For any modern business premises, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. One crucial element that plays a significant role in enhancing the overall experience is the choice of doors. Glass doors always leave a lasting impression on visitors, whilst also offering functional benefits for anyone entering or existing the building.

Whether they’re installed for the facade or the inside of a business premises, there are many customisable options out there to fit all purposes. EA Group have put together this guide to explain some of the less obvious benefits that different types of glass doors can bring to your business.

Benefits of glass doors for commercial buildings

  1. Aesthetic appealGlass doors exude elegance and offer transparency, giving your business a sophisticated and contemporary look. They allow natural light to permeate, creating an inviting and open ambience that resonates positively with visitors.

    If you’re working from a busy open-plan office and want to create divides, but keep the same aesthetic, installing glass panels and doors can be the ideal option. Your office can appear bigger with glass doors rather than opaque, light-blocking doors.
  2. First impressionYour entrance speaks volumes about your brand. When you’re inviting clients into your building, you want to immediately project the right company image. Glass doors offer a sleek and stylish entrance that immediately communicates a sense of professionalism and attention to detail.

    Choose between a range of different glass door options, including manual, power-assisted or automatic modes of operation.
  3. Enhanced visibilityGlass doors provide unobstructed views of your establishment’s interior, allowing potential customers to glimpse your products or services before stepping inside. This visibility can pique their interest and curiosity.

    Business premises also look much bigger when natural light is allowed to pass through glass panes. If you’re looking for glass-paned speed lanes, internal doors or automatic doors, we can help!
  4. Energy efficiencyHigh-quality glass doors are often equipped with energy-efficient features, such as low-emissivity (low-E) coatings that regulate indoor temperature and reduce energy consumption This saves you money in the long run. If you’re looking to reduce your monthly energy spend, installing glass windowpanes can be a great long-term solution. Beyond the initial investment, you can expect to see major reductions in spend in the long run.
  5. DurabilityModern glass doors are constructed using durable materials, making them resilient and long-lasting. Their strength and resistance to wear and tear ensures a reliable investment for your business. Our automatic, revolving, and sliding doors are British manufactured and built to the highest standard, with custom-made designs.
  6. Easy maintenanceGlass doors are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Regular wiping and occasional glass cleaning can keep them looking pristine and inviting. In clinical areas where hygiene is paramount, glass doors and panes are hugely beneficial.

What kind of glass doors would best suit my business?At EA Group, we understand the significance of seamless integration between style and functionality. Our wide range of glass doors caters to diverse business needs and aesthetics.

Automatic doorsIn the fast-paced business world, convenience matters. Our automatic glass doors provide a touch of luxury while ensuring easy access. This makes them suitable for retail stores, hotels, and office buildings. 

Our glass automatic doors are multifunctional and low noise. We provide them in a range of customisable options and integrations. Automatic doors are often best suited for business when integrated with access control systems, which your premises may already have. You can install multi-activation and authorisation if you’re looking to restrict access for specified personnel.

Revolving doorsFor high-traffic areas where efficiency and energy conservation are paramount, our revolving glass doors offer an elegant solution. These doors maintain a consistent indoor temperature, making them ideal for commercial buildings and shopping centres.

Available in a choice of 3 wing or 4 wing, our revolving doors come in manual, power-assisted, or automatic modes of operation. They are constructed almost entirely from glass, and metal fixings can be colour matched.

Sliding doors

Space optimisation meets sophistication with our sliding glass doors. These doors are perfect for businesses with limited space or those aiming for a modern, minimalistic appearance.

Our EA1000 Automatic Sliding Door is a high-quality design, with a thoroughly tested, low-noise, and maximum safety automatic sliding door system.

Why choose EA Group for your glass door needs?

When it comes to selecting the right glass doors for your business, partnering with a trusted and experienced provider can make all the difference. EA Group stands out as a leader in the industry, offering a reputable service and high-quality product range. We’ve listed key reasons why you should choose us for your glass door requirements.

