It’s a well-known fact that speed lanes can enhance the security and efficiency in commercial spaces where speed of access is key. Whether you’re managing an office building, a commercial facility, or a public space, speed lanes offer an elegant and effective solution to control access, and streamline people flow.

Let’s explore the many advantages of speed gates and why they should be a part of your access control infrastructure. 

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What are speed lanes?

Speed lanes, also known as speed gates or turnstiles, are sophisticated entrance solutions designed to regulate pedestrian access while maintaining a smooth flow of foot traffic. These sleek and space-saving devices are installed at entry points and use retractable barrier gates to control the movement of individuals. By employing advanced technology, and intelligent design, speed lanes provide secure, and efficient access control for various applications.

What are the benefits of speed gates?

1. Increased security measures

One of the primary advantages of speed lanes is the heightened security they offer. By restricting unauthorised access, these gates act as a physical barrier, preventing unauthorised individuals from entering restricted areas. With the ability to integrate with access control systems, speed gates provide an additional layer of security by verifying credentials, such as key cards or biometric data. This feature minimises the risk of unauthorised access and enhances overall security protocols.

2. Modern design feature

Speed gates are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Their sleek and elegant design allows them to seamlessly blend into any modern interior, making them an ideal choice for office buildings, corporate headquarters, and upscale establishments. Whether you opt for glass or plastic retracting panels, speed gates offer a contemporary and sophisticated appearance that complements the overall ambience of the space.

3. Easy to install

When it comes to implementing access control solutions, ease of installation is crucial. Speed lanes are designed with simplicity in mind, making them quick and hassle-free to install. With minimal disruption to your daily operations, you can have your access control system up and running in no time.

4. Integrate with access systems

Integration is key in today’s interconnected world. Speed gates are designed to seamlessly integrate with various access control systems, including key card readers, biometric scanners, and proximity sensors. This compatibility ensures a smooth and efficient operation, enabling you to leverage your existing security infrastructure.

5. DDA-compliant and wheelchair accessible

Accessibility is a critical consideration in any environment, and speed lanes excel in providing a DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant solution. With passage widths of up to 900mm, EA Group’s Speed Lane turnstiles ensure that individuals with mobility challenges, including wheelchair users, can comfortably pass through the gates.

By offering a wider access point, speed lanes accommodate the needs of diverse users, promoting inclusivity and equal access for all. This DDA compliance not only meets legal requirements but also demonstrates a commitment to creating an accessible and inclusive environment.

6. Health & safety features

In addition to enhancing security, speed lanes prioritise safety. The gates are equipped with advanced sensors and safety mechanisms to prevent accidents and provide a controlled environment. For instance, the retractable barrier gates operate swiftly, opening and closing in just 0.8 seconds, allowing for a high traffic flow capacity while maintaining safety standards.

EA Group’s custom-built speed lanes

At EA Group, we specialise in providing top-of-the-line speed lanes that cater to your specific requirements. Our Speed Lane turnstiles offer passage widths of up to 900mm, ensuring accessibility and compliance with DDA regulations. With a choice of surface finishes, such as steel, glass, wood, or polystone. The appearance of the speed lane can be customised to suit your environment seamlessly.

Our speed gates can be controlled from most access systems, enabling a seamless integration process. With robust and reliable designs, our turnstiles are built to withstand heavy usage and deliver long-lasting performance. Whether you need a standard speed gate, or a wider variation for wheelchair access or equipment passage, EA Group has you covered.

By implementing speed lanes, you can effectively control access to restricted areas, preventing unauthorised individuals from entering sensitive spaces. The integration capabilities of these gates allow for a seamless connection to your existing access control system, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of authorised personnel while maintaining a high level of security.

Why choose EA Group?

At EA Group, we understand the importance of customisation to meet the unique needs of different environments.  Our speed lanes prioritise safety, and they’re equipped with advanced sensors and safety mechanisms. The retractable barrier gates open and close in a fraction of a second, allowing for a smooth flow of pedestrian traffic while maintaining safety standards.

Installation of speed lanes is quick and hassle-free, causing minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our team of experts will ensure the installation process is seamless, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of improved security, and efficiency in no time.

