Power Assisted Revolving Doors

Power Assisted Revolving Doors

The power assisted, self parking, energy efficient, draft preventing revolving door that is Made in Britain


  • Easy power assisted operation
  • Intuitive for users
  • Self parking drive mechanism
  • Built in speed limiter
  • Designed and built to your building dimensions
  • Welcoming modern entrance solution
  • Three or four wing configurations
  • Floor box or ceiling mounted variations
  • Framed or frameless door variations
  • Energy efficient entrance solution
  • Durable and robust build quality
  • Additional security doors option
  • Made in Britain


The new EA Power Assisted Revolving Door incorporates the latest design and technology within power assisted door drive mechanisms.

Designed with a revolving door floor drive unit that can be retrofitted into most existing floor voids, the new EA Power Assisted door is the ideal entrance solution for both new or the fit-out of existing buildings.

Simple and Intuitive To Use

As with a manual revolving door, users just push the door leaf to start the doorset rotating and they simply pass through. However, once the door senses that the manual operation has ceased and is slowing, the power assist gently takes over, powering the door around to reach its self parking position and stops.

Our highly quality and exquisitely engineered drive mechanism ensures that a very minimal physical exertion is required to manually rotate the door from its stationary parked position, and therefore only a minimal amount of electrical power is required to self park the doors ready for the next user.

To ensure safety and comfortable use, the EA Power Assisted revolving door mechanism is fitted with a speed limiter. This ensures that the door rotates smoothly and cannot be pushed at an excessive speed for others users.

Power Assisted Drive Choices

Options are available with the EA Power Assisted Revolving Door Drive. So you can choose it to be configured either within an under floor box beneath the door. Or if required, mounted overhead within the revolving door ceiling.

Therefore our power assist drive unit is configurable for frameless all glass, or framed revolving doors. If you choose a framed revolving door, we have further options of either standard or fine frames, and all offered in a choice of brushed or polished stainless steel or any RAL colour.

Made in Britain

As the door is manufactured within the UK, our power assisted drive solution is the best in its class for delivering a low carbon footprint.


How can we help?

If you are considering an automatic revolving door, please contact us and tell us your requirements or what it is that you wish to achieve. We would relish the opportunity to assist you with your project.