Instead of searching for your keys when you approach a door, imagine if it automatically unlocks as you reach it and locks behind you as you go. Our hands free access control solutions using Paxton technology is a great way of improving movement around a site or simply getting you out of the rain faster!

The access control reader on the door picks up the signal from your proximity card or key fob, be it stored about your person or in a handbag or pocket.  The door then unlocks without you having to present your card or key fob directly to the reader.

The hands free access control readers are ideal for many applications in different environments, but here are just a few possible scenarios:Paxton-Access

• Warehouses
• Disabled access – helping to comply with DDA
• Hospitals
• Offices
• Vehicle access

EA Group are automatic door specialists so we can even automate your door to not only release the lock, but open the door for you as well.


If you are considering an access control system, please contact us and let us know your requirements or what it is that you wish to achieve with hands free access control. We would relish the opportunity to assist you with your project and carry out a free site survey.