At EA Group we’re specialists in making businesses and commercial properties more secure places. Whether you’re protecting the entrance to your site, or securing an area within it, you need technology and processes that give you peace of mind.

Our access control systems are ideal for protecting your business and meeting your unique requirements, whatever they are. We’ve worked alongside organisations from the private to public sector, matching our expertise to their needs. Our notable access control clients have included police forces, airports, hotels, sports clubs, local government, schools and colleges.

Every business is different, but we believe that there are a few guidelines any team can follow to better manage their access control systems.

The goal of access control

When implementing an access control solution, you first need to set out what you hope it will achieve. For most businesses, it’s a balance between keeping their site secure and remaining accessible for visitors, staff and customers.

Most organisations want access control to be discretionary. In other words, you can assign a set of rules to a programme that allows some users to enter, but not others. Your security services will then carry out these rules. Some sites may need more advanced permission-based systems that only allow entry based on the user’s role within your business. An example of this would be X-ray rooms in a hospital.

Once you know why you need an access control system, there are additional factors to consider.

Operational requirements

You need to understand how your access control system will affect the way people move around your site. If it isn’t properly set up, could it cause congestion or disruption during an emergency? Your system should increase the ease of movement around your site, not hinder it.

Some businesses that manage their own access control only have very simple requirements from it. Whether it’s an intercom or a keypad, sometimes that’s all you need. However, businesses have seen a lot of benefit from integrating access control alongside other services like CCTV, attendance tracking systems, or their communications. For this to happen you need an expert opinion.


Your access control should be one part of a more developed security process. It’s great to have a system that can grant and deny access to areas to your site, but it needs to be bolstered with a more robust security presence.

CCTV is the obvious way to do this. We can integrate your CCTV seamlessly alongside access control, allowing you to see how and when occupants interact with it.

For many industries, we also know that attendance tracking is crucial. Our access control services can create a log of who used each service when. This is ideal for businesses that need to clock when staff arrive and leave. We’ve also seen it used effectively by schools to track attendance, or businesses in the leisure sector to track how often clients visit their gyms.

Finally, our access control services work brilliantly alongside our range of physical entry systems. These include speed gates and automatic doors, which integrate with access control systems to physically grant access once a user has been verified.

Key management

One of the main benefits that access control systems provide is the ability to leave keys in the past. It provides your team with more options to enter your site securely, even if they leave their keys at home. Whether they buzz an intercom and can be let in by a member of staff working remotely, or even by using biometrics to gain entry, there’s a lot of options.

We know this isn’t an option for every business though. If you use an access control service that requires the use of key fobs or cards, you still need a key management process in place. We recommend keeping a record of all keys issued. Then you can ensure they’re always returned when a member of staff leaves, and create a contingency plan if your access control process is compromised.

If you use keypads for your access control, you should also make sure that codes are reset on a regular basis, when staff members leave, or after any kind of security breach.

Why EA Group

For your business or your home, we’re happy to work with you on your access control. Our team can help to ensure your solution meets the needs of your business, filling any gaps in your security infrastructure. Whether you need an intercom or a full security solution, we’re here to help you and your team.

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We have specialised in providing and installing advanced technology and modern standards for integrated healthcare entrance systems for over 30 years.

There are a range of entrance systems that each have their own unique benefits and applications within the healthcare sector. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become increasingly crucial to provide entrances that adhere to social distancing guidelines and hands-free access.

In this article we aim to explain just how we can help hospitals, practices and NHS trusts in different ways.

If you have a direct question in relation to our products and services, you can get in touch on +44 (0) 1372 459536.

Revolving doors, do I need them?

Revolving doors have many benefits for hospitals, clinics and care centres. Firstly, they are convenient and easy to use for all patients and personnel. They provide safe and easy access and though they are not suitable for those who have a walking disability, we also provide automatic sliding doors in pairing with these entrances.

Revolving doors also help you save energy. They do this by minimising the escape of air from your building, which in turn preserves the temperature. Healthcare providers will also of course understand the importance of managing the flow of people via their entrances and exits, which revolving doors can assist with.

