Airports are amongst one of the most secure and safeguarded locations in most countries, after all, thousands of people pass through each airport every day. Due to this reason, it’s nearly impossible for just human intervention to guarantee the safety and protection of all passengers, which is why numerous security systems have been implemented.

With that being said, to give you a better understanding of the different security measures that airports have enforced, the talented team at the EA Group has created this guide on the most common types of security systems in all airports across the world.


Passenger pre-board screening

The first and most known security system that is utilised in airports includes passenger pre-board screening. This primarily involves passengers going through metal detection systems, as well as x-ray systems to check that passengers aren’t attempting to carry any undislocated or illegal items through into the airport.

It’s also likely that the cabin baggage screening process will be completed simultaneously when you are being screened. During this process, the passengers’ carry-on items will be checked through x-ray systems so that they can identify any items that aren’t permitted for air travel or to be taken through into the airside zone.


Hold baggage screening

Any luggage that is checked-in prior to going through to security will also need to be checked over within a process called hold-baggage screening. Similar to cabin baggage screening, all of the items that are checked-in be processed through an x-ray system, as well as being processed with computer tomography and explosive detection systems.



CCTV systems are one of the most crucial security solutions regardless of the specific location in the airport, primarily because they can be installed to monitor every single movement happening. It’s often the case that all of these cameras will be closely monitored in a control center, where trained teams will be looking at these cameras around the clock to guarantee any suspicious behaviour is dealt with appropriately.

Fortunately, various commercial CCTV systems are becoming smarter in terms of autonomous recognition. Especially for airports, where numerous individuals look to go to in order to flee the country, smart CCTV systems are able to track, identify and alert the authorities if they are caught on the camera.


Passenger access control

Depending on their airport, it’s likely that they will also have implemented passenger access control systems in order to control where they can enter. A suitable example is for passengers’ boarding passes, where they will scan them on a speed gate or security turnstile in order to be granted access to the next zone within the airport.


Restricted area identity card

Especially in airports, there are several areas that are restricted from passengers, but they still need to be accessible to staff. Depending on the airport, it’s likely that they have installed heavy-duty security doors that require an identity card to open, though there are several other alternatives including security speed gates as mentioned above.


Security bollards

Not only do individuals need to be prevented access, so do vehicles. Many notable airports have road infrastructure close or running into the airport, but not all of these vehicles are permitted. Due to this, many airports have implemented security bollards which are designed to work with third-party applications including their ID passes so that relevant people can be granted access when needed.


Can these systems benefit your business?

Although this guide is based on the security systems used within an airport, there is no reason why most of these systems can’t be used for commercial businesses. Fortunately for those that are keen on finding out more, the EA Group is here to help.

As one of the UK’s reputable providers for advanced security systems and entrance solutions, we have worked with almost every industry, enabling our team to have the expertise to guarantee you the very best solutions and services possible. By calling +44 (0) 1372 459536, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our specialists who will be more than happy to suggest the most suitable systems based on your specific needs and requirements.


The security trade is one of the most criticised and probed industries across the world, where many are arguing there more should be done to increase the overall quality of the industry. Fortunately, there are many improvements and developments thanks to many private security firms investing in the latest advancements.


Why is this happening?

  • Consistency

One of the primary reasons why automated security systems are becoming the norm is because they are highly consistent. With the way that they are designed, using a specialist database, algorithm, and rules, they have continuously been proven to show consistency in their specific role.

A great example is this includes the use of turnstiles that require specific input such as a valid ticket to be usable. Using this system allows users to simply swipe their valid ID to be granted access, whereas previously they would need to be manually checked, potentially resulting in human error, therefore not consistent.

  • Focused attention

Even a security guard can lose attention from time to time, whereas autonomous security systems are strictly designed for their specific purpose, after all, it is a computer system. Due to this reason, it’s more than likely that consistency is achieved as mentioned above, but can also guarantee no issue goes unmissed, enabling for human interaction only when it’s really required.