Contact us today to learn more about our Speed Lane turnstiles and how they can transform your security infrastructure.

The education sector has to consistently handle higher levels of footfall traffic than almost any other. In these situations businesses need to strike a balance between security and ease of access for students and other visitors. The perfect mix can be found by implementing speed gates in key high footfall areas.

Speed gate is an umbrella term for a variety of entry solutions. This includes Swing Lanes, Speed Lanes, Sliding gates and Swing Gates. All of these solutions have uses in a variety of sectors, but here at EA Group we believe they are the perfect entryway for a number of locations in the education sector. Schools, colleges and universities all need to manage attendance and have a clear picture of exactly who is within any premise at a given time. Here’s why we believe that speed gates are the perfect tool for the job.

Manage attendance

In the event of an emergency, it’s vital that staff are informed of the ID of every student and staff member in each area of your site. Whilst registers help in the classroom, and database services like SIMS track records on a wider scale, maintaining a clear record of exactly who is where can be incredibly valuable in an emergency.

Speed gates, combined with ID cards create the most organised access control solution. Students and staff simply scan their card upon entry to either your school’s main building, or individual locations, such as libraries or lecture halls. This means that only authorised people are allowed within your premises, but also that in event of an emergency, staff can check records and understand exactly who is where.

All of our speed gates are equipped with emergency features that allow them to be easily bypassed, if need be, but also come with tailgating detection to stop any unauthorised entrants from following others through a gate.

For accessibility purposes, we can also offer larger glass swing gates, that are ideal for allowing wheelchairs or other mobility devices to pass through quickly and securely.

Provide better security

Ensuring that pupils and staff can learn and work in a safe environment is paramount for any educational organisation. Speed gates provide an extra layer of security to your premises.

Our speed gates are designed to not intrude on your space, with our new Swing Lane S model featuring a slimmer and more space efficient design, but still provide a strong visual obstacle against intrusion. Human security methods, such as staff checking lanyards or ID at colleges or universities are often effective but can be slow when dealing with hundreds of pupils.

Our speed gates help to guarantee that pupils can always move about your premise quickly, with our gates taking seconds to open and requiring minimal contact. Alerts will be sounded in case of unauthorised access, tailgating, piggybacking, or if an authorised user has passed their card back to help someone else enter.

For your convenience, we can also equip speed gates with simple manual controls. This allows staff to overlook who is entering any open gates and quickly close manually if needed.

We understand that no two entryways are the same. That’s why we can tailor the height of our gates to fit the security requirements you need it to fill, whether you’re creating an obstacle to impede unwanted entry, or a more advanced solution to protect a secure laboratory or office space.

Implement Covid19 measures

Reducing the spread of illness has to be taken into consideration when implementing any entrance solution. For schools and colleges this is especially important. Managing your flow of pedestrian traffic by making sure students enter through speed gates in an organised manner is a great way to implement safety measures such as social distancing.

Other entry solutions may require the presence of more staff, or more hands-on methods of entry such as doors or turnstiles. With speed gates, you can use contactless models to make entry faster and Covid-friendly.

Speed gates can also be manually left open or closed to better encourage a one-way-system around your premise if needed. These solutions are great at both reducing the spread of infection in the short-term but will also provide better security for your school, college or university moving forward. All of the solutions mentioned feature a robust and long-lasting design, providing a balance between aesthetics, convenience and security.

EA Group are the UK’s leading provider of entrance solutions. All our entranceways are tailored to your businesses’ specific dimensions and requirements, giving you an entrance that remains efficient and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. To get in touch with our team, call EA Group on 01372 459536, or to find out more about our speed gates, visit our website.

Since the pandemic, many businesses are looking at their pedestrian access differently. There needs to be a focus on making sure that no matter your industry, staff and customers can get inside safely and securely whilst feeling comfortable. With footfall traffic on the rise again, now’s the perfect time to introduce a solution that can make your business reliably accessible for years to come. This is where revolving doors can help.

Revolving doors provide a unique level of versatility when compared to other entry points. They can help you maximise space efficiency in your entryway while allowing you to better manage the flow of traffic into your premises. At EA Group, we pride ourselves on providing entry solutions that match the needs and the aesthetic of your business. Our revolving doors, including all-glass and high capacity models are some of the key solutions that allow us to do this. Here’s a few of the industries in which they can help.

Professional Services – Create the perfect welcome

Revolving doors are ideal for creating a warm welcome, literally! Due to the way that they are always simultaneously open and closed, there is a separation of the indoor and outside air. This is ideal for both summer and winter and allows everyone to be met with a sense of comfort when they enter your business.

Presentation is vital for many professional services. This is often communicated through your branding, the technology you use and the level of service provided. A revolving door, whether manual or automatic, framed or all-glass provides a clean and highly professional appearance. Revolving doors also naturally limit foot traffic to ensure that people always enter in a safe and relaxed manner, allowing your staff to always provide the right welcome.

Retail – Maximise space and safety

Once again managing pedestrian traffic has to be a focus of businesses in the retail sector. Since the start of the pandemic, it’s crucial to know exactly how many people are within your premise at any one time. This can also in some circumstances include screening details about them. Revolving doors allow you to manage this entry process while maximising the available floor space.

In terms of safety, revolving doors allow you to limit the number of visitors entering your premise at any one time. Combined with a thermal CCTV solution, you can even test skin temperature on entry to better protect your guests and customers. The design of a revolving door allows you to create a one-way-system, even if you don’t have designated entrances or exits, as the same revolving door can be used for both purposes.

Revolving doors are the perfect way to create an efficient entry solution, that guides pedestrian traffic around your premises in an organised and secure way for both them and your staff.

Airports & Stations – Support your capacity needs

With passengers once again returning to airports and busy city stations, it’s vital that these sites can improve both traffic flow efficiency and the travel experience. Congestion needs to be alleviated wherever possible and revolving doors provide a great way to limit queues in a comfortable and visually appealing way. At EA Group we can provide high-capacity, full height gates that allow guests and their belongings an easy way to enter and exit your premises. Full-capacity solutions do not have a centre shaft, allowing space for pushchairs, wheelchairs or luggage trolleys.

Once again there is a cost benefit here too, as the cost of heating or cooling your premises is greatly reduced by the revolving door’s environmental separation. Our full-height solutions also allow reflective light into your building, creating a more appealing entrance.

Healthcare & Education – Improved access and security

Organisations in the healthcare and education sector need to be able to manage high footfall areas effectively. Revolving doors allow you to guarantee that all visitors, patients or students have left and entered in an organised and secure way. Not only are our high-capacity entranceways accessible for all, but they can be augmented with custom built sliding doors for added accessibility.

Our revolving doors are also rigorously tested to meet the highest security standards. Our security solutions range from doors that can integrate with access control services; ideal for schools, all the way up to bulletproof glass for high security sites. We also offer a range of security systems that can be installed alongside your entranceway for added peace of mind.

EA Group are the UK’s leading provider of entrance solutions. All our entranceways are tailored to your businesses’ specific dimensions and requirements, giving you an entrance that remains efficient and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. To get in touch with our team, call EA Group on 01372 459536, or to find out more about our revolving doors, visit our website.

There is no denying that access control systems play a vital role in the security of several commercial premises up and down the UK and they are a tried and tested method for restricting access. Generally speaking, nowadays the term ‘access control’ is used when referring to any electronic method of controlling who can gain entry to a specific point, and you have many different solutions to choose from in this regard.


One of the most commonly sought after types of access control is proximity access control and these systems can be installed to doors, turnstiles, barriers and gates. To gain entry through a point secured with this type of system, you will need some form of proximity card and these are usually key fobs or ID cards. When these are presented, they will either release the locking mechanism for authorised people or deny access for unauthorised people.


If you’re wondering what makes proximity access control systems, in particular, those which are controlled by ID cards, so popular, keep reading today.


Provide you with much more control

Unlike the other options available, when you opt for an ID card access control system, you will have increased control over who can gain entry to secure points. Since every ID card is created specifically for the owner to use, you can control who can enter restricted areas and at what times, rather than having to generalise this for groups of people.


