Turnstiles are a reliable access control solution for staff and visitors, ensuring only authorised users are allowed access to particular areas. We have turnstile entrance solutions that can work in all spaces


EA Tripod Turnstile

EA Tripod

An extremely durable access control turnstile, providing high traffic flow and reliability make it an ideal solution where a more utilitarian product is required.

EA Tripod Elite Turnstile

EA Tripod Elite

The EA Tripod Elite incorporates the functionality of a turnstile with the style and aesthetics of our Swing Lane type of speed gates.

EA Tripod Plus Turnstile

EA Tripod Plus

Designed as a hybrid combining the features of both of the popular EA Tripod and the compact EA Rotary into one access control entrance solution

EA Rotary Turnstile model

EA Rotary

The EA Rotary combines efficiency within a space-saving size, therefore offering a low cost effective method of controlling pedestrian access

EA Glass Pass Full Height Security Turnstile

EA Glass Pass

Designed for un-attended access controlled applications where higher security is required and tailgating is prevented.

EA Glass Swing Gate Turnstile

EA Glass Swing Gate

The EA Glass Swing Gate has been designed as a a simple and affordable access control barrier where wider accessibility is needed.

Take control of your people flow

The word ‘turnstile’ is the generic industry term, however depending on how we perceive or use them, they are also referred to as other names.

Turnstiles are also known as; pedestrian barriers, security lanes, reception gates, reception barriers, access control barriers and automatic pedestrian gates.

Generally they are simple mechanical barrier devices, that include a rotor or tripod of arms that within a rotational turn principal, allow a pedestrian to pass through.

However, turnstiles are not be confused with higher-end Speed Gates or Speed Lanes. Due to demand and continued market development, Speed Gates are now accepted as a different type of access control product.

Although they also securely manage people flow, Speed Gates are designed with enhanced aesthetics with quieter and smoother mechanical principals.

Access Control Using Turnstiles

We accept the principal, that among other things, technology controls the access and security of our daily lives and this includes the use of access controlled barriers. We find them within our place of work, where we socialise, where we exercise and even the transport hubs that we use to connect them all.

In short, pedestrians are used to being managed and guided from where they have been, to where they intend to go.
Turnstiles offer a reliable method to control visitors and ensure only authorised users are allowed access to particular areas of a building.

In short, we have a solution that can work in virtually all spaces.

We are leaders in autonomous pedestrian control. EA Group offer entrance solutions from simple mechanical rotary barriers to fully integrated systems.

Advantages Of Choosing Turnstiles

Certainly we offer a comprehensive range of access control entrance solutions that encompasses the needs of most applications.

We supply and install and maintain simple waist height glass gates and tripod drop arm barrier models. In addition we also supply full height products where a higher level of security is required.

EA Tripod and Rotary turnstiles are frequently used as pedestrian control barriers within building entrances and foyers. As an example; sports facilities, schools, colleges and libraries often use our products. As to do many other facilities that require managed pedestrian traffic flow.

Generally used with access control systems. Autonomous barrier forms of pedestrian control measures ensure a more accurate, verifiable count of attendance. From a security standpoint, they lead patrons to enter single-file. Therefore security personnel or CCTV cameras have a clear view of each person passing through.

Furthermore, our entire range are designed to be controlled using all common forms of access control. In particular, proximity or swipe card, barcode scanners, bio-metrics, coin, token and tickets.

All of our access control entrance solutions are designed to be integrated to fire alarm panels. Once the alarm is activated, they will retract and disable the barrier arms to allow free, unrestricted emergency egress.

Furthermore, in a power cut situation. The barriers can be configured that when the power is lost, they fail safe and open for a potential evacuation.

Advantages Of Choosing EA Group

Our extensive experience of access control and entrance solutions has proven that building and facility owners need security. However security not so enhanced whereas it creates a hindrance to your users.

Therefore you need either EA turnstile or speed gate systems to manage your pedestrian flow. To begin with our solutions offer fast, secure and reliable access control within the entrance area of your facility. Furthermore they are visually enhancing and architecturally acceptable products. Designed as such so that they complement your buildings aesthetics.

All of our entrance solution products are designed and manufactured under the strictest controls.
CE rated to ensure that they meet European and International standards. As a result, EA Turnstiles are recognised as the best available for quality and reliability.

In conclusion, our turnstile prices are extremely competitive when compared to similar products available in the market.

Finally, we would be pleased to provide you with a detailed proposal for any of your project requirements.