We are delighted to report that following a courtesy visit to one of our clients in Weybridge Surrey. The EA Swing Speed Lanes we recently installed are exceeding their high expectations. Furthermore, the feedback from their users has been excellent.

EA Swing S Tops

First of all, the clients remit was clear. To procure the finest and most reliable slim foot speed gates for their prestigious new office reception area, but within the shortest time frame.

EA could supply and install our beautiful high-quality speed gate products from stock held in the UK.
Consequently, by eliminating manufacturing time. We delivered the project, with a very impressive product, in the fastest turnaround.

The main fit out contractor was only on site for 4 weeks. Within this period, we visited, quoted, re-surveyed, installed and left the Speed Lanes as you see them in these images above.

You can read more about our high quality Speed Gate products here.

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WHG Housing Association came to EA Group and required a solution to their fairly new but drafty building.

As we often see they have two pairs of draft lobbies that sit opposite each other and when open they let air conditioned air out and hot or cold air in, this is particularly noticeable in the winter as the cold enters and fills the atrium within.

We proposed that the lobbies could be altered to have a DDA door to each side, remove one pair of sliding doors internally and replace with UK manufactured all glass revolving doors. The outer set remain to offer an extra line of security out of hours.

Whilst on site we were shown another set of sliding doors that were operated with access control, these were priced with a much better solution of high glass speed lanes. to stop tailgating.

Another service we were able to offer were full renders to the client so they could envisage the changes. Below are just a few:

The WHG Walsall entrance before new revolving doors installed


A rendered impression of how the WHG Walsall building will look when complete, showing the new revolving doors


A rendered impression of the new entrance at the WHG Walsall building showing new revolving door installed


A CAD rendered impression by EA Group of WHG Walsall showing High Glass Speed Gates turnstiles installed


EA Group won this under competitive tender and we are pleased to say that not only did we show good value, we will be able to turn this around much faster than our competitors who import.

In one case we are a third of our competitor’s lead-time.

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Sweeper-S Speed Lane

I proudly write to say we have just sold a number of EA Swing-S slim speed lanes to this client in Salford, Manchester. Talk Talk went to the market earlier this year and contacted a number of companies looking for minimalist lanes for the refurbishment of their Soapworks facility. Our slim speed lanes and pass gates were specified thereafter and will be installed on three floors. Works commence in early 2018

Speed Gates - Sweeper-S

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us via our web enquiry form or call us on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services


Improbable Worlds Limited (commonly referred to as Improbable) are a British multinational technology company founded in 2012 with its headquarters in Farringdon, London.

The company have created SpatialOS, which is a computation platform that enables the creation of massive simulations and virtual worlds for use in video games and corporate simulations. The firm partnered with Google in December 2016.

Improbable Worlds came to us with a requirement to enhance the security to the main and side entrances of their London offices. We raised a quote on the same day of the survey, and our EA Swing Speed Lanes were installed just six weeks later.

EA Group were approached for the speed lane package at Weston House in High Holborn.

We met with the contractor and architect and a bespoke solution was quickly offered and agreed. The multiple gates which were a variation to the scheme were available for installation well within the existing programme.

Our Speed Gates can be seen in this promotional letting video: