Car park barriers are one of those common sights that we take for granted. But if they go wrong or don’t meet the needs of the business that uses them, there can be a huge amount of disruption. Controlling the flow of traffic to and from a business is a hugely important task, so the technology you use throughout this process needs to be carefully considered.

Installing automatic barriers is a fantastic way to shore up the safety and security of your site. They also help to ensure that any required payments always take place. They are designed to work seamlessly alongside the rest of your security and access control solutions. In today’s blog we’ll discuss the factors you need to consider when investing in car park gates, and how they can benefit your business.

What makes a great barrier parking system?

Any good car parking barrier system needs to be focussed on a key set of features. First and foremost, it needs to be able to actually physically block vehicles from accessing your site! After this, the best parking systems can then integrate with revenue and security solutions, creating a complete security system.

How to choose the right barrier?

Before we get down to the integrations, you first need to make sure you have a barrier that meets the physical and aesthetic needs of your car park. You need to consider the level of security and length of barrier required. A manufacturing business and a shopping centre will likely have different needs.

The FAAC 614 barrier is one of the most versatile solutions on the market today, and one we often recommend for car parks. Their beams can reach up to 5 metres, and they feature an efficient and elegant operation. You can customise your barrier with a range of different beams, with rectangular and rounded versions available. For extra traffic control, you can include reflective stickers and flashing lights to help drivers in low visibility conditions.

For a heavier duty solution, we’d recommend our EA 6000XHD automatic barrier. This barrier achieves a vast 9 metre roadway span and is designed for constant use. It has a unique design and single-phase power supply, making it a very heavy-duty solution. This barrier is ideal for both car parks and industrial use.

What can your barrier integrate alongside?

While just installing barriers is a great way to protect your site, did you know that we can help you integrate them alongside a range of other services?

Using bollards alongside your barriers adds an extra layer of security. We recommend using automatic bollards to protect your site during out-of-hours. We can assist with choosing the best location and mechanism to meet your architectural surroundings.

Alongside bollards and barriers, we can also consult on choosing the right payment systems. There’s a lot of choice when to comes to these solutions. You need one that can integrate with your barriers, for an easier and more secure customer experience. This will likely be a pay on foot parking system, but new services are arriving all the time that we will be happy to advise you on.

Finally, barriers can play a key role in your security network. They delay vehicles for enough time for security services to clock them, but not long enough to cause irritation. At EA Group we offer a complete line of CCTV cameras that meet the latest standards in quality, performance and reliability. We also offer ANPR cameras that can record number plates within seconds. Our cameras feature modern cloud databases, saving on storage while allowing easy access to footage whenever you need it.

The benefits of robust car park security

Protecting your car park using barriers and other solutions can be incredibly valuable to your business in a number of ways. Naturally it’s great to keep unauthorised visitors out, but they also keep your guests’ and staff’s vehicles in! The peace of mind that barriers provide can be just as valuable as the physical security that they maintain.

Car park barriers are also a great way of ensuring that your car park is never overfilled. Without a robust entry solution, cars may end up parking in entryways or other unsafe areas which can be a major hazard in the case of an emergency.

When combined with the other solutions mentioned earlier, a parking security system essentially negates the need to have extra staff patrolling your car park. With a solution from EA Group, visitors are guided efficiently to where they need to park. Payment can be better guaranteed and security can be monitored from anywhere through your well-placed cameras.

For more information about our range of barriers, bollards, CCTV, ANPR or any other security solutions mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

Parking barriers are an essential security tool for a huge number of industries. At EA Group we’ve supplied parking solutions to a huge range of businesses, from the public sector to businesses, contractors and industrial estates. The main purpose of our automatic gates is access control. They improve the security of your site by greatly impeding the access of any unwanted guests. While our barriers are always installed according to the specifics of your site by our experienced engineers, there are steps you can take to further increase your site’s security.

This is where our CCTV and ANPR systems are perfect. These services add an extra layer of security to your gateways and can be fully integrated alongside your traffic barriers. At EA Group, we have 30 years of experience as an expert installer and CCTV service provider. The technology has changed a lot in that time but the principles behind it has remained the same.

Here’s our guide to integrating CCTV and ANPR system to your barriers, and the benefits that this process can bring.

ANPR Integration – A fast and effective entry solution

Many businesses are now integrating their automatic barriers with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology. Installing ANPR cameras on your barriers allows you to control traffic access, allowing authorised vehicles to enter and exit with ease. All you need is a list of authorised number plates and a visitor management process.

This is a great solution for commercial car parks that need to keep track of number plates for billing purposes. Our cameras function at their best no matter the weather conditions or the time of day. The cameras we use were initially developed for speed enforcement, meaning that they are ideal for capturing the license plate of any non-paying drivers attempting to leave quickly.

All of the automation on our ANPR solutions is processed entirely on the camera, meaning that you don’t need any additional tech for them to work at their best alongside your barriers. They also store all video capture on a micro-SD, ensuring nothing is lost in a data outage. If using this solution, we recommend regularly updating your list of authorised license plates to remove any former employees.

CCTV Integration – Ensuring maximum security

While recording number plates is a great way to ensure a safer and smoother entry process, CCTV surveillance provides an extra layer of peace of mind. We can install CCTV cameras on the entry and exit of your premise, allowing you to better analyse both those entering and leaving.

As well as being able to record who enters and leaves your premises, integrating your barrier with CCTV can have a number of other benefits. For example, for commercial or transportation business, you can monitor the duration of stay of visitors. For groups of car parks or parking areas on larger business sites, you can also use CCTV to update any potential visitors on the capacity of individual parking zones.

At EA Group we have decades of CCTV experience. This means that we not only know the best cameras for the job, but how to install them too. All cameras will look good wherever you position them, discreet but not too discreet. Cameras can be tailored to suit both modern and traditional architecture, and all cameras have exceptional build quality.

The installation process – Barriers for any situation

Each industry has different requirements from their barriers. A commercial car park has different needs than a school, a police or government site has to have a very different barrier than a quarry. Thankfully our team here at EA Group can help.

We start the process with a survey. Our team will visit your business and carry out a full site survey but also specific analysis of your entrance and exits for safety purposes. It also means we can better inform which barrier solution is right for you. We’ll work alongside you, as well as experienced architects, property agents (if applicable) and facility management teams to create a service that suits you for many years to come.

Our FAAC 620 Automatic Barriers are heavy duty solutions, ideal for transportation industry or heavy industrial sites. These can help control entry of even the largest machinery. For residential or commercial usage, our FAAC 614 solution can still provide robust protection, but is much faster and more versatile. Once you’ve found the right barrier, we’ll then discuss integrations and whether a camera solution can provide great value for you.

If you have an existing barrier solution, and are looking to provide an extra layer of security to it, get in touch. Whether you would like an additional or refreshed barrier solution, or would like to introduce our ANPR or CCTV solutions alongside the barriers, we can help.

This simple yet effective solution has been around for decades and you can expect to see barriers at the entrance/exit of a range of business premises; from airports and hospitals to construction sites and industrial estates.


Automatic barriers are a very popular choice for any premises with a private car park, in particular, and they are the perfect security solution for business owners who are wanting to have more control over vehicular access to their car park. If you’re wondering what makes car park automatic barriers so sought-after across all industry sectors, below we have looked into some of the most notable reasons.


Enhance perimeter security

Whether you currently have security fencing around the boundary of your car park or you solely rely on a CCTV system for perimeter security, for example, installing a car park barrier will instantly make your business more secure. This is a really straightforward addition to your car park, yet it adds an additional layer of security, making it much more difficult for any unauthorised vehicles to gain access to your premises and, in turn, your business.


Convenient to enter and exit

Due to the fact that car park automatic barriers can be controlled by access control systems like proximity readers or automatic number plate recognition solutions, they won’t become an inconvenience to anyone but those who shouldn’t be on your premises. Vehicles that are authorised will be able to enter and exit the car park with ease, and you won’t have to manually open the barrier for approved visitors who are trying to gain access either as you will be able to control the barrier remotely.


Deter unauthorised vehicles

Even having a simple automatic rising arm barrier at the entrance to your car park will become a visual deterrent. Unauthorised vehicles won’t even attempt to park on your premises and you won’t have the hassle of there not being enough car parking spaces for your employees. Not to mention, perimeter security solutions of this kind are incredibly effective in preventing criminals from targeting your business too and they can reduce the risk of criminal activity like car thefts, building break-ins and also vandalism.


Prevent misuse of the car park

Installing a car park automatic barrier will also help to ensure that your car park is only being used as it should be, for parking. You won’t have to worry about vehicles using your premises as somewhere to turn around, for example, and you can ensure that levels of traffic are being kept to a minimum. In addition to this, you can rest assured knowing that unwanted vehicles won’t be using your car park outside of business hours when there is no one on the premises.


Versatile in design

There is such a vast range of car park automatic barriers available nowadays and many barrier systems can be customised to suit your application. Once you have established your specific requirements for the type of automatic barrier that you would like, you won’t struggle to find something that meets all of your needs. Not only are there multiple colour options available for barriers, but both the body and the beam can feature LED lights too, so they will be modern and aesthetically pleasing in design.