When providing employees with ID cards, you can give each person access rights to certain areas and even for specific times of day too. You will never have to worry about who is where in your building, as you will have complete control over this.


Enable you to track who passes through a secure point

ID cards are one of the only access control solutions that enable you to know exactly who has entered through a secure point. Unlike keypad access control or even key fob access control, because ID cards are allocated to individual members of staff, you will be able to find out which smart card was used to pass through a secure point and track this back to the owner.


It goes without saying that having the ability to do this can be beneficial for several reasons. For example, should an incident ever occur, you will be able to track who was in a particular area at the time and get to the bottom of things much quicker.


Double up as personnel identification cards

Not only are ID card access control systems able to ensure that only authorised people are moving through specific areas of your property, but they can also provide an added layer of visual security too. More often than not, ID cards will be personalised with an image and the name of the owner, and they are frequently worn around the neck on a lanyard.


Should your premises be high-security and you have security guards at your entrance or CCTV systems throughout the building, requiring everyone on site to clearly display their personnel identification can help to ensure that no one unauthorised slips through your security systems.


Easy to activate and deactivate when required

When new employees start working on-site and you need to provide them with their own smart card, it is fairly inexpensive and incredibly straightforward to set them up on your access control system. They will be able to move around authorised areas in no time and you won’t have to worry about them forgetting pin codes and getting locked in or out of restricted areas.


You can trust that your ID card access control system will still be secure if a card is lost or stolen too. Thankfully, you can deactivate a specific employee’s card, meaning that it will no longer be able to gain access and it getting into unauthorised hands won’t cause problems.


Installing an ID card access control system

All in all, it is easy to see why so many choose to install a proximity access control system and it is fair to say that using ID cards as your access control cards is incredibly beneficial too. You can guarantee that this is a brilliant option to consider when using access control throughout your property. If you’re interested in installing an ID card access control system at your commercial premises, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at The EA Group.


Since being established back in 1985, we have been assisting people with both simple residential access control solutions and complex commercial access control systems, so no matter what your needs may be, we will be able to help. You can rely on us to help you increase the security and protect your property, and our experienced team will gladly work with you to create a bespoke system which will be planned and installed correctly, on-time and on budget.


There are a number of different commercial properties across multiple different industry sectors which are classed as ‘high-security’ and therefore require a number of additional security solutions to keep them protected. From banks and jewellery stores to museums and laboratories, it is undeniably important for these locations to have impressive security solutions and without them, they are at a higher risk of common security threats.


Thankfully, nowadays there are a number of brilliant versatile security solutions that can be used across all industries and in numerous different locations to provide properties with the additional protection that they so desperately require. Of course, with lots of different effective options available to choose from, it can be difficult to know which will be most beneficial in high-security locations. So, to help anyone who is currently deciding which security solutions they should invest in, below is a list of must-haves for your property.


Commercial CCTV systems

Many will agree that a CCTV surveillance system is one of the most beneficial security solutions that you can invest in, whether you’re a small corner shop with minimal threats or a large electrical store that is a common target for criminal activity. For many, their CCTV cameras play a key role in monitoring security both inside and around their property.


Of course, a comprehensive commercial CCTV system will enable you to see all areas of your high-security location at all times of day, so you can ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. It isn’t uncommon for CCTV cameras to be a visual deterrent for criminals too and simply having a full surveillance system installed can prevent them from even attempting to gain access and conduct illegal activities on your premises. So, this simple security system is incredibly effective.


Car park barrier entry systems

Whilst it can be easy to overlook, protecting the perimeter of your high-security location is just as essential as protecting the building itself and, for this reason, car park barrier systems are an undeniably beneficial security solution. These automatic barrier systems will help to prevent any unauthorised vehicles from even being able to get onto your premises.


It isn’t uncommon for car park barrier entry systems to be paired with automatic number plate recognition systems to enhance security further and, together, they can make a dramatic difference to the security of your perimeter and, in turn, your property. Another system that is worthwhile considering if you have a car park is an automatic security bollard system and, similarly to a barrier, this system can prevent the access of any authorised vehicles.