1. British manufactured excellenceAt EA Group, we take immense pride in being a British manufacturer. Our commitment to quality, precision, and craftsmanship is deeply ingrained in our ethos. By choosing EA Group, you’re not only investing in high-quality glass doors but also supporting British manufacturing and contributing to the growth of the British economy.

2. Customisable and purpose-builtWe understand that every business has unique needs and aspirations. That’s why our glass doors are highly customisable and designed to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a distinctive design to match your brand identity or a door that fits a challenging architectural space, we have the expertise to create bespoke solutions that align perfectly with your vision.

3. Extensive industry experienceWith a wealth of experience designing entrance solutions for businesses of all sizes, across various industries, and with broad requirements, EA Group is well-equipped to find the perfect option for your building. From retail and hospitality to commercial and residential spaces, we have successfully delivered glass door solutions that have transformed entrances and spaces, leaving a lasting impression on customers and visitors alike.

4. Tested and compliantWe take safety and industry standards seriously. All our glass doors undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards for safety, performance, and durability. When you choose EA Group, you can have peace of mind knowing that your glass doors are not only visually appealing but also thoroughly tested and compliant with the highest industry benchmarks.

5. Comprehensive serviceOur commitment to providing exceptional service extends beyond the design and installation of your glass doors. We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from initial consultation and design conceptualisation to manufacturing, installation, and post-installation maintenance. Our team of experts are dedicated to making your glass door project a seamless and successful experience.

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Glass doors have transcended their utilitarian purpose to become a powerful design element that enhances the aesthetics, functionality, and overall experience of your business. EA Group’s diverse range of glass doors, including automatic, revolving, and sliding options, provide businesses with versatile solutions that align with their unique requirements.

By investing in glass doors, you’re not only investing in the physical entryway of your establishment but also in the impression you leave on your customers. A lasting impression of sophistication, transparency, and professionalism. Get in touch with EA Group to find out how we can help your business.

It is becoming really common for homeowners to install automatic gates at the entrance of their property. These gates instantly add an additional layer of security to any residential property and they can help to keep both your home and your family safe. In addition to being visually appealing, often driveway security gates are a brilliant visual deterrent too and they can prevent your property from being targeted by criminals.


When it comes to installing driveway gates these days, not only do you have a wide range of standard gates to choose from, but you can even design a bespoke gate too, so it is incredibly easy to install a gate system that meets all of your individual needs. If you’re going to design your automated gate then you will have lots of different factors to consider to ensure that the design is perfect for your home, including;


The type of gate

From traditional swinging gates to modern sliding gates and bi-folding gates, there are a number of different options available when you’re designing an entrance gate for your home. Space will play a vital role when choosing between these different options and you will need to think realistically about which type of gate you’re able to accommodate on your driveway.


Whether they’re configured with a single or double leaf, swinging gates need to have space to swing inwards whereas sliding gates need to have space to slide sideways. However, bi-folding gates require much less space to open, making them perfect for smaller driveways where other options aren’t suitable. So, think carefully about which will be best for your property.


The gate material

Commonly driveway security gates are either made from metal or wood, and there are pros and cons to both of these materials. Generally speaking, metal gates are brilliant for decorative designs, but wooden gates tend to provide more privacy. Take some time to look into the gate materials available and learn more about the differences in things like cost and maintenance.


The gate automation

Often, automatic gates are available with either Hydraulic Ram or Electromechanical Underground gate operators. The operator is the motorised element that controls the physical movement of the gate and things such as; the direction of opening, the weight of the gate and the probable wind resistance will determine which operator is best suited for your application.


The control option 

There are lots of different ways that you can control your driveway security gate once it is installed and it is important to look at all available options when you’re designing your new gate. From keypads and remote controls to sensors and ANPR, there will likely be a number of control options suitable for opening and closing your entrance gates.


When deciding which control option is best for your driveway security gates, you will need to consider things like your security needs, the convenience level you’d like and also your budget. Don’t forget to think about how many people will need to gain access to your driveway too, this might influence your decision as to which control option you choose.


