EA Electromechanical Turnstile

EA Electromechanical Turnstile

A turnstile designed to provide smooth and efficient access in crowded public environments. The EA Electromechanical Turnstile is ideal for transportation areas, universities, banks, business centers, museums, gyms and events.


  • Bi-Directional Access
  • Space available for coin mechanism and safe
  • Heavier in mass with closed back
  • Can be controlled from most access systems
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel finish available

Controlled by
■ Access control system
■ Manual control

In case of power failure, the arms of the turnstile allow free passage in both directions.

Additional Options
■ Integration with card reader, fingerprint or face recognition

■ Space for coin mechanism and coin safe


EA Electromechanical Turnstiles ensure a smooth entry can be achieved even in crowded areas such as public transportation areas, universities, banks, business centres, amusement parks, museums, gymnasiums, and concert entrances. This turnstile is designed to allow more than 30 passes in 1 minute.

The feature that distinguishes this solutions from our other tripod turnstiles is that it is heavier in mass and its back is closed.

With the Electromechanical Turnstile Bi-directional access can be provided if needed. Any access control device such as card reader, fingerprint or face recognition can be easily integrated into the turnstile. As soon as the right of way is given, the turnstile is unlocked, and the transition is provided by lightly touching the arms. We also offer a suitable space for a coin mechanism and coin safe, this is suitable for coin-operated passes if required.

Effective in any situation

In case of power failure, the arms of the turnstile allow free passage in both directions. As an option, a falling arm mechanism can be provided. In this mechanism, when the power is cut off, any signal from the emergency system is sent to the turnstile card and the arm is dropped, making the passageway completely empty.

EA Electromechanical Turnstiles are generally available from stock.

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