Door access control systems

Another must-have security solution for any high-security location is an access control system. As the name suggests, these systems are specifically designed to control the access to your premises and they are incredibly effective in doing so. Arguably, access control solutions are one of the most versatile options available to protect your premises too.


Most commonly, access control systems are fitted to single and double doors, but they can also be used on turnstiles, barriers and gates too. So, not only can they be used inside your property, but they can benefit the surrounding exterior areas too. When you install fully managed access control systems at your high-security location, you will always be in complete control over who is able to move freely around different areas, which is undoubtedly essential.


Installing security solutions at your premises

It is fair to say that in order to increase the security of your premises to the high level required, you will likely need multiple different security systems installed and, thankfully, it is easy to integrate a number of these so that they work well alongside one another. Ultimately, any of the security solutions mentioned above will work brilliantly at a high-security location, so they are all worthwhile considering when wanting to upgrade your current security.


Should you wish to speak to an experienced company about increasing the level of security at your premises, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at The EA Group. We pride ourselves on combining advanced security integration and automation technology with the reliability of service and quality of standards to provide our clients with the exemplary security systems that they require. No matter what type of security you’re interested in installing or what your individual requirements may be, you can trust that you will be in the best hands with our expert team.



It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to install access control systems at their premises and there are so many benefits to doing so. Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the most popular security solutions on the market and its versatility means that it is able to meet the needs of all industry sectors. Often, the fact that you’re easily able to integrate access control systems with other security systems makes it the first choice for businesses too.


When deciding to go ahead and have an access control system installed at your business premises, you will undoubtedly have lots of different decisions to make. Arguably the biggest and most important decision being which access control company you’re going to trust to design and install your system. As you may already know, there are lots of access control companies in the UK and for this reason, you may be struggling to decide who to turn to. So, to help any business owners, below is a list of things that you should look for in an access control company.


Lots of experience

One of the most important things to look for when searching for an access control company is experience. It is fair to say that experience is more than just how long a company has been in business, with experience comes knowledge and skill. When choosing a company that has been providing access control systems for many years, you can be confident in their ability.


Examples of previous work

Many will agree that it is always helpful to see examples of previous work when trying to choose an access control company. Ideally, you will want to choose a company who has previously worked on similar projects to what you’re wanting. If you’re unable to see previous work on a company’s website, they should gladly provide this upon request.


Flexible and bespoke solutions

Finding an access control company that offers bespoke solutions is undeniably beneficial and this can provide you with complete peace of mind that they will be able to meet your needs. Try to find a company that will work alongside you to establish your specific requirements before helping you to create the perfect bespoke solution.


A range of additional services

It is always worthwhile looking for an access control company that is also able to provide you with a range of other security services. As mentioned above, it is easy to integrate access control systems, so if this is something that you’re interested in, you need to ensure that the company you’re considering will be able to do it for you.


Impressive reviews

As well as seeing examples of previous work, it is also beneficial to read reviews and testimonials from previous customers too. This is one of the best ways to get a feel for an access control company and the services that they provide. Nowadays, it is fairly easy to find reviews of companies too, so ensure you’re reading them.


Maintenance and after-sales services

Whilst you may not be thinking past the installation of your access control system, it is always helpful to check after-sales services. Ideally, try to find a company that offers ongoing support and also maintenance services/contracts. You can guarantee that you will thank yourself in the long run for checking this.


Choosing an access control company in the UK

All in all, there is no denying that looking for everything mentioned above can help you to ensure that you’re choosing the very best access control company to assist you. Don’t be afraid to take your time when deciding who to trust with the design and installation of this security solution and never hesitate to ask questions. Any good company will be more than happy to answer these for you and, of course, you can find out a lot about their customer service standards when doing so.


Whenever you’re looking for access control companies in the UK, be sure to visit the EA Group website. Since being founded back in 1983, we have been offering a wide range of products and services to our customers and we now specialise in providing excellence in business and commercial access control. We can assure you that we are able to provide you with the advice required to ensure that you choose the right access control system that will meet all of your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your needs in more detail, we would relish the opportunity to assist you with your project.

Today we installed one of our compact servo-assisted turnstiles, access control, a new PC, and gym membership software to get users back into their gym.