The gate security

Whilst automatic gates are designed to be secure and to help you protect your home, they can still feature additional security systems and you need to consider whether you’re interested in these. Things like intercom systems and CCTV systems can enhance your security even more and it is worthwhile thinking about whether you’d like to integrate these into your gate design.


Installing the perfect driveway security gates for your home

Thinking about all of the different factors mentioned above can help you to design a driveway security gate that is perfect for the entrance to your property. Of course, if you require any assistance at all in creating a design that is suitable for your requirements, our team here at the EA Group will gladly help you. As the UK’s leading automation experts, we have many years of experience behind us helping homeowners with bespoke security solutions.


Not only can we assist you with creating a gate system that is tailored to your needs, but we can manufacture, install and maintain your new driveway gate for you too. You can always turn to us in confidence knowing that we can provide you with the comprehensive support you need with this project and that the gate we supply will be of the highest quality. We would relish the opportunity to assist you with your driveway gate, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


Perimeter security is very important for businesses of all sizes and installing things such as security fencing and entrance gates is one of the best ways to protect your property and your surrounding private land. Being able to control who is allowed on your premises is undeniably beneficial and perimeter security can help to prevent any unauthorised access from both vehicles and pedestrians.


When installing security gates, businesses will have to decide whether they’d like manual or automatic gates and it isn’t uncommon for budget to play a huge role in which they decide to install. Many businesses that are looking for the most affordable solution will end up installing manual gates, but whilst they can save you money, they aren’t always the best option available. Below we have looked into some of the main reasons why all businesses should use gate automation systems.


Make entering and exiting more convenient

Whether you’ve got swing gates, sliding gates or even bi-fold gates, there is no denying that having an automated system will make opening and closing these gates much easier. Authorised people will no longer have to get out of their vehicle in order to enter or exit your premises and it will be much more convenient to pass through your gates.


Of course, not requiring your members of staff and any visitors to physically open and close the gates can be a much safer solution as well and it can help to prevent common injuries that you may be liable for. With a wide range of different control options available to choose from as well, from radio transmitters to intercom systems, there is an automated solution available that is perfect for all businesses.


Enhance the security of your premises

By using a gate automation system, you will actually be making your business premises much more secure too and when compared to manual solutions, automatic gates are much more suitable for high-security locations. You will have increased control over who is entering and exiting your premises and people won’t simply be able to open the gates themselves.


When you upgrade your manual gates, you also reduce the likelihood of people being able to break onto your premises too. The majority of manual gates tend to come with a simple lock that is opened with a key or a code, but unfortunately, these are easy to pick and break, so it isn’t difficult for people to gain unlawful access to your premises. Automatic solutions can completely remove any worry in this regard.


Integrate an access control system

A huge percentage of businesses that have automatic gates will have an access control system integrated into this entrance solution. They will use keypad systems, ID card systems, hands-free systems or any other Paxton access control system to help them ensure that those who are entering their premises are authorised to do so.


Access control systems will release the locking mechanism on your gate for authorised people and deny access to anyone else, so you can trust that only those who are allowed to be on your property will be able to open the gates. For businesses that already have access control systems at their premises, it is possible to simply fit another reader to your gates, so there won’t be any disruption or inconvenience to you or your staff.


Upgrading to an automatic gate system

All in all, it is fair to say that if you currently have security gates at your business premises but they aren’t automated then it is definitely worthwhile looking into automation systems in more detail. There really are numerous benefits to having automatic gates at the entrance to your business premises and whilst your manual gates may be able to keep your premises protected, an upgrade is still almost always worthwhile.


When searching for bespoke automatic gate manufacturers that can supply you with new gates for your business premises, be sure to visit The EA Group website. We are Surrey’s leading company for automated commercial and industrial entrance gates, so you can trust that we are the best people to reach out to for assistance in this regard. If you’re interested in gate automation systems, we can help to design and install something that is perfect for your premises and that also meets all of your individual requirements. We look forward to helping you with your automatic entrance gates.


