EA Swing Lane-S Speed Gate

EA Swing Lane-S Speed Gate

The Swing Lane-S slim speed gate combines elegance and sophistication within it’s slim profile design and beautiful LED illumination


  • Slim Footprint Design
  • 30 People Per Minute
  • Opens in 0.8 Seconds
  • Two Way Traffic Flow
  • Choice of surface finishes
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Glass or optional plastic retracting panels
  • Can be controlled from most access systems


The Swing Lane-S slim speed gate combines elegance and sophistication within it’s slim profile design and beautiful LED illumination.

The narrow profile footprint of this speed gate makes it an attractive, yet highly effective access control barrier wherever it is positioned in a building.

The latest addition in the EA speed gate series, Swing Lane S combines the many advantages of our popular Swing Lane model in its new redesigned slim housing and within a class leading narrow footprint.

This model therefore operates in the same swing open gate principle as the standard EA Swing Lane, and with glass (or optional plastic) panels acting as the pedestrian barrier gates on each lane.


Depending on which direction that a person approaches the speed gate, when authorised to do so, it will swing open in the opposing direction allowing that person passage through the controlled lane.

As with the standard Swing Lane, the Swing Lane-S model boasts up to 30 people passing through per minute, a gate opening time of 0.8 seconds, and is available in lane widths from 550mm up to 900mm with the Swing Lane-S 900 model.

Standard gate operation uses two modes, either normally open or normally closed, along with a host of operational modes when linked to an access control system. An option for shoulder height wings is available upon request. Standard black or white glass tops incorporate card reader mountings and LED displays.

The EA Swing Lane-S speed gate can also control access in one direction to enforce the foot flow of pedestrian traffic through directional lanes.


Each housing is 110mm wide, making the Swing Lane-S speed gate suitable for any application but especially if space is at a premium.

As with all of our speed gate range, this model is available in different finishes to aesthetically fit into the surroundings that it is installed within. These finishes include but are not limited to; brushed or polished stainless steel and any RAL colour PPC.

Whatever you wish to achieve using speed lanes or speed gates as part of your access control plans, please get in contact with us, and one of our specialists will be delighted to advise you.


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