The owner now can control who enters with membership and has a log of who entered and left the premises. If you are looking for a similar solution please contact us here 

Places You Can Expect To Find Turnstiles


Generally, turnstiles are simple mechanical barrier devices. They are usually designed to allow one pedestrian to pass through at a time and their tripod of arms makes this possible. There is no denying that turnstiles are known as a reliable access control solution for both staff and visitors in a range of different settings and, there are numerous benefits for opting for this type of access control system.


Turnstiles are often used to ensure that only authorised people are allowed access to particular areas but, they are much more versatile than people initially realise. If you’re wondering whether a turnstile access control system would be a suitable solution or your commercial building, keep reading today. Our team here at the EA Group have put together a list of places where you can expect to find turnstiles or that turnstiles would work incredibly well.


Train and tube stations or airports


These are probably some of the most common places that you can expect to find some form of turnstile access control system. Whilst they might not all use a traditional tripod of arms, they will all work in a very similar way.


Industries such as travel will use turnstiles to not only slow down the footfall and control the amount of traffic they can get at busy times but, they also use them to prevent piggybacking and tailgating. Typical turnstiles in these settings will require a specific ticket to allow access.


Theme parks and tourist attractions


You can also expect to find turnstile access control systems in theme parks and other similar tourist attractions. Due to the fact that they are notoriously difficult to jump or skip, they are effective in preventing unauthorised access.


In this particular setting, turnstiles are also used to keep track of how many people enter and exit the attraction or even ride each ride at a park. This can be incredibly useful information for the owners of these places and it is an extremely easy way to get accurate data.


Office and work buildings


It isn’t uncommon to see turnstile access control systems at the entrance of office/work buildings too. Usually, these turnstiles will require a valid form of identification to access the site, such as an ID card or a key fob.


You can get various turnstiles that suit a professional working environment, so not only will they increase safety by only allowing authorised entry, but they will look sleek and modern too. These turnstiles can also be integrated with other forms of security systems as well.


Leisure facilities and entertainment venues


Usually, you will find turnstiles in leisure facilities such as swimming pools and entertainment venues such as stadiums too. Again, in these particular locations, they are often used to control crowds and regulate the number of people who can move from one area to another at once.


These turnstile access control systems might not necessarily require a ticket or membership card to be presented, depending on the venue. However, if it is required then they usually benefit from anti-passback technology to prevent duplicate use of one ticket.


Installing turnstiles in your commercial building


Hopefully, you will now know how incredibly flexible turnstile access control systems are. It goes without saying that they can be a brilliant solution for a vast range of different commercial sectors and they often meet the many needs of those looking to control the access to specific buildings or areas of these buildings. So, it is worthwhile considering them as an option when deciding which type of access control system to choose.


If you have any questions about turnstile access control systems or you’re searching for a company that can design and install a system for you, please contact our team here at the EA Group. We have the experience required to assist you and you can trust that thanks to our expertise and knowledge we will always deliver. When you choose the EA Group, you can trust that our team of professionals will supply and install the perfect solution. So, get in touch today to find out more.


Undeniable Benefits Of Access Control Systems


It isn’t uncommon for you to require some form of pass or code to be able to enter business properties these days, and many people rely on access control systems to protect their premises. ‘Access Control’ is a general term that is used in the security industry, generally, it refers to an electronic method of controlling who can pass through a given secured point, usually an external or internal door of a property.


There is no denying that access control systems are a brilliant flexible solution to any companies looking to successfully limit who can freely walk around their building. If you’re wondering whether an access control system could be the perfect solution for your business needs, keep reading today. Our team here at the EA Group have looked into the benefits of installing a system of this kind.


Provides additional security


Of course, one of the main reasons why businesses tend to install access control systems is because of the additional security that they will provide a property. You will no longer have to worry about unwanted visitors and trespassers or even criminals easily being able to pick your locks and access the building.


Restrict access to specific areas


Not only can the system protect the whole building, but it can also prevent access to specific areas within the building too. You will be able to choose who has access to which parts of the building, so it is very easy to ensure that any required areas have limited access by authorised personnel only.