Revolving doors also serve as an impressive and welcoming feature of a building, whether you are looking at the three or four wing versions.

Hermetic medical doors – safe, sterile and Covid-friendly

For areas such as X-ray rooms, operating theatres and pharmaceutical production facilities, barriers that employ hermetic seals are vital for providing a sterile environment. Our hermetic door seals are easy to clean and keep an area safe from foreign contaminants.

We can offer automatically sliding, hinged swing, X-ray room or observation room doors that seal hermetically. All of these can be fully integrated into a pre-existing access operating system or built-in with an independent one.

How speed gates can assist with the accessibility of your building

A speed gate, apart from being stylish and integrated by design, will regulate the flow of people entering an area. This is a key benefit in high traffic areas that would benefit from regulation, such as a hospital. Our speed gates are perfectly suited for controlled access, so they would be ideal for use in areas where restricted personnel can enter using key cards or fobs etc. Speed gates will also limit the spreading of germs via the handle-less entry system.

Access control – secure restricted areas

Integrated access systems are any technology that you employ to grant access, benefit all manner of buildings that are open to the general public and members of staff. Using access control can provide benefits such as visitor monitoring, integrated security systems and fire roll-call software.

They allow the controllers to provide security to a hospital or care centre. Through these services you can keep track of patient/staff entrance times and even keep record of entrance times stored in a database where necessary.

How to protect your site with CCTV cameras

We offer a complete line of CCTV video surveillance products, of the highest quality, performance and reliability. Our products are suitable to be fitted inside and outside any healthcare facility and once again can be fully integrated into your broader security infrastructure. We include high-definition cameras, colour security cameras, day and night CCTV cameras – ideal for 24-hour healthcare units.

Cameras selected by EA Group are designed for exceptional build quality and long-term functionality. They are also designed to look good and to fit into any aesthetic, wherever you choose to position them.

Easy admin for hospitals – time tracking and attendance

Every second counts in hospitals. When it comes to everyday tasks, efficiency is simply essential. We offer a range of tools to speed up admin and access control. These include:

  • Time and attendance access control
  • Hands-free access control
  • Intercoms
  • Security and access management systems

Our fully integrated range of products can lower the overhead costs of administration and serve to simplify event reporting for your personnel. Obtaining a reliable and functional access and security system to a hospital can also increase your CCG funding, by demonstrating your commitment to operational efficiency.

At EA Group, our product selectors and installation team have had a wealth of experience in kitting out entire hospital entrance and security systems. Whatever your needs and set up, we can accommodate.

For more information on how you can utilise these systems and individual features for your unit of healthcare or have any questions that haven’t been addressed in this blog then don’t hesitate to get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536. Check out our other blogs for tips on how your business can make the most out of our services.

Our offices are increasingly connected. With the rise of cloud and other internet-enabled services, the technologies we use speak to each other much more. This is fantastic for business efficiency and collaboration between colleagues and customers alike.

At EA we’ve also seen many of the security benefits as well. You can now connect your access control systems to your CCTV, gates, doors and communication services. This enables better remote monitoring and more efficient access for guests and staff. This integration now extends to your intercom, and that’s the topic of today’s blog.

Intercom services used to run on analogue connections. They would connect to a single phone and that was about all they did. Now with the arrival of cloud-based services and a wider range of integrations, they can do a whole lot more. For another level of security and convenience we’ll also detail the benefits of integrating your intercom with access control.

Audio and video

This is the basic function of the intercom, but it is worth mentioning. A good quality intercom service that integrates with your access control service should also have a high standard when it comes to audio.

Many IP systems and even some analogue services now come equipped with video as well. It’s great to be able to check your camera when you’re in a hurry, and it can help to deter some more persistent door-knockers.

With the basics out of the way, here are some of the newer features you might not yet know about.

