Turnstile blog

Why should I automate my business’ turnstiles?


Turnstiles are some of the simplest and most reliable entry solutions available to businesses today. Their timelessness has made them an ideal choice for a number of industries who need to ensure security in high-footfall areas. Education, transport, business centres and the sports sector all commonly use turnstiles for creating a protected yet welcoming entrance.

Turnstiles service as a great visual deterrent for any possible infiltration. They are a low security measure that can still reassure guests that they are entering a protected space. At EA Group, we offer turnstiles to cover two distinct approaches, controlling crowds and restricting access. For either of these purposes we usually recommend waist high turnstiles, but full height turnstiles may also be of use when a higher level of security is required.

Access control technology is constantly advancing, and current trends are leading towards a more contact-free approach to entry. This has led to a push towards more automated entry solutions, and turnstiles are no exception. At EA Group we believe that automation should be a simple process, so our blog today will explain the process and why automated turnstiles can benefit your business.

Improve security and safety

Automated access control systems and turnstiles work hand in hand to create a solution that can greatly reduce unauthorised entry. Turnstiles are visually imposing, and can be difficult to climb under or over, but for authorised staff or visitors they don’t impede access.

Access control solutions can be used to better control the flow of footfall traffic. You can customise controls to allow employees to pass with ease, but require human control to grant access to any visitors. Access control systems also allow you to have a clear view of who is where on your site at any time. Our service integrates seamlessly with visitor management systems, allowing you to gain a real-time record of attendance.

This is ideal for the education sector where greater control is needed to clearly distinguish which areas of their premise should be accessible by staff, students or the general public. Automated Turnstiles provide enough of a visual deterrent to block entry and can work alongside any key card or access token system that you may already use.

The modern approach to entry

At EA we are at the forefront of the latest innovations in business accessibility. Over the past two years, one of the more unsurprising trends has been the move towards contact free services. We’ve seen a huge push from business towards autonomous services that require no human touch, turnstiles are no exception.

Our full-height turnstiles and swing gates are compatible with a whole range of contact free access control solutions, including swipe cards, barcode scanners, coin tokens and tickets. Of course, this can all be overridden in the case of an emergency and we can include fire alarm integration to make this process simple.

Automated turnstiles work brilliantly alongside CCTV cameras to provide a more robust security solution. Although they are a quick way to enter any premises, turnstiles do force any entrants to move in a single file and makes them wait long enough to be picked up by a camera. For more information about how you can integrate CCTV alongside your access control service, visit our security systems page.

Combining aesthetics with functionality

The aesthetics of any entry solution plays a surprisingly important role in their effectiveness. Turnstiles might just be a mechanical barrier that usually features rotating arms, but they can have a genuine psychological impact.

Automated turnstiles generally do not impede access. Most authorised entrants are able to bypass them in a matter of seconds, but they help your team and visitors to feel like they are in a protected space. Hence why aesthetics are important.

That’s why at EA we’ve taken time to ensure that we can offer a variety of different turnstiles to meet the needs of many industries.

  • For business centres, where professionalism is key, our Tripod Elite solution replicates the sleek style of a swing gate with a style that will remain impressive for years to come.
  • Where accessibility is crucial, our glass swing gates can be installed alongside turnstiles where a wider entrance is needed.
  • For high security areas or where tailgating needs to be prevented, such as in sports facilities, our full height Glass Pass allows for efficient entry without the need for attendants.

All our solutions are designed from robust materials and are built to last for many years to come. We also make sure that they are tailored to fit the architectural requirements of your business, enhancing security without compromising on space efficiency.

For more information about any of our access control solutions, get in touch. We’ll be happy to conduct a survey of your site and recommend solutions that can help. You can reach us here at 01372 459536