Flexible and adaptable solution


There is such a vast range of access control systems available on the market and you can even design a specific system to ensure that it meets all of your needs, it can be much more than a standard door solution if required. These systems are also incredibly easy to integrate into other security systems too, so you’ll never be restricted in this regard.


Easily monitor who is entering and exiting


Not only can you decide who is able to enter a specific area of the building but you can also monitor who is entering too. Many access control systems allow you to see who enters and exits an area and the time in which they do so. This is beneficial for so many different reasons and may be very helpful in various situations.


Allows easy multi-location access


An access control system can make moving between multiple business locations much easier. If you have more than one premises, you can ensure that a single identification card or key fob works across all buildings if required. It will prevent the need to have multiple different keys or access methods and can make things much easier in general.


Installing an access control system


It goes without saying that choosing to install an access control system can provide numerous benefits to your business and you can guarantee that you will thank yourself for doing so in the long run. All of the benefits mentioned above greatly outweigh any concerns that you may have about a system of this kind and when you choose an experienced company to design and install your access control system, you won’t need to worry at all.


When searching for a reliable company to assist you with your new access control system, please visit the EA Group website today. We have many years of experience and expertise that will ensure that your access control system will be both planned and installed correctly. You can trust that it will be on-time and on budget and, our professionals will ensure that your needs are met and any security risks are eliminated. So, why waste your time looking elsewhere?

Why It Is Beneficial For Business To Install Automatic Number Plate Recognition


If your business property is located in a city centre or a desirable location and lucky enough to have a dedicated car park then it goes without saying that you will want to ensure that this car park is well protected. Not only will you want to ensure your employee’s vehicles are safe when they’re left unattended but you will also want to make sure that there is space for them to use the car park every morning.


Many business owners will find themselves weighing up various options, such as car park attendants and gates or barriers, to solve the issues they may be experiencing but, an automatic number plate recognition system could be the perfect solution. These systems can assist with all aspects of security, surveillance, access control and also traffic management. If you’re wondering whether a system of this kind will be beneficial to your business, keep reading today.


Easily grant access to authorised vehicles


These specific types of systems are designed to read vehicle license plates making them the easiest way to ensure that only authorised vehicles gain entry to your car park. Often, these systems interact with vehicle management solutions such as barriers and gates so when an authorised number plate is read, access will be granted straight away.


Efficient and cost-effective solution


You can always rely on an automatic number plate recognition system to be much more efficient and cost-effective than other alternatives too. When compared to stationing someone at the barrier for manual checks, for example, not only are these systems much less time consuming but they are more accurate too. Not to mention that they are only a one-off reduced cost as well.


Reduce parking and traffic issues


Having an automatic number plate recognition system installed will help you to manage the traffic flow and prevent any parking issues for your staff too. You will be able to ensure your car park isn’t being taken over by unauthorised visitors. It can also help you resolve any issues that occur in the car park too, for example, if someone is blocked in, then these systems make it much easier to identify the owner of the vehicle.


Monitor who is on your premises


This type of system isn’t solely used to prevent overcrowding of a car park, it can also help track visitors and employees too. An automatic number plate recognition system is an efficient and effective way to monitor vehicles entering and exiting the car park. You also have the ability to monitor the car park 24/7, so you will always know who is on the premises.


Easy to install standalone system


Unlike lots of other systems, automatic number plate recognition is easy to install due to the fact it is a standalone system. If you don’t want to integrate it then you don’t have to, it can be just as effective when used independently. When working with an experienced company, you will be surprised just how quickly the system can be up and running.


Installing an automatic number plate recognition system


It is clear to see that automatic number plate recognition systems are a brilliant solution for any businesses that are currently experiencing issues with their private car park. When installing a system of this kind you can relax knowing that you will no longer have to put up with any common recurring issues with your car park and your employees won’t have to worry at all in this regard.


When searching for a company that can assist you with an automatic number plate recognition system, please don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group. We have provided a range of different systems and solutions to various businesses and you can trust that we have the experience required to assist you too. You can trust that we can design an automatic number plate recognition system that meets all of your specific needs. So, get in touch today.