Designing Your Driveway Security Gates


It is becoming really common for homeowners to install automatic gates at the entrance of their property. These gates instantly add an additional layer of security to any residential property and they can help to keep both your home and your family safe. In addition to being visually appealing, often driveway security gates are a brilliant visual deterrent too and they can prevent your property from being targeted by criminals.


When it comes to installing driveway gates these days, not only do you have a wide range of standard gates to choose from, but you can even design a bespoke gate too, so it is incredibly easy to install a gate system that meets all of your individual needs. If you’re going to design your automated gate then you will have lots of different factors to consider to ensure that the design is perfect for your home, including;


The type of gate

From traditional swinging gates to modern sliding gates and bi-folding gates, there are a number of different options available when you’re designing an entrance gate for your home. Space will play a vital role when choosing between these different options and you will need to think realistically about which type of gate you’re able to accommodate on your driveway.


Whether they’re configured with a single or double leaf, swinging gates need to have space to swing inwards whereas sliding gates need to have space to slide sideways. However, bi-folding gates require much less space to open, making them perfect for smaller driveways where other options aren’t suitable. So, think carefully about which will be best for your property.


The gate material

Commonly driveway security gates are either made from metal or wood, and there are pros and cons to both of these materials. Generally speaking, metal gates are brilliant for decorative designs, but wooden gates tend to provide more privacy. Take some time to look into the gate materials available and learn more about the differences in things like cost and maintenance.


The gate automation

Often, automatic gates are available with either Hydraulic Ram or Electromechanical Underground gate operators. The operator is the motorised element that controls the physical movement of the gate and things such as; the direction of opening, the weight of the gate and the probable wind resistance will determine which operator is best suited for your application.


The control option 

There are lots of different ways that you can control your driveway security gate once it is installed and it is important to look at all available options when you’re designing your new gate. From keypads and remote controls to sensors and ANPR, there will likely be a number of control options suitable for opening and closing your entrance gates.


When deciding which control option is best for your driveway security gates, you will need to consider things like your security needs, the convenience level you’d like and also your budget. Don’t forget to think about how many people will need to gain access to your driveway too, this might influence your decision as to which control option you choose.


The gate security

Whilst automatic gates are designed to be secure and to help you protect your home, they can still feature additional security systems and you need to consider whether you’re interested in these. Things like intercom systems and CCTV systems can enhance your security even more and it is worthwhile thinking about whether you’d like to integrate these into your gate design.


Installing the perfect driveway security gates for your home

Thinking about all of the different factors mentioned above can help you to design a driveway security gate that is perfect for the entrance to your property. Of course, if you require any assistance at all in creating a design that is suitable for your requirements, our team here at the EA Group will gladly help you. As the UK’s leading automation experts, we have many years of experience behind us helping homeowners with bespoke security solutions.


Not only can we assist you with creating a gate system that is tailored to your needs, but we can manufacture, install and maintain your new driveway gate for you too. You can always turn to us in confidence knowing that we can provide you with the comprehensive support you need with this project and that the gate we supply will be of the highest quality. We would relish the opportunity to assist you with your driveway gate, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.