2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door

Two Wing Automatic Revolving Door

Every building entrance should be designed to cope with constantly changing circumstances, our KA022 model High Capacity Revolving Door will deal with them all.


  • High capacity people flow
  • Flexible door configurations
  • Revolving door with integral sliding door
  • Energy efficient


The most noteworthy key features of this high capacity revolving door are the two revolving wings, with the optional addition of the sliding door and/or balanced door option within the central rotating frame.

Every large building entrance has to be designed to cope with constantly changing circumstances and requirements, and this door certainly will deal with them all.

During the morning rush hour, the lunchtime flurry, and then the evening mass departure. Within these busy spells, there will be a steady pace of people arriving and departing, the courier with a trolley of parcels, even the occasional medical emergency where paramedics are required.

This door has the ability to switch from being a revolving door to a sliding door within seconds, giving building operators the valuable option that when there is a high footfall of pedestrians waiting to pass through, the door entry system will cope.

Our EA022 – 2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door with the option of a center sliding door, has proved a popular choice to hotels for luggage trolleys and large guest parties, universities for high predicted student footfalls, and office facilities when hundreds of employees arrive or depart at a given time of day.

Two showcase segments that rotate within the revolving door offer an opportunity to display marketing material or products as users pass through the door.

This balanced door option allows a wider width for larger items or building maintenance equipment to pass through it.

Attention to detail

As standard, our automatic revolving doors include; neatly integrated activation and safety radars recessed into the soffit for a cleaner appearance.

In addition, we can neatly incorporate optional heater systems aesthetically into the top head of the door so only the fins of the heater duct vents are visible as pedestrians walk beneath.

EA revolving door overhead heater outlet

Farnborough Airport, Hampshire

Standard high capacity revolving door

Revolving Door:

It is proven that revolving doors effectively control indoor and outdoor air exchange.

Energy consumption is lowered due to the controlled environments in air conditioning and heat preservation.

Other benefits of these doors are the wind proofing, ash proofing and noise reduction.

high capacity revolving door with centre sliding door option

Sliding Door:
Sliding door incorporated within a revolving door can provide a more efficient flow for faster and heavier pedestrian traffic.

High capacity revolving door with balanced centre door option

Balanced Door:
Balanced door is able to provide maximum opening width for peak flows, large cargo and evacuation situations.

Load Bearing Glass Drum Wall’s

Our EA022 revolving doors are designed and manufactured as a drum wall load-bearing structure, therefore allowing the use of more glass consequently making the door look less intrusive within a curtain wall.

The strength of this door is built right into the glass drum walls, thus transferring the canopy weight above equally throughout the structure.

In the production of the EA022 door uses the finest engineered control systems as a result ensuring that the revolving movement is smoother than most, dissipating the refraction of light through each glass panel as it rotates.

EA door demonstrating the drum wall load-bearing structure


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