EA Swing HG Speed Gate

EA Swing HG Speed Gate

EA Swing HG is a cost effective security speed gate solution, with high glass panels they improve security, access control and people flow


  • High glass panels up to 1800mm prevents hurdling
  • Choice of surface finishes
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Glass or optional plastic panels
  • Can be controlled from most access systems


EA Swing HG is the tall version of our speed gate model intended for applications where a higher degree of security is required.

Boasting high glass panel wings available up to 1800 mm from the floor level, this model is designed to prevent the passing of items over the turnstile, as well as people hurdling them.

Furthermore with passage widths of between 550mm and 900mm, the EA Swing HG is a DDA compliant security speed gate for wheel chair access.

Both the height of wings and the passage width dimensions can be exactly specified to suit a building or secure entrance application. The EA Swing HG wings as standard are manufactured from safety tempered glass, however they are also available manufactured from polycarbonate or metal tube.

As with all of our speed gate models, the EA Swing HG is available in a choice of finishes including brushed stainless steel and PPC in any RAL colour to blend and compliment the surrounding aesthetic decor.

The EA Swing HG speed gates can be controlled manually or integrated with an access control system.

As with all of our speed gates, this model has the integration capability from a building fire alarm system output, release for an evacuation upon a fire alarm signal.

Both access directions are free when the turnstile is powered down


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