Access Control Systems and Integration


Access control systems are important for securing business and commercial properties. Ensuring that only the approved staff or vetted personnel can gain entry. However there are many brands and solutions, so which device or system do you choose?

We have 30 years experience of installing and maintaining access control systems to commercial businesses and properties across the south of England. Above all, we work alongside our customers to establish their specific requirements and the type of access control system that they need.

Typically our access control clients include; offices, police forces, airports, hotels, sports clubs, local government, schools and colleges.

Our in house team of experts will visit any premises and carry out an in-depth site survey to then be able to offer an access control solution that is suitable for your application.

Access Control is a general term in the security industry. Generally refers to an electronic method of controlling who can pass through a given secured point. However you may wish your access control system to do more with integration. Perhaps integrate with CCTV, monitor your buildings facilities or control how and when occupants interact with the equipment within.

Proximity access control systems can be fitted to a single door or multiple doors, turnstiles, traffic barriers or gates. They use an identification card or key fob that is presented by an authorised person close to a reader device release the locking mechanism or deny access if they are not authorised.

The most common systems that we install and maintain are proximity access control. That said, we also offer other types of access control. These include keypad PIN entry systems, intercom door entry systems and even number plate recognition systems to control parking areas.


We have been established since 1985 and are the expert installers of access control. Our clients include homeowners with a simple intercom control for the automatic gates on their drive way. However we also install and maintain very large commercial organisations, with multiple sites that literally have thousands of staff. They all need personnel to have access to different or specific areas of their buildings.

By having an Access Control System fitted, you are increasing your security and protecting your property. EA Group have years of experience and expertise that will ensure that your access control system will be planned and installed correctly. It will be on-time and on budget by professionals who will ensure that any security risks are eliminated.

It is our company reputation that has ensured our name has been passed on numerous times. We are recognised as the company to speak to for electronic security and access control systems, installations or service. You may well have arrived here on our website from someone referring us to you.

If you are considering an access control system, please get in touch and tell us your requirements or what it is that you wish to achieve. We would relish the opportunity to assist you with your project and carry out a free site survey.

Access Control Solutions