Mobile notifications

With an integrated IP system, your intercom can connect to a mobile device of your choice. This automatically sends you a notification when the intercom is triggered. From here you can check the video or audio feeds from your mobile. This is not only great to access when you’re away from your desk in the office but also enables remote monitoring.

This means if you’re working from home, you can easily let colleagues in if needed. If a delivery driver arrives, you can quickly get in touch or even deter potential unauthorised guests. IP systems generally include a higher standard of video camera, so you’ll get a clear picture wherever you are.

CCTV Integration

The best technology works well together, and security systems are no exception. Our intercom services can integrate alongside CCTV to give you an unparalleled level of visibility at all times.

Depending on the age of your CCTV system, and whether this is IP enabled as well, you’ll be able to check multiple angles when an alert is triggered. This is valuable not only for your peace of mind but can also enable better remote monitoring in future. If you’d like to find out more about how we design and install our CCTV systems, check out our last blog.

Access control systems

So far, we’ve focussed on improving the functionality of your intercom system, but integrating your intercom with your access control unlocks another level of new features. Your access control system is any system you use to unlock doors around your office. It could be a swipe card, access token or even biometrics. You can integrate your intercom with these systems as well as your CCTV. This means you can hear, see and then allow access to any visitors or staff members in seconds.

This process can be entirely handled remotely. We know that many teams now work flexibly or entirely from home and have seen intercoms used in more situations than just to watch out for crooks. For example, you can buzz in anyone who forgot a key that day, or even just let in a delivery person.

In the case that someone does attempt to force open a door, our access control service creates record logs of when access was attempted. This can then be cross-referenced with your CCTV and intercom at a later date.

Get in touch with EA Group

Finding the right security solutions for your business can be a headache. We’re here to help. We offer a comprehensive range of intercom systems which we can supply, install and support with regular maintenance.

Not every system is right for every situation. Depending on the needs of your business we can offer either an intercom, a keypad, or both integrated as a single unit and part of an access control solution from our partners.

We can get the ball rolling with a free site survey. Our team can identify flaws in your security network and recommend the right service to help. Whether you’re looking for a new intercom, to update your existing one to integrate alongside more services, or are looking for a complete overhaul of your access control system, we can help.

For more information about our intercoms, CCTV or access control systems mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

Access control systems are more commonly used than ever. Businesses concerns about security are growing. Whether staff are looking to work from home, you want to secure different areas of your site at different levels, or you’re looking for a more modern solution than a set of keys, access control can help.

Access control isn’t just used to get in the front door. You can now integrate it alongside various solutions across your premise. We’ve seen many businesses in a variety of sectors gain value by integrating access control alongside their turnstiles and speed gates. In this blog we’ll explain how strategically placed turnstiles, when integrated alongside access control systems can be valuable in terms of safety, security, and convenience for your staff and guests.

Upgrade your Reception

Your reception area is often the first impression that any visitor has of your organisation. You need to provide a warm welcome and also make sure it’s easy for guests to travel from your reception to where they need to be. A turnstile system, combined with access control can do this in replacement of or alongside a staffed reception.

We’ve seen this arrangement work well in a number of environments. From university libraries to business spaces, event halls and leisure centres. Blocking your main premises using these turnstiles helps the people inside feel safer, but the speed of entry that access control provides means nobody is impeded for long.

It’s more important than ever to reduce congestion in your business’ entrance. Especially when social distancing must be considered, people with all levels of mobility needs need to be able to enter your site quickly and safely. This is why we can offer extra-wide swing gates alongside any of our turnstiles. These can be customised to the aesthetic needs of your building and cater to a range of mobility aids.

Enhance security at short notice

For added site control we know that it can be valuable to install turnstiles on a temporary basis. Instantly control access into any facility, be it a concert, show, building site, or a high security event. We can cater for small venues or large sites and have a large range of turnstiles. Systems can be accompanied with DDA compliant wide access gates, pushchair gates or delivery gates.

