility aids. We usually provide this style of door for airports, where moving through with luggage trolleys is a necessity.

For extra accessibility, we can also offer automatic sliding doors alongside our revolving doors. These provide a range of options for entry, without compromising the aesthetic quality of your entrance.

What businesses need revolving doors?

There are some industries more associated with revolving doors than others. Hotels, airports, and business centres immediately spring to mind. The truth is, however, that if you need a professional entrance and a contemporary appearance, they can work for just about any site. We’ve provided doors for all the sectors mentioned above, but also for the education, leisure and residential properties.

In terms of aesthetics, we’re guided by you. Not only can you customise the number of wings that your door has, but you can also customise its finish. Our revolving doors are available in a choice of stainless steel (brushed or polished), brass or bronze finishes. We can even offer copper cladding, or your choice of anodised colour finishes.

What are the alternatives to revolving doors?

If you’ve read this blog and started considering other options, we can help. Our automatic sliding doors are incredibly popular, and can be customised to the same degree as the revolving models.

For more information about our range of revolving or automatic sliding doors mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

Every business owner in every industry has a few similar requirements for their office doors. The big one, of course, is that they should open and close when required. If your current office doors can provide this, great! But the way staff and guests enter and exit your office is more complex than it may first appear.

There are plenty of things you need to take into consideration when choosing a new entry solution, from the location of your door, the level of security you require and the level of footfall traffic you expect to pass through it. So, whether you’re looking to renovate an existing office, create a new one or just upgrade your manual doors to automatic ones, then this blog is for you.

Today we’ll cover why it’s important to integrate the office doors in your business with access control systems, how it’s done, and the benefits this will provide.

Why access control is crucial

Since 2020 and the pandemic, businesses have had to take a closer look at how people enter and exit their premises. You need to not only ensure that each area of your office is secure, but staff and guests can enter and exit without creating congestion.

In any office environment, accessibility is now more crucial than ever. It’s important that your office can accommodate all people, no matter their level of mobility. Many older entry solutions may not be able to fulfil this need. Access control systems allow you to better ensure the accessibility of your premise, allowing you to respond quickly in an emergency or to make the entry process simpler for those with mobility aids.

The final reason access control is so crucial is security. Whether you have dedicated office security or rely on an automatic solution, access control can genuinely provide some much-needed peace of mind. Whether you need to protect your business’ perimeter or secure a crucial area of your site, access control can be very valuable.

How to integrate your office doors with access control

We offer a variety of different access control measures that work alongside a wide variety of doors. For a modern and professional entrance, we recommend automatic sliding doors or revolving doors. These can be customised to suit any entrance. We can install access control measures on these doors, whether they are swipe cards that allow easy access in seconds, or access tokens that help you leave your keys in the past.

Your access control can be as simple or comprehensive as you require. For high security areas, we can integrate your access control system with a database system to give you accurate head counts and access logs. You can also set levels of access for specific areas, so all your staff can unlock the front door, but not everyone can access critical locations like your server room.

The way we connect your access control systems mean you can operate them all directly from one or more PCs. This means that you can manually operate any doors on your premise if needed, and also quickly ensure that all your systems are up to date. This central operating system can also integrate alongside your CCTV cameras and fire alarms, for added security, safety and quick responses to any incidents.

The benefits of integrating your doors with access control

Your office is made more accessible by integrating your doors with access control. Instead of relying on one member of staff with a set of keys turning up first each morning, your staff can now each have a customised key card that allows them to access your site every day without leaving doors unlocked.

Access control can massively help your HR department. It allows for far simpler event reporting. If each member of staff has their own key card, then you can see at a glance who is in the office and when they leave. This allows you to create a comprehensive timesheet with ease.

This solution also helps to improve security in the long term. Being woken up by an intruder alarm is no joke, especially when it’s a false alarm. Integrating your doors with an access control system prevents false alarms, as anyone without the ability to unset the alarm will not be given permission to enter the office. If you do have permission, the system unsets the alarm for you before unlocking the door.

Your access control can send you notifications if a door has been forced, or if someone has tried to access a restricted area. This allows you to allocate security resources to the right areas moving forward. You can also control all your sites through the same system.

For more information about our automatic doors or access control systems mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

Automatic doors are commonplace in many offices and commercial spaces across Britain. They allow for easier, more accessible and in many cases safer access to a building. However, if you don’t already have automatic doors at your business, installing them can seem like a challenging prospect especially if you don’t know what to look for.

We’re here to tell you that now’s the perfect time to consider automating your business’ doors. Due to the pandemic, businesses need to consider footfall congestion far more than in previous years. The benefits to upgrading external and internal doors around your premise to an automatic solution are numerous and today we’ll explain just a few of them.

Reduce congestion and improve safety

Opening and closing doors manually greatly increases the potential to spread infection, especially in busy office environments that could have hundreds entering and exiting each day. Automatic doors help to negate this risk as they require minimal manual user input. For greater security, consider integrating your automatic doors with our access control systems.

Our doors allow you to reduce congestion in your entryway, reception area or any other location around your site. They allow people to enjoy a faster way to travel and reduce crowds throughout your business.

All our automatic doors also come equipped with a range of safety devices. They can come equipped with a self-charging battery pack that ensures normal operation of the door within 30 minutes upon power failure. Additionally, security is maintained through an electro-mechanical locking system for night security.

We can also offer hermetically sealing sliding doors that have been specifically designed for use in areas where hygiene and the control of air leakage is critical. These doors are used throughout hospitals and medical centres in the UK.

