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Things To Consider When Installing Security Turnstiles


As you may already know, turnstiles are a fairly simple, yet incredibly effective, barrier device. They are known for their distinctive tripod of arms and whilst there are different types of security turnstiles available nowadays, traditionally they tend to look fairly similar to one another. One of the main reasons why many choose security turnstiles over the many other access control systems on the market nowadays is because they only allow one person to pass through at a time and this is most definitely a USP of this security system.

Turnstiles are used in a range of settings, from football stadiums to theme parks, and they are an incredibly versatile option for anyone wanting to control visitor access. If you’re interested in getting security turnstiles installed at your premises, you will have lots of things to think about to ensure that you’re opting for the best solution for your individual needs. So, to help you ensure that nothing is overlooked, below is a list of things that are essential to consider.


The main reason for installing turnstiles

This is always one of the first things to think about when looking into security turnstiles. Often, the two most common reasons for getting turnstiles installed is to control the number of visitors gaining entry at once or to ensure that only authorised visitors are allowed access.


If you’re only wanting to slow down foot traffic or count the number of visitors you have, you may be able to simply install the security turnstiles by themselves. However, when wanting to only provide access to authorised visitors, you will need some form of access control system too. So, before looking at your options, be sure to know what your reasons are for needing turnstiles.


The number of turnstiles you require

It is also important to take some time to think about how many turnstiles you’re going to require. Of course, this will differ quite dramatically from premises to premises and it is something you will need to carefully consider.


When trying to decide how many security turnstiles to install, think about your busiest times and what your average footfall is during these. The last thing you want to do is cause chaos and long queues by not having enough turnstiles to keep people moving at a reasonable pace. A professional will always be able to advise you further.


The style of security turnstiles you want

Nowadays, there is such a huge range of different styles when it comes to turnstiles. Whilst there are lots of different things to consider in this regard, often, the first place to start is by looking at the height. Try to decide whether you want half or full height turnstiles.


It is then important to think about the overall design of the turnstiles and the material that they’re made from. Traditionally, security turnstiles will have metal tripod arms, but you do have the option of glass gates too, so you should consider what will work best at your premises. Of course, you should think about both practicality and functionality as well as aesthetics.


Installing security turnstiles

When taking the time to think about everything mentioned above, hopefully, you will find it easier to ensure that the security turnstiles you install are the most suitable for your needs. There is no denying that they are the best security solution available for some business and they can work in virtually any space, so when considering everything mentioned above, you can guarantee that you will be more than satisfied when your new security turnstiles are installed.


Here at the EA Group, we offer entrance solutions from simple mechanical rotary barriers to fully integrated systems and we will gladly assist you when wanting to install security turnstiles. As leaders in autonomous pedestrian control, you can trust that we are the best people to reach out to in this regard, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. A member of our friendly experienced team will gladly assist you in any way required.