This means that even if your requirement for an entry solution is temporary you don’t have to compromise on security. Our solutions are made here in the UK, and we offer quick provisioning and installation times. If you’re struggling to choose an access control solution to integrate with your turnstiles, we can help here too. Our expert team are always on hand to offer their recommendation based on your security needs.

Accurately track attendance

Accurate headcounts are important to a huge variety of industries. Many schools, businesses and other organisations such as hospitals need to track attendance but rely on written forms. Turnstiles combined with access control allows you to speed up this process while improving safety.

Many access control systems, such as swipe cards, access tokens or even biometrics, integrate seamlessly with your database or CRM services. As soon as you use these services to enter your building, or enter different areas within it, it’s automatically logged.

This can be used for a variety of purposes. Safety is the first, in case of an emergency you can clearly understand who is where. It is also convenient; it removes congestion in reception areas, and you can reference an online attendance database whenever needed.

Combine security with safety

While turnstiles are helpful for impeding the entry of any potential intruders, they could create difficulty in the case of an emergency. This is a common worry, and one that can be alleviated quickly with some helpful integrations.

All our access control entrance solutions are designed to be integrated to fire alarm panels. Once the alarm is activated, they will retract and disable the barrier arms to allow for unrestricted travel. This mechanism can also be controlled by a manned reception, meaning that when required your staff can leave your turnstiles open or locked.

In terms of security, turnstiles force entrants to move single file and at a walking pace. This puts them in clear view of security cameras. We normally supply waist-height turnstiles but full height models for higher security areas.

Your access control can notify security personnel or if someone has tried to access a restricted area. This allows you to allocate security resources to the right areas moving forward. You can quickly cross reference this with any CCTV footage and your access control records.

For more information about our automatic doors or access control systems mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

Every business owner in every industry has a few similar requirements for their office doors. The big one, of course, is that they should open and close when required. If your current office doors can provide this, great! But the way staff and guests enter and exit your office is more complex than it may first appear.

There are plenty of things you need to take into consideration when choosing a new entry solution, from the location of your door, the level of security you require and the level of footfall traffic you expect to pass through it. So, whether you’re looking to renovate an existing office, create a new one or just upgrade your manual doors to automatic ones, then this blog is for you.

Today we’ll cover why it’s important to integrate the office doors in your business with access control systems, how it’s done, and the benefits this will provide.

Why access control is crucial

Since 2020 and the pandemic, businesses have had to take a closer look at how people enter and exit their premises. You need to not only ensure that each area of your office is secure, but staff and guests can enter and exit without creating congestion.

In any office environment, accessibility is now more crucial than ever. It’s important that your office can accommodate all people, no matter their level of mobility. Many older entry solutions may not be able to fulfil this need. Access control systems allow you to better ensure the accessibility of your premise, allowing you to respond quickly in an emergency or to make the entry process simpler for those with mobility aids.

The final reason access control is so crucial is security. Whether you have dedicated office security or rely on an automatic solution, access control can genuinely provide some much-needed peace of mind. Whether you need to protect your business’ perimeter or secure a crucial area of your site, access control can be very valuable.

How to integrate your office doors with access control

We offer a variety of different access control measures that work alongside a wide variety of doors. For a modern and professional entrance, we recommend automatic sliding doors or revolving doors. These can be customised to suit any entrance. We can install access control measures on these doors, whether they are swipe cards that allow easy access in seconds, or access tokens that help you leave your keys in the past.

Your access control can be as simple or comprehensive as you require. For high security areas, we can integrate your access control system with a database system to give you accurate head counts and access logs. You can also set levels of access for specific areas, so all your staff can unlock the front door, but not everyone can access critical locations like your server room.

The way we connect your access control systems mean you can operate them all directly from one or more PCs. This means that you can manually operate any doors on your premise if needed, and also quickly ensure that all your systems are up to date. This central operating system can also integrate alongside your CCTV cameras and fire alarms, for added security, safety and quick responses to any incidents.

The benefits of integrating your doors with access control

Your office is made more accessible by integrating your doors with access control. Instead of relying on one member of staff with a set of keys turning up first each morning, your staff can now each have a customised key card that allows them to access your site every day without leaving doors unlocked.