  • Simplifies investigation process

As mentioned above, these systems will only trigger the requirement for human interaction when really required, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t working in the background. Systems such as automated number plate recognition operate by reading, reviewing and checking the registration within seconds, whereas, this may take much longer if carried out by a specific individual.

  • Potential to save costs

Although the up-front fee for some notable automatic systems is considerably high, over time, this should be considered as a cost-effective solution. There is, of course, the potential that they can replace the requirement for human cooperation in specific sectors, but it’s also advised that they become introduced alongside human interaction, further increasing the efficiency and productivity.

What can you do?

Simply jump on board and carry out your research to find the most suitable automated security systems that are suited to your business. We are just at the very beginning stage of automating the security industry, though there is still a large range of systems that can be implemented in every business that will provide advantages.

Contact the EA Group

If you are keen on speaking to a specialist company regarding advanced and autonomous security and entrance solutions, then be sure to contact the EA Group today. As a business, we focus on giving you the very best service available by providing the very best products and services, as well as our first-class customer service.

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In this day and age, cyber threats to businesses are so prominent and physical threats are sometimes cast aside and deemed as less important. It is still vital for companies to think about and prepare for these physical threats and a huge part of this is ensuring that the perimeter of the premises is protected.

The evolution of technology has enabled security solutions to develop so, there are now multiple solutions available that all provide numerous benefits to the user. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is now the first choice for many businesses looking for suitable perimeter protection. If you have been considering this security solution yourself then keep reading today, the EA Group have put together a list of irresistible benefits of ANPR for any business owner.


24/7 monitoring

Unlike other car park barrier systems, an automatic number plate recognition system will allow you to not only protect your car park, but monitor the access too. With ANPR cameras, you will have eyes on your car park 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will know exactly who has entered your premises, the time they enter and also the time they leave. This can be incredibly helpful in many situations.


Easy and efficient

While installing a heavy-duty security gate or having a manual check system is an effective deterrent against intruders, they can both be incredibly time-consuming for businesses. It is always important to consider how easy it is for people you want to grant access to, such as employees ad delivery vehicles, to get in and out. Thankfully, an ANPR system is incredibly easy and efficient, people can come and go as required without you needing to do anything, but you will still know who has entered your premises.



As well as being easier and more efficient, ANPR technology is also one of the most cost-effective solutions for managing your car park. You will be able to cut costs and reduce the need for security personnel when you choose this smart solution. Many companies will also issue fines to anyone picked up by their ANPR system that shouldn’t be on their private property or anyone that has exceeded the maximum time limit. This can bring in extra money for the company and may even end up paying for this security solution.


Stand alone

Unlike the majority of other automatic car park barriers, ANPR cameras can operate in a way where all information is entirely processed on board so that no extra computers, or software licenses, are needed. These cameras also have optical character recognition software embedded which enables all images to be analysed directly on board the ANPR camera. Due to them being stand-alone solutions, ANPR cameras are quick, safe and light to install.


Provides evidence

Similarly to CCTV, automatic number plate recognition systems can provide you with the details regarding when someone was at your premises, whenever they are required. The images taken by this camera can be used as evidence and can provide valuable information that can be used in investigations. You can easily prove when the vehicle in question was on your premises and it will be all the hard evidence you need.


Installing automatic number plate recognition

All in all, ANPR systems are incredibly useful security solutions and many would say that they are the best solution for company car parks. Many companies are moving away from automatic gate systems and solely using automatic number plate recognition to ensure that all vehicles in their car park have permission to be there.

When searching for a reliable company that can install your ANPR system for you, turn to the EA Group. We have many years of experience providing automatic number plate recognition systems and solutions to police, civilian and commercial users. Our team of engineers is able to design ANPR camera systems that can meet your specific needs. If you’d like to find out more about utilising cutting-edge ANPR technology in your business, get in touch today.