Create a more visually appealing entrance

The appearance of the entrance to your business has an impact that can’t be overstated. First impressions are important to prospective customers or potential new recruits alike. Creating a more aesthetically pleasing entryway is far easier when you have bespoke craftsmanship and modern materials at your disposal.

Our sliding doors are all design engineered specifically for the unique needs of your business’ premise. The EA1000 sliding door is our most popular choice and has been used in commercial spaces around the country, as well as in airports, stations, business centres and sites around the public sector. The EA 1000 is known for its high quality and reliability. We also offer curved sliding doors for a more unique entranceway or for those that have specific design requirements.

Create a comfortable welcome while saving money

Creating a welcoming space for guests and staff isn’t just about the visual element. It’s also about providing an environment that makes them feel comfortable. Manual doors have a tendency to be left open, especially in retail spaces or other areas with high footfall. This is not only likely to create a less pleasant indoor temperature, but also to hike up your energy bill.

For more solutions that can save on your energy bill while making for a more stylish entry, why not check out our range of revolving doors?

Prioritise accessibility

The first priority for many of our clients in the public sector or the transportation industry is accessibility. All people need to be able to access your site as smoothly as possible.

Accessibility should now be on the mind of every business owner as well. You need to guarantee that no matter someone’s level of mobility they can access your business with ease. Automatic doors mean that anyone can easily get inside without lifting a finger. This doesn’t just extend to people with disabilities, but also children and people carrying items as well.

User-friendliness is crucial to all our solutions at EA Group. You can adjust 37 different presets including the speed of door closing, or whether you want your door to be able to open half way. Our doors have been tested up to 3,000,000 complete sliding operations, so they won’t let you down.

Welcome more customers

In the retail space it can be difficult to stand head and shoulders above the competition. An automatic door could genuinely be the edge you need over your local rivals. A recent study showed that ease of navigation around a shop floor was one of the highest priorities, which is made easier by an entry solution that reduces crowding and congestion.

The modern design and ease of access provided by our automatic doors sets your business apart on a visual level. Similarly, if a door opens automatically as a customer walks past, they are indirectly more likely to take a second look inside.

For more information about any of our automatic sliding doors or revolving doors, get in touch. We’ll be happy to conduct a survey of your site and recommend solutions that can help. You can reach us here at 01372 459536

When purchasing or redesigning business premises, it goes without saying that you will have many different things to consider. Not only is the interior design and layout of the property important but the exterior and also your entrance doors shouldn’t be overlooked either. When you own a public building that customers and clients will be visiting regularly, you will find that the exterior is just as important as the interior.

As far as your entrance doors are concerned, you will have many different options to choose from for your premises. From commercial automatic sliding glass doors to classic business double entrance doors, you can guarantee that there is a brilliant option available for any premises. These days, automatic doors are becoming more and more popular and it isn’t uncommon to see these used in numerous different commercial buildings. There are a wide range of benefits to choosing automatic doors and if you’re wondering what these may be, keep reading today.


Make your premises easily accessible

As a business owner, accessibility should be important to you. After all, you want to ensure that everyone will be able to enter your premises regardless of their physical capabilities. Thankfully, automatic sliding doors, revolving doors or swing doors can help you with this. Using automatic doors will allow you to ensure that people are able to enter without struggle or embarrassment and this will reflect positively on your business.


Much more convenient

All automatic doors are incredibly convenient to use and being able to enter your business premises even if you don’t have a free hand to push or pull a door is very helpful. Depending on the business that you run, you may find it isn’t uncommon for visitors to be pushing a pram, carrying shopping bags, or even to be on the phone, so your automatic doors will allow them to enter the premises without any hassle.


They look professional and aesthetically pleasing

It is essential that your business premises look professional and you can guarantee that simply installing commercial automatic sliding glass doors or all-glass automatic revolving doors, will help you to ensure you’re giving off the best first impression to your visitors. These doors are always aesthetically pleasing and with a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from, you can easily choose something that is perfect for your premises.


Help you to maintain a comfortable temperature

More often than not, businesses tend to prop their doors open to prevent any issues in regards to entering the premises, but this can make it impossible to maintain the temperature inside the building. Thankfully, because automatic doors only open when necessary and also close after the visitor has entered, they will actually be closed most of the time, which will help with temperature control. This will, in turn, make your premises much more energy-efficient too.


Hygiene control

For some businesses, hygiene is an essential factor to think about when installing external entrance doors and automatic doors are perfect for businesses where hygiene control is very important. As visitors don’t need to touch the doors when entering, this can help prevent the spread of germs and also the regular closing of the doors will prevent dirt and dust from polluting the inside of the premises.


Installing automatic doors

All in all, there is no denying that installing automatic doors is a brilliant idea no matter what your business may entail. You can guarantee that you will easily be able to find the perfect solution within the range of commercial automatic doors on the market these days and ultimately, this type of door will work brilliantly at all business properties. It is fair to say that installing automatic doors is a brilliant business decision all round.


When searching for a company that can assist you with automatic doors, don’t hesitate to visit the EA Group website today. We offer a range of different modern automatic door types, from commercial automatic sliding glass doors to all-glass or framed revolving doors and swing open doors, so you can trust we will be able to meet your needs in this regard. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about installing automatic doors in more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


The Union Jack Club is for all serving and veteran enlisted members of HM Armed Forces and their families, providing a unique and inspiring meeting venue in the heart of London that is a popular and affordable venue for a variety of events for Members, Military Associations, HM Armed Forces, charities and businesses.

EA Group is proud to have been the provider of waist height speedlanes, door automation, and full height turnstiles during the refurbishment of this venue.

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us via our web enquiry form or call us on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services.