Access control can massively help your HR department. It allows for far simpler event reporting. If each member of staff has their own key card, then you can see at a glance who is in the office and when they leave. This allows you to create a comprehensive timesheet with ease.

This solution also helps to improve security in the long term. Being woken up by an intruder alarm is no joke, especially when it’s a false alarm. Integrating your doors with an access control system prevents false alarms, as anyone without the ability to unset the alarm will not be given permission to enter the office. If you do have permission, the system unsets the alarm for you before unlocking the door.

Your access control can send you notifications if a door has been forced, or if someone has tried to access a restricted area. This allows you to allocate security resources to the right areas moving forward. You can also control all your sites through the same system.

For more information about our automatic doors or access control systems mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

When a commercial property has a foyer or reception area, lots of businesses will take additional steps to ensure that they’re protecting not only their property, but also their employees and any authorised visitors. This area is one of the most vulnerable in a property and it is undeniably important to ensure that as a business owner you’re doing all you can to ensure that your reception area is physically safe and secure.


Thankfully, there are a number of different security systems available that can help you to adequately protect your reception area and you won’t struggle to find something that meets all of your individual requirements. If you’re interested in upgrading your security and you’d like to learn more about the best automated security solutions for this particular area in your commercial property, below we have looked into them in more detail.



This traditional entrance solution is a common sight in reception areas and turnstiles are known for offering a reliable method to control foot traffic and ensure only authorised users access specific areas of a commercial property. They also force pedestrians to enter single-file, enabling security personnel or CCTV cameras to have a clear view of those passing through.


Many will incorporate access control systems into the design of their reception turnstiles, enabling authorised employees to easily move through this area, preventing any inconvenience to reception staff. This system can use card readers, barcode scanners or biometrics, for example, making entering and exiting incredibly straightforward.


Speed lanes

Speed lanes and speed gates are considered to be an elegant alternative to turnstiles. Their modern design makes them much more aesthetically pleasing and they are perfect for reception areas, ensuring the best first impression is provided. Reception speed lanes tend to be a space-saving solution too, yet they still have a high pedestrian traffic flow capacity.


Similarly to turnstiles, this solution can be designed to incorporate access control systems, providing effective security against unauthorised access. Reception speed lanes feature panels that retract into the body upon an authorised signal and they can be opened/closed in as little as 0.8 seconds, making them suitable for busy reception areas.


CCTV systems

Lots of businesses will use CCTV systems throughout their commercial property and having CCTV cameras in the reception area is often essential. These cameras play a key role in monitoring security in this vulnerable area and they will provide around the clock surveillance, enabling businesses to ‘keep an eye’ on all pedestrians entering their property.


Using a combination of CCTV cameras, such as; HD cameras, infrared cameras, PTZ cameras, day and night cameras, and even dummy cameras, businesses can easily design a reception CCTV system that meets all of their needs. The modern housing of these cameras and the discreet colours available enables them to blend into their surroundings too.


Intercom systems

To provide ultimate security to their reception area, some businesses will use intercom systems. These will prevent any pedestrians from being able to access the reception area without authorisation and intercom systems are often incorporated into other entrance solutions, like automatic sliding doors and automatic revolving doors.


It isn’t uncommon for intercom systems to also feature keypads or other access control readers, enabling employees to enter the reception area without needing to be granted access by reception staff. With both wired and wireless intercom systems available too, there is a convenient solution for all commercial properties, no matter what the interior design is like.


Installing automated security solutions

There really are a number of brilliant security solutions available that would work perfectly in the reception area of your property and hopefully, now that you know a bit more about them, you will find it easier to choose which you’d like to install. No matter which you opt for, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will significantly enhance the security of your business.


Should you require any assistance choosing which security systems to use in your reception area, contact our experts here at The EA Group today. We have many years of experience working with a wide range of security products and we will gladly help you to find the perfect solutions for your reception area. We also provide expertise in the bespoke design and installation of everything from simple to complex security solutions, so we can help you from start to finish with your security project. We would relish the opportunity to assist you and we can carry out a free site survey to get the project underway.


