EA Tripod Turnstiles

EA Tripod Turnstiles

The EA Tripod Turnstile is a neat, contemporary design that incorporates simplicity with impressive functionality. Furthermore it is available from stock.


  • Available from stock
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Can be controlled from most access systems
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Choice of other surface finishes

Controlled by
■ Access control system
■ Manual control

When power goes OFF both directions are free

Additional Options
■ Readers for access control system
■ Remote radio controller
■ Backup battery 12 V, 7 A·h

Electrical Specifications
■ Voltage:
– from the AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz.
– from a DC source 12 V.
■ Maximum power consumption 50 Watt per pass


EA Tripod Turnstiles are probably the most efficient and versatile turnstiles available on the market.

For that reason, it is now the most popular model within the EA range of turnstiles.

Extremely durable and providing high traffic flow with reliability. The EA Tripod is the ideal solution where a more utilitarian product is required.

From the outset, the EA Tripod was designed to be a neat, contemporary turnstile that incorporated simplicity with functionality.

As a result, it strikes the balance to be recognised as a point of access control, yet aesthetically pleasing to blend seamlessly into all building surroundings. Probably this in part is due to the choice of different finish options available that include; powder coated steel, brushed or polished stainless steel.

Furthermore, the robust design and use of high quality materials ensures uninterrupted operation of the EA Tripod turnstile.

Simple, yet highly effective

Moreover, integration of the turnstile with any conventional access control systems is very straight forward. Equipped with an anti-panic ‘drop arm’ function that provides free flowing pedestrian access in case of emergency.

Optional features include: backup battery packs, remote control panels, readers for access control systems and membership control software systems. Speak to one of our sales team to discuss what options would best suit your requirements.

In summary, the EA Tripod is a popular utilitarian turnstile model that fulfills the requirements for many different people flow and visitor management applications. If improved aesthetics or more functionality is required, take a look at our impressive EA Speed Gate model range.

EA Tripod Turnstile are generally available from stock.

Contact our sales team now to check availability for your project

Specify This Tripod Turnstile

Please note that NBS product guidance is not a replacement for the manufacturer’s literature and it is recommended that EA Group (UK) Ltd be consulted before specifying.


N10 GENERAL FIXTURES/ FURNISHINGS/ EQUIPMENT To be read with Preliminaries/ General Conditions.

COMPONENTS SECURITY TURNSTILES – Type: 1 No. EA Tripod Turnstile – Drawing reference(s): available upon request to EA Group Ltd

Manufacturer and reference: EA Group (UK) Ltd, Units 20/21 Bookham Industrial Park, Church Road, Bookham, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT23 3EU. Tel: 01372 459536 Website: www.ea-group.co.uk

Size: Length 1005 mm, Width 736 mm, Height 1042 mm

Materials: – Cabinet: Brushed stainless steel/Power coated/Polished stainless steel cabinet with a tripod turnstile. Integrated secure access panels provide entry for maintenance. – Top: Stainless steel/Power coated/Polished stainless. Integrated and flush windows at either end to house the LED status indicators and provide space for a proximity card reader.

Operation: Normally single access/closed. When in closed mode the tripod unlocks upon from a signal sent by an authorised user. Activated with a small amount of pressure, the turnstile allows passage of one user with a servo driven action. Crossing capacity in free access mode is 60 users per minute. Crossing capacity in single access mode is 20 users per minute.

Fail safe: In the case of power voltage failure both access directions are free.

Optional: Backup battery, remote control panel and card readers for are delivered optionally


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