Popular Perimeter Security Solutions For Commercial Properties

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When you own a commercial property, it goes without saying that you will need to ensure that you have sufficient security solutions in place. More often than not, organisations will focus on protecting their building when investing in new security solutions and they will frequently overlook their perimeter, even though perimeter security is just as essential as protecting the building itself and it is undeniably important to properly protect your boundary.


Thankfully, there are a number of brilliant security solutions on the market nowadays that can help you to protect your perimeter and it is easier than ever before to control who has access to the whole of your property, rather than just your building. If you’re interested in improving the perimeter security at your commercial property and you’re wondering what some of the most popular security solutions are for this external area, keep reading today.


Security gates

Whilst incredibly simple, security gates remain to be one of the most popular perimeter security solutions as they are effectively able to prevent unauthorised access to a property. When used alongside suitable fencing, automated gates can dramatically increase your security and they also act as a brilliant visual deterrent too, preventing criminals from targeting your property.


CCTV systems

Many will use CCTV systems throughout their building, but they are also a great addition to perimeter security. Installing CCTV cameras at the boundary of your property will enable you to identify any threats before they have even made it onto your property. With so many different camera systems available, it is easy to find something that’s perfect for your perimeter.


Security bollards

Similarly to security gates, security bollards are incredibly effective in preventing unauthorised access and they are often the answer to the most demanding requirements in terms of access control and impact resistance. Security bollards and security posts are really convenient to use nowadays too, not to mention they are very versatile in terms of design as well.


Access control systems

This is another security system that is often used inside buildings, but again, access control systems are very beneficial when installed at the perimeter of a commercial property. All access control solutions will enable you to have control over who is on your property at any given time and they will also allow you to monitor access as well which can be beneficial for a number of different reasons.


Security barriers

Security barriers are used at many different facilities and commercial properties, and they are brilliant for both security and traffic control. With such a vast range of security barriers to choose from these days, including automatic barriers, there is the perfect solution for every application. Security barriers are another effective visual deterrent and they are a great first line of defence.


Intercom systems

When used alongside other perimeter security solutions, intercom systems can dramatically heighten the security at your property’s boundary. These systems allow you to identify any visitors before deciding whether or not to grant them access and this helps you reduce the risk of threats to your property. This is another incredibly simple solution, but it is extremely effective.


Improving the perimeter security at your commercial property

All in all, it is fair to say that if you’re interested in improving the perimeter security at your commercial property, there are a number of brilliant security solutions to choose from. It is easy to see why the different solutions mentioned above are the most popular amongst organisations and it is definitely worthwhile considering them all when deciding which security systems to install. To find out more about any of these solutions, contact us here at The EA Group.


Over our many years of experience, we have worked with all of these popular security solutions and you can rely on us to provide you with any additional information you may require or to help you choose the right perimeter security for your property. We are an established quality brand for the integration of security systems and we pride ourselves on combining advanced security integration and automation technology with reliability of service and quality of standards, so you will always be in the best hands with our team.