A huge percentage of companies will install access control systems on their premises and these are arguably one of the most popular security systems on the market today. As the name suggests, access control systems enable you to control who is able to pass through a secure point on your premises and they are incredibly effective in preventing the unauthorised access of both vehicles and pedestrians on private land.


When installing a business access control system, there is a lot to think about in order to design a system that meets all of your individual needs as they are such a versatile and flexible security solution. One thing that all companies will need to consider is where their secure points are going to be and where they’re going to install their access control readers. To give you some inspiration in this regard, below are some of the most commonly chosen locations.


Entrance doors

Almost all companies will choose to install their business access control system on the automatic doors at the entrance of their building. When doing so, no one unauthorised will be able to even enter their building and this can significantly increase the safety and security of their employees. Whether the reader is installed on swing doors, sliding doors or even revolving doors, it will enable you to control who is able to access your building and when.


Internal doors

Sometimes, companies will also want to install access control readers on various different internal doors too and this is particularly common in very big commercial buildings. When not all employees need to have access to all areas, business access control systems will help you to prevent them from freely moving around the building. This can be really useful when you have rooms with hazardous materials or confidential documents.


Car park barriers

A lot of the time, when companies have a private car park, they will also install their business access control system on the automatic barriers at the entrance to this car park. This helps to prevent anyone who isn’t an employee or a legitimate visitor from using their car park without permission which can be incredibly useful. Often, having an access control reader here will help to prevent damage being caused to vehicles kept on-site too.


Entrance gates

Similarly to automatic barriers, many companies will choose to install access control readers on their automatic gates too. This works really well on premises where there is limited vehicle access and it will ensure that only authorised vehicles are coming onto the site at times when they’re allowed to. This type of perimeter security will help to keep everyone outside working on your premises safe throughout the day.



It isn’t uncommon for companies to have turnstiles inside their building, often in the reception area, and many will install their business access control system on these turnstiles too. Not only will this provide greater control over who is passing through the turnstiles, but it can also provide useful information like an accurate and verifiable count of attendance too. Having access control readers on turnstiles is often really convenient for companies as well.


Speed gates

Just like turnstiles, companies will install access control readers on the speed gates in their reception area too and this can prevent the need for security staff manually operating the speed gates. Again, like all of the other locations above, speed gates can be controlled using a wide range of access control, including common forms like; proximity fobs, swipe cards, barcode scanners, biometrics, tokens and tickets too.


Installing business access control systems

There really is no denying that business access control systems are a brilliant investment to make and there are so many different ways that this singular system can benefit your company. Now that you’re aware of the various locations that you can install your access control readers, you can take some time to think about which locations would be most suitable for your bespoke system, ensuring that once installed, it is able to meet all of your requirements.


When wanting to install a business access control system at your premises, be sure to contact us here at the EA Group. We have experience designing, installing and maintaining numerous different types of access control systems, and you can rely on us to supply you with a system that is perfect for your company. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to ensure that their required levels of security are met and we will go above and beyond to ensure that you’re satisfied with the end result. We look forward to hearing from you.





It is fair to say that access control systems really are one of the most beneficial security systems that you can install at your business premises and it is no surprise that they are one of the most sought-after solutions on the market. No matter what industry sector you work in, it is easy to design and install an access control system that meets all of your individual needs, and with technology continually advancing, this security solution is only getting better.


Whilst previously many business owners would choose to have proximity access control systems, PIN entry systems or intercom door entry systems installed, with biometric technology now readily available, biometric access control systems are becoming a much more popular choice. As you may expect, there are lots of advantages to using facial recognition or fingerprint recognition and below we have looked into these in more detail.


