Why It Is Beneficial For Business To Install Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Why It Is Beneficial For Business To Install Automatic Number Plate Recognition


If your business property is located in a city centre or a desirable location and lucky enough to have a dedicated car park then it goes without saying that you will want to ensure that this car park is well protected. Not only will you want to ensure your employee’s vehicles are safe when they’re left unattended but you will also want to make sure that there is space for them to use the car park every morning.


Many business owners will find themselves weighing up various options, such as car park attendants and gates or barriers, to solve the issues they may be experiencing but, an automatic number plate recognition system could be the perfect solution. These systems can assist with all aspects of security, surveillance, access control and also traffic management. If you’re wondering whether a system of this kind will be beneficial to your business, keep reading today.


Easily grant access to authorised vehicles


These specific types of systems are designed to read vehicle license plates making them the easiest way to ensure that only authorised vehicles gain entry to your car park. Often, these systems interact with vehicle management solutions such as barriers and gates so when an authorised number plate is read, access will be granted straight away.


Efficient and cost-effective solution


You can always rely on an automatic number plate recognition system to be much more efficient and cost-effective than other alternatives too. When compared to stationing someone at the barrier for manual checks, for example, not only are these systems much less time consuming but they are more accurate too. Not to mention that they are only a one-off reduced cost as well.


Reduce parking and traffic issues


Having an automatic number plate recognition system installed will help you to manage the traffic flow and prevent any parking issues for your staff too. You will be able to ensure your car park isn’t being taken over by unauthorised visitors. It can also help you resolve any issues that occur in the car park too, for example, if someone is blocked in, then these systems make it much easier to identify the owner of the vehicle.


Monitor who is on your premises


This type of system isn’t solely used to prevent overcrowding of a car park, it can also help track visitors and employees too. An automatic number plate recognition system is an efficient and effective way to monitor vehicles entering and exiting the car park. You also have the ability to monitor the car park 24/7, so you will always know who is on the premises.


Easy to install standalone system


Unlike lots of other systems, automatic number plate recognition is easy to install due to the fact it is a standalone system. If you don’t want to integrate it then you don’t have to, it can be just as effective when used independently. When working with an experienced company, you will be surprised just how quickly the system can be up and running.


Installing an automatic number plate recognition system


It is clear to see that automatic number plate recognition systems are a brilliant solution for any businesses that are currently experiencing issues with their private car park. When installing a system of this kind you can relax knowing that you will no longer have to put up with any common recurring issues with your car park and your employees won’t have to worry at all in this regard.


When searching for a company that can assist you with an automatic number plate recognition system, please don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group. We have provided a range of different systems and solutions to various businesses and you can trust that we have the experience required to assist you too. You can trust that we can design an automatic number plate recognition system that meets all of your specific needs. So, get in touch today.