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Improving Pedestrian Flow Control with Speed Gates

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Businesses and organisations of all kinds have recently had to consider the way guests move around their premises much more carefully. Reducing congestion and improving safety are new priorities, alongside security and ease of movement. No matter the scale of your organisation, we know that dedicating personnel to your entrances just isn’t feasible. At EA Group we’re looking at new ways to improve the flow of pedestrian traffic, with or without a manned element.

Speed gates can be the solution for you. Whether you are looking to add an extra layer of security to an entrance, or track attendance around different sections of your site, their appearance and versatility make them an ideal solution. In this blog we’ll explain how strategically placed speed gates can drastically improve the flow of pedestrian traffic around your site.

Improve security without increasing congestion

We know that making your premise into a more secure environment has benefits for both you and your guests. Not only does it protect your site from unwanted intruders, but a visually secure environment makes guests feel more at ease. Many security features and access control services can service to slow down entry if not implemented properly though.

Speed gates are an exception. The clue really is in the name here, and speed gates are designed to allow incredibly efficient access while still improving security. This is partly due to their design and ability to open and close in 0.8 seconds, and partly due to their ability to integrate with a wide variety of access control systems. Our EA speed lanes allow you to improve people-flow at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Your speed gates can work alongside the access control measures you already use or can be equipped with new ones. These include swipe cards, access tokens or even biometrics. These can be customised with your branding and can be tailored to only open certain speed gates around your premise, allowing you increase security in important areas.

Keep track of your staff and guests

In many environments, such as in schools or certain industries like manufacturing or logistics, it’s crucial that you know where guests and staff for record logs or in case of emergency. Your speed gates, combined with access control services, can make this process easy. Using access control integration, your speed gate will immediately log which person has entered through it on your database. For schools, this is a great way to monitor attendance, while in offices you can use this feature as a way to clock in or out.

Alongside tracking attendance more quickly, speed gates also serve to make the process more secure. We can offer full height speed gates that cannot be hurdled, as well as tailgating sensors that stop unauthorised access behind others.

Improve access for all people

People with mobility aids need to be accommodated for around your site, without sacrificing security or pedestrian flow. Speed gates are an ideal solution here as well. Alongside our speed gates, we can install extra wide models or glass swing gates that are ideal for wheelchairs or other mobility aids. These swing lanes are still compatible with all our access control features and are ideal for creating a more pleasant welcome for any guest.

At EA Group we can tailor your speed gates to meet the needs of your site. We know that in some entranceways such as in gyms or offices, space may be at a premium. We can customise our gates to ensure that they remain efficient and accessible while still fitting within the aesthetic vision of your site.

Work alongside your existing operation

You might already have a security presence at your entrance, even ones with existing entry solutions like tripod turnstiles. Speed gates can enhance this process by speeding up the flow of pedestrians. If you wish to have a manned presence monitoring your speed gates, then they can be customised to include a control desk and can be operated using buttons on this desk. This allows you to maintain a great level of security, while massively reducing congestion at your entrance.

Combining these fast-operating gates with security personnel allows you to guide visitors smoothly throughout your site. This reduces crowds and creates a safer and more welcoming entrance for any guests or staff. This is especially useful in public spaces such as medical centres, stations, airports and larger commercial spaces.

At EA Group we can provision speed gates, made in the UK and install them bespoke for your business. Provisioning our products from the UK means that our maintenance and installation processes are incredibly efficient. There’s no worry about missing parts or shipping costs.

For more information about our speed gates or access control systems mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.