They are incredibly convenient to use

Biometric access control systems are much more user friendly and convenient all around than any other type of access control solution. Users won’t have to find their swipe card or key fob in order to enter through a secure point and they won’t have to worry about remembering different pin codes either. Facial and fingerprint scanners make it so much easier for authorised people to move around a building.


Often, biometric access control systems are also much more convenient for business owners too as they make granting and revoking access straightforward as well. You won’t have the hassle of getting ID cards made for new users or getting these cards back from old users, you will easily be able to ensure that your system is always up-to-date.


They are more cost-effective over time

Sometimes, initial biometric access control system prices might be slightly higher than other types of access control, but generally speaking, they are very cost-effective over time. Not only can these systems help to reduce your overheads for security staff, even in high-security areas, but they can often help to lower insurance premiums as well. Not to mention they can reduce the costs associated with stolen and damaged property too.


Of course, the fact that biometric access control systems will have no replacement costs is very useful in this regard too. You won’t have to pay out for new swipe cards or key fobs when people lose them, or if you have new users, and whilst this can seem like a small expense, it soon adds up and replacement costs are often much higher than people assume they will be.


They are able to increase your security

The fact that biometric access control systems are known for being much more secure than any other traditional type of access control system makes them very appealing too. Simply put, because biometric systems are made with face scanners and/or fingerprint readers, they use biological characteristics to allow authorised users to gain access, making it almost impossible for anyone else to freely move around your building.


You won’t have to worry about security breaches being caused by things like lost and stolen key fobs or other people being told confidential pin codes, and you can rest assured knowing that unauthorised people won’t be able to enter through a secure point. This will make your whole premises much more secure and dramatically reduce common security risks.


Installing a biometric access control system

There really is no denying that whilst there are a number of different access control solutions available to business owners, these days biometric systems are one of the best options to use. It is easy to see why modern biometric readers are becoming so popular and it is fair to say that if you’re considering investing in door access control or you’re wanting to upgrade your existing system, then you should definitely consider biometric security.


If you have any questions at all regarding biometric access control system prices or how suitable different types of biometric readers will be for your premises, for example, please feel free to contact us here at The EA Group. We frequently work with different access control software and we are able to provide you with biometric readers for your security systems, so you can trust that we are the best people to reach out to in this regard. We look forward to hearing from you today.

When you own a commercial property, it goes without saying that you will need to ensure that you have sufficient security solutions in place. More often than not, organisations will focus on protecting their building when investing in new security solutions and they will frequently overlook their perimeter, even though perimeter security is just as essential as protecting the building itself and it is undeniably important to properly protect your boundary.


Thankfully, there are a number of brilliant security solutions on the market nowadays that can help you to protect your perimeter and it is easier than ever before to control who has access to the whole of your property, rather than just your building. If you’re interested in improving the perimeter security at your commercial property and you’re wondering what some of the most popular security solutions are for this external area, keep reading today.


Security gates

Whilst incredibly simple, security gates remain to be one of the most popular perimeter security solutions as they are effectively able to prevent unauthorised access to a property. When used alongside suitable fencing, automated gates can dramatically increase your security and they also act as a brilliant visual deterrent too, preventing criminals from targeting your property.


CCTV systems

Many will use CCTV systems throughout their building, but they are also a great addition to perimeter security. Installing CCTV cameras at the boundary of your property will enable you to identify any threats before they have even made it onto your property. With so many different camera systems available, it is easy to find something that’s perfect for your perimeter.


Security bollards

Similarly to security gates, security bollards are incredibly effective in preventing unauthorised access and they are often the answer to the most demanding requirements in terms of access control and impact resistance. Security bollards and security posts are really convenient to use nowadays too, not to mention they are very versatile in terms of design as well.


Access control systems

This is another security system that is often used inside buildings, but again, access control systems are very beneficial when installed at the perimeter of a commercial property. All access control solutions will enable you to have control over who is on your property at any given time and they will also allow you to monitor access as well which can be beneficial for a number of different reasons.


