EA Glass-Pass Turnstile

EA Glass-Pass Turnstile

Our impressive Glass-Pass is your solution for a more aesthetically pleasing full height turnstile


  • Can be integrated with most access control systems
  • Automatic or Manual operation modes
  • Choice of brushed or polished stainless steel finishes
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Glass or optional plastic rotating compartment panels


The Glass-Pass security turnstiles are designed for un-attended access controlled applications where higher security is required and tailgating is prevented, for example gym’s & clubs membership areas, as well as many other busy yet secure zones within buildings.

Glass-Pass is a full height glass turnstile built on the principle of the traditional rotary security turnstiles, but with rotating glass wings instead of metal rods. This model is more secure than waist height turnstiles and yet it will provide the same security protection as comparable to traditional full height rotary turnstiles, however far more aesthetically pleasing.

Made in the UK, our full height glass turnstiles are extremely easy to use and operate and for restricted accessibility we can even supply and install a matching DDA compliant automated pass door alongside the turnstile.

As with the traditional steel cage rotary turnstiles, the Glass-Pass turnstile can be operated automatically by means of any access control systems including; card readers, biometrics, intercoms, remote control or manually with human intervention.

The full height EA Glass-Pass security turnstile is built with a sturdy design to ensure uninterrupted operation for millions of operations.

In free access mode, up to 20 pedestrians per minute can pass through this turnstile.

The Glass-Pass Security Door can be supplied in a brushed stainless steel finish as standard, or polished stainless steel as an option.

If you are considering turnstiles as a solution, please get in contact with us and one of our specialists will be able to advise you of the best options available to you.


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