Installing car park automatic barriers

All in all, if you have a private car park at your business premises then it is undeniably worthwhile looking into automatic barrier systems in more detail. It is easy to see why they are so popular and they are a brilliant solution to your entrance control needs. To speak to an expert about installing car park automatic barriers at your premises, feel free to get in touch with our team here at The EA Group today.


Since being established back in 1985, we have become the go-to automatic barrier installer and we have an impressive barrier range available. No matter what your needs may be relating to your automatic car park barrier, you can rely on us to help you design the perfect system. We have a vast portfolio of clients and we have completed projects of all sizes, so we can assure you that you will be in the best hands with our team of specialists.


When you have a private car park at your business premises, it would be incredibly beneficial for you to install a barrier system. Not only will this instantly increase your security, but it also allows you to regulate and control the number of vehicles that are entering your premises. On top of this, it is fair to say that should you require assistance in managing the flow of traffic and parking, the correct barrier system can help you to do this as well.


Thankfully, there is a huge range of automatic barriers, which are also commonly referred to as; security barriers, traffic barriers or car park barriers, on the market now, so you will easily be able to find something that meets your needs. When deciding to have a barrier system installed, aside from choosing the barrier itself, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is which manufacturer you purchase from. As you may expect, it is always beneficial to work with an experienced and reputable traffic barrier manufacturer, and here’s why;


All of your specific requirements will be met

When you turn to a trustworthy traffic barrier manufacturer, you can guarantee that they will work closely with you, and any of your agents, to establish all of your individual needs and aspirations for your automatic barrier systems. They will then ensure that the systems they recommend, and ultimately install, are able to meet all of your requirements.


Overcome any potential problems

With many years in the industry behind them, traffic barrier manufacturers will be able to overcome issues that others were unable to. Whether this is in relation to the required placement of the barrier system or how the barriers need to be controlled, you can trust that they will be able to provide you with suitable alternative solutions.


Supply complex barrier systems

Unlike other manufacturers and suppliers, those with years of experience can provide clients with comprehensive barrier systems. Whilst they’re able to offer single entry/exit automatic barriers, they can also create huge complex multiple site integrated revenue systems. Their engineers will have the skills and knowledge required to do so.


Create bespoke integrated solutions

If you’re struggling to find a standard barrier system that is suitable for your premises, expert traffic barrier manufacturers will be able to create bespoke solutions for you too. When doing so, should you wish to integrate your barrier with other security systems or access control systems then they will be able to assist you with this as well and develop the perfect all-inclusive solution.


Your barrier will be in line with your budget

Many traffic barrier manufacturers supply all types of barriers for many different uses and you can trust that they will be able to provide you with a solution that is affordable. Even if you opt for a budget-friendly system, you can trust that it will still be of the highest quality and just because the barrier is cheaper, doesn’t mean that it won’t be as durable.


Provide additional barrier system services

It is likely that when you turn to a professional traffic barrier manufacturer to assist you with the installation of your barrier system, they will also be able to provide you with a number of additional services that will be helpful over time. Many offer maintenance and repair services, and you can rely on them to ensure that your barriers are safe, reliable and problem-free.


Finding a local expert traffic barrier manufacturer

All in all, there really is no denying that when you’re wanting to have barrier systems installed in your company car park, it is always worthwhile turning to an experienced traffic barrier manufacturer. You can guarantee that you will thank yourself for taking the time to find a reliable company to assist you with your automatic barriers and when doing so, you will be provided with nothing but exemplary products and services.


When searching for traffic barrier manufacturers, be sure to visit the EA Group website today. We have been established since 1985 and we are proud to be the proffered automatic barrier installer across a vast range of different industry sectors. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every project we undertake is completed as it should be; safe, secure and on budget. You can trust that you will receive nothing by tailored advice and professional workmanship when you turn to our team. So, don’t hesitate to contact us today.



This crossroad through a sand quarry is another great example of our automatic barriers. Our client had an older barrier system in use for over 15 years with limited safety, so EA Group carried out a complete replacement of the system which includes the use of safety lasers to ensure a safer compliant entrance for them. #automaticbarrier #trafficbarrier #security

Another great example of our barrier system, this time in a residential setting, these apartments were getting a lot of anti-social activity in their garage/parking area, so a new barrier with a bottom skirt was decided on to prevent entry to the garages.

our client was so impressed with the automatic barrier system we are now quoting his further buildings for the same system. #automaticbarrier #trafficbarrier #security

Farnborough_Airport gate

Following the easing of lock-down EA Group has been busy installing lots of entrance systems and over the last month, we have installed a number of automatic barrier systems for our clients.

This automatic barrier system is a great example of our more bespoke entrances we can create, using commercial barriers with marine grade stainless steel casings. #automaticbarrier #trafficbarrier #security