The majority of businesses will have a security solution in place to protect not only their premises but also their staff along with any guests that they may have. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have taken all the necessary actions and initiatives to ensure your business is physically secure.

In today’s modern age, there are many different types of security solutions available on the market and it can be difficult to know which will work best for your business property. To help anyone that is currently weighing up the different options, the EA Group have put together a handy guide to help you choose the best security solution.


Have a budget in mind

When investing in anything in business you should always consider your budget before you make any decisions. It is hard to put a price on security, but ultimately you will have a maximum cost in mind for your system. Of course, some systems will be more expensive than others so depending on your budget your choices may be limited. For this reason, this is always a good place to start.


Evaluate your space


Once you have decided on a budget, the next thing to do is look at the type of property that you have. The space your business occupies will likely have a significant impact on the type of security system you choose. For example, if you have an open office space then your choice would probably be different to if you have lots of individual closed-off rooms. Also, remember to highlight any areas that may need additional entrance access solutions too.


Consider all culprits


In order to choose the correct security solutions, you need to think about the threats that you are protecting your property from. Look into the crime rates in your area and also consider why people would potentially want to enter your property without permission and what they would be looking for. Depending on your specific business, you might require a complex business access control system.


Bear the future in mind

Never make a big investment without thinking about the future. Security solutions can be expensive and you want to make sure that it can grow with your business. You should also consider potential relocation and how this will work in relation to the solution you are looking at. Enquire as to whether you will have the option to add to your security or even move it if required in the future before you invest.


Think about the right features

Lastly, take some time to think about which security features would be most beneficial to your company. There is no denying that security can be complex, so be sure about your needs and requirements when searching around. For example, do you need cameras that have the ability to move around to monitor large spaces and would additional sensors to monitor movement benefit you? Think about the features that would be best for your business and choose a system that has all of them.


Choosing the best security solution

Taking the time to consider the things mentioned above will help you to narrow down your options and help you pinpoint exactly which solution would work best for your business property. Of course, there is always the option to have multiple forms of security in one building, so don’t worry if you can’t get everything you require from a single solution.


If you’re searching for a company that can provide you with a wide range of security solutions then visit the EA Group website. Whether you would like to install an employee access control system or you require CCTV systems for your business, we can assist you. We will be able to provide you with a comprehensive installation and support service within the security systems market sectors, so you can trust that you are in safe hands with their team.



EA Group can supply and install any size cantilever or tracked sliding gates, these fantastic gates come completely pre built-in your bespoke size and finish, complete with full automation and BS EN12453 safety equipment ready to be bolted down on site, connected to power and your choice of new or existing access control.

We can offer these gates in any bespoke size and your choice of finish and colour, standard in aluminium or steel structure these gates are designed to last.

One of the best features of these industrial gates is the installation time, with a pre-built base EA Group will have the gate delivered by specialist Hi-Ab truck to be lifted into place and can complete the installation generally within 48 hours* (Dependant on extras required).

Below are some photos of our most recent installation taking place of a 6.5 meter cantilever gate, offering a direct replacement for our clients’ existing sliding gate which had reached the end of its life.

It isn’t uncommon to drive past houses with gates to the entrance of their properties these days and it is becoming more and more popular for homeowners to invest in automatic gates. People’s reasons for purchasing these gates will differ, yet overall, they are seen as a great addition to the exterior of a residential property.

An automatic gate is a very appealing feature for homeowners across the UK and if you have been considering investing in some automatic gates yourself you might be curious about the benefits of these gates. EA Group has put together a list of these benefits to help you decide whether an automatic gate is for you.


Privacy is important for all homeowners, especially if you have a family. Installing a suitable automatic gate system is one of the best ways to protect yours and your family’s privacy from passersby. By having a gate to your property you will be able to keep your children, as well as any pets, safe inside and away from anyone passing the property.


