EA Glass Swing Gate

EA Glass Swing Gate

The EA Glass Swing Gate is the simplest and most affordable way to control and restrict people flow access from 500 mm to a 900 mm clear opening.


  • Available in passage widths up to 900mm
  • DDA compliant
  • Choice of surface finishes
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Glass or optional plastic panel
  • Can be controlled from most access systems


The contemporary style EA Glass Swing Gate is the simplest and most affordable way to control and restrict access available from 500 to 900 mm clear opening.

The EA Glass Swing Gate is perfectly suited for access control where wider access than the standard unit is required.

The stylish design perfectly balances the importance of an aesthetic appearance with high safety and traffic flow capacity and blends perfectly with the other EA range of turnstiles.


The EA Glass Swing Gates are equipped with servo-actuator that can be controlled in either manual or automatic mode.

• In the manual mode, gate is opened/closed according to the command from a control panel often positioned at a reception desk or a remote position.

• In the automatic mode, the gate is opened/closed determined from the signal from an access control system.

The operational principle of this turnstile is based upon the device locking the leaf in its closed position.
When access permission is granted, the actuator rotates the flag-shape blade to 90 degrees and returns to its initial closed position when access is completed.

Our EA Glass Swing Gate is easy-to-use and it has a small space saving footprint.


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