Car park integration

How can I integrate CCTV and ANPR with my car park barriers?


Parking barriers are an essential security tool for a huge number of industries. At EA Group we’ve supplied parking solutions to a huge range of businesses, from the public sector to businesses, contractors and industrial estates. The main purpose of our automatic gates is access control. They improve the security of your site by greatly impeding the access of any unwanted guests. While our barriers are always installed according to the specifics of your site by our experienced engineers, there are steps you can take to further increase your site’s security.

This is where our CCTV and ANPR systems are perfect. These services add an extra layer of security to your gateways and can be fully integrated alongside your traffic barriers. At EA Group, we have 30 years of experience as an expert installer and CCTV service provider. The technology has changed a lot in that time but the principles behind it has remained the same.

Here’s our guide to integrating CCTV and ANPR system to your barriers, and the benefits that this process can bring.

ANPR Integration – A fast and effective entry solution

Many businesses are now integrating their automatic barriers with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology. Installing ANPR cameras on your barriers allows you to control traffic access, allowing authorised vehicles to enter and exit with ease. All you need is a list of authorised number plates and a visitor management process.

This is a great solution for commercial car parks that need to keep track of number plates for billing purposes. Our cameras function at their best no matter the weather conditions or the time of day. The cameras we use were initially developed for speed enforcement, meaning that they are ideal for capturing the license plate of any non-paying drivers attempting to leave quickly.

All of the automation on our ANPR solutions is processed entirely on the camera, meaning that you don’t need any additional tech for them to work at their best alongside your barriers. They also store all video capture on a micro-SD, ensuring nothing is lost in a data outage. If using this solution, we recommend regularly updating your list of authorised license plates to remove any former employees.

CCTV Integration – Ensuring maximum security

While recording number plates is a great way to ensure a safer and smoother entry process, CCTV surveillance provides an extra layer of peace of mind. We can install CCTV cameras on the entry and exit of your premise, allowing you to better analyse both those entering and leaving.

As well as being able to record who enters and leaves your premises, integrating your barrier with CCTV can have a number of other benefits. For example, for commercial or transportation business, you can monitor the duration of stay of visitors. For groups of car parks or parking areas on larger business sites, you can also use CCTV to update any potential visitors on the capacity of individual parking zones.

At EA Group we have decades of CCTV experience. This means that we not only know the best cameras for the job, but how to install them too. All cameras will look good wherever you position them, discreet but not too discreet. Cameras can be tailored to suit both modern and traditional architecture, and all cameras have exceptional build quality.

The installation process – Barriers for any situation

Each industry has different requirements from their barriers. A commercial car park has different needs than a school, a police or government site has to have a very different barrier than a quarry. Thankfully our team here at EA Group can help.

We start the process with a survey. Our team will visit your business and carry out a full site survey but also specific analysis of your entrance and exits for safety purposes. It also means we can better inform which barrier solution is right for you. We’ll work alongside you, as well as experienced architects, property agents (if applicable) and facility management teams to create a service that suits you for many years to come.

Our FAAC 620 Automatic Barriers are heavy duty solutions, ideal for transportation industry or heavy industrial sites. These can help control entry of even the largest machinery. For residential or commercial usage, our FAAC 614 solution can still provide robust protection, but is much faster and more versatile. Once you’ve found the right barrier, we’ll then discuss integrations and whether a camera solution can provide great value for you.

If you have an existing barrier solution, and are looking to provide an extra layer of security to it, get in touch. Whether you would like an additional or refreshed barrier solution, or would like to introduce our ANPR or CCTV solutions alongside the barriers, we can help.