Probably the most obvious benefit of installing an automatic gate is added security. The gate alone will deter thieves and vandals from your residential properties. With an automatic gate, you can also guard your property incredibly easily, usually at the switch of the remote. Thanks to this entrance access solution, you can always control who enters and exits your property. With such a large variety of automatic gates to choose from now, you can get a gate in any shape, size, and height to make sure your home more secure.


Thankfully, automatic gates have made getting into a gated property much easier. You don’t have to physically get out of your car and open the gate in order to get into your home. It is so much more convenient, especially if you are in a rush or if it is raining. It is also convenient if you forget to close the gate behind you, close it from the comfort of your home instead.

Aesthetically pleasing

Of course, these gates are also very aesthetically pleasing. The whole picture of your house will change with the addition of an automatic gate. You can now get them in such a wide range of design options too, so you can get the protection you need with the look you want. It isn’t uncommon for people to opt for bespoke automatic gate systems so that they can ensure it complements the rest of their property’s landscaping and architecture.


Installing an automatic gate for your home is actually a cost-effective investment and solution that may even save you money in the long run. You may be able to get a discount on your property insurance as providers will notice the added protection you have installed at your home. Automatic gates usually increase the property value of a home too and they can make it easier to sell.

Installing an automatic gate

Now that you are fully aware of all of the benefits of installing an automatic gate at the entrance of your property, if you would like to go ahead and design your perfect automatic gate please don’t hesitate to contact EA Group. We are bespoke automatic gate manufacturers that offer a gate design service which will enable you to design the gate you have always dreamed of, ensuring all of your individual requirements are met.

Montrose House Refurbished Heritage Gates approved by Historic England

Montrose House is a late 17th-century Grade II* listed building in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The owners approached EA Group with a vision of refurbishing the original central gates. This was due to their worn condition and the potential structural dangers that they posed.

With Heritage England involved, the refurbishment project was undertaken EA to replicate the original gates exactly. The original gates were taken down in two stages. Firstly the arch was removed to ensure a safe working area below. Following that, the main gates and framework was delicately removed. Once removed, the historic gates were transported to the fabrication facility.

These beautiful historic gates were to be refurbished and rebuilt using the original ironwork. This required them to be carefully stripped and repaired. When a new component part was required due to the existing poor condition, a new was manufactured to match exactly using reclaimed or aged material.

After several months of delicate work the new refurbished gates were returned and erected on-site.

Bringing a fresh new lease of life to the main entrance of this outstanding house in Richmond, Surrey. These new refurbished gates will now stand as the centerpiece to this magnificent property for many years to come.

Montrose House Heritage Gates before refurbishment

Montrose House Heritage Gates before refurbishment


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Automatic Gates to a Grade 2 listed building. Supplied an installed by EA

EA Group have just completed the automatic gate replacement and safety upgrade to the Grade 2 heritage entrance, at The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.

During the course of a major refurbishment, The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn contacted EA Group to provide an automatic gate solution. The challenge was to reproduce an identical set of twin automatic sliding gates replacing the existing entrance. The original gates were reaching their end of life.

An Automatic Gate supplied an installed by EA to a Grade 2 listed building


EA Group used the latest materials that are longer lasting and makes for a more sustainable entrance. Furthermore to add to the challenge, EA Group needed to ensure the gates were BS EN12453 compliant. This involved using the latest safety equipment whilst still not deviating from the original historic based design.

The automatic sliding gates were carefully designed to ensure the overall appearance was in full keeping to the original set. Additionally, new master and slave operators were installed for a faster and safer operation. Furthermore, electronic safety in the form of safety edges, induction loops and photocells were neatly installed to the new automatic gate.

All of these upgrades ensured that the new gates exceeded current legislation. The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in London have a safer and more reliable entrance.

The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, Central London

Listed Grade 2 Automatic Gate Replacement Complete with BS EN12453 Safety Upgrade

Status: Completed

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The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, London where EA Group have supplied and installed Grade 2 heritage entrance gates