Security barriers

Security barriers are used at many different facilities and commercial properties, and they are brilliant for both security and traffic control. With such a vast range of security barriers to choose from these days, including automatic barriers, there is the perfect solution for every application. Security barriers are another effective visual deterrent and they are a great first line of defence.


Intercom systems

When used alongside other perimeter security solutions, intercom systems can dramatically heighten the security at your property’s boundary. These systems allow you to identify any visitors before deciding whether or not to grant them access and this helps you reduce the risk of threats to your property. This is another incredibly simple solution, but it is extremely effective.


Improving the perimeter security at your commercial property

All in all, it is fair to say that if you’re interested in improving the perimeter security at your commercial property, there are a number of brilliant security solutions to choose from. It is easy to see why the different solutions mentioned above are the most popular amongst organisations and it is definitely worthwhile considering them all when deciding which security systems to install. To find out more about any of these solutions, contact us here at The EA Group.


Over our many years of experience, we have worked with all of these popular security solutions and you can rely on us to provide you with any additional information you may require or to help you choose the right perimeter security for your property. We are an established quality brand for the integration of security systems and we pride ourselves on combining advanced security integration and automation technology with reliability of service and quality of standards, so you will always be in the best hands with our team.


There are a number of benefits to installing some form of access control system throughout an organisation and it is guaranteed to instantly improve your level of security. Nowadays, there are so many different types of access control systems to choose from too and it is easy to find the perfect solution for your business’ individual needs.


Arguably, one of the most important decisions to make in relation to a business access control system is the entry options you’re going to use. From proximity access control systems that require an identification card or key fob to biometric reader access control systems that use fingerprints and facial recognition, there are a number of different options to choose from.


So, to help any business owners ensure that they install the most suitable entry option for their business access control system, below are some essential things to think about.


Where the access control system is being installed

More often than not, the location of your access control system will influence the entry option you choose. For example, number plate recognition systems will only work for car park access control and usually, intercom door entry systems are only used at the entrance to a property. So, if your business access control system is going to be used throughout your whole building, you may want to consider an entry solution that will be suitable for all controlled areas.


How big your whole workforce is

You should always think about the number of people who work for your business, whether this is on a full time, part-time or flexible basis. Depending on the entry option you choose, all employees may need to be given an ID card/key fob or be informed of pin codes, so you should consider which is likely to be more suitable for the size of your workforce. Remember to take into account the likelihood of things getting lost or forgotten too and how this will impact you.


The likelihood of people needing to access different areas

Whether you have one site or multiple sites that will be linked to one business access control system, it is always important to bear in mind how many employees will require access to multiple restricted areas. Say, for example, you were to install keypad pin code entry systems and have different codes on every door, this isn’t going to be convenient for those who require access to a number of areas and a different entry option may be more suitable.


Your budget for your security solutions

As you may expect, some of the entry options are more expensive than others, so it is always important to think about what your budget is. When considering your budget, you shouldn’t just look at upfront costs, it’s essential to think about ongoing costs too. For example, a biometric system is likely to be the most expensive upfront and a proximity system one of the cheapest, but whenever you need new key fobs for your proximity system, this will be an additional cost.


Whether you require your system to have reporting capabilities

It is possible for business access control systems to provide reports about the activity in your workplace. For example, time and attendance access control systems can inform you when members of staff arrive and leave, and some systems can inform you about door activity history and invalid access attempts too. However, only entry solutions such as ID cards will be suitable if you want these types of reports, so think about whether they’re something you’re interested in.


Installing a business access control system

It is fair to say that there really isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution to business access control systems and when choosing an entry option, alongside personal preference, a number of different factors will influence the decision that you make. Hopefully, by taking the time to carefully think about everything mentioned above, you will find it easier to decide which entry option will be best for your business and your employees.


When wanting to install an access control system at your business premises, be sure to contact our team here at the EA Group. We are incredibly proud of our reputation as an established quality brand that specialises in the integration of security systems and entrance solutions, and we offer an incredibly wide range of products and services. No matter what your individual needs may be in relation to your business access control system, you can guarantee that we will be able to meet them.