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Deciding Which Type Of Speed Gate To Install

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The vast majority of big commercial properties, from offices to leisure centres, will use some form of access control security system at their entrance. There are a number of benefits to these systems and they are incredibly effective in slowing the flow of foot traffic and preventing unauthorised access in any property. Nowadays, with a vast range of different security solutions to choose from, it is easy to find something that is perfect for each and every building too.


One of the most commonly sought after options available in this regard is speed gates and they are a brilliant solution to install. They are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional turnstiles, for example, and they are also much quicker in operation too. If you’re interested in installing speed gates at your property, you now have a selection of different designs to choose from and to help you do so, below is some more information about them.


Classic speed gate

This is what most people picture when they think of a speed gate and they feature glass or plastic panels that retract into the turnstile body upon an authorised signal, you may commonly hear these referred to as speed lanes too. These gates can also be programmed to operate in reverse, so they only extend the panels out to block the lane when required.


These classic speed gates are only waist height and they are fairly compact in design. On average, they can allow up to 30 authorised people to enter in a minute and they provide a high traffic flow capacity without risking the safety of the users. With wide speed gates available too, if you need a DDA compliant solution, they are a brilliant option.


Swing speed gate

As the name suggests, swing speed gates operate on the swing open principle and they feature two panels that meet in the centre when they are closed. Whilst they are commonly seen with waist height panels, they can also feature high glass panels which can be up to 1800 mm from the floor level, making them perfect when a higher degree of security is required.


They are very modern in design and tend to feature glass side panels too, and they are also available in both wider lanes and slim profile designs as well. All of the swing speed gate options can be controlled in either manual modes or automatic modes, whereby an access control system is used.


Slide speed gate

Again, this speed gate is aptly named and two glass panels slide apart to allow entry to authorised visitors. This gate can be supplied up to 1540 mm high, so it will effectively reduce the risk of people hurdling over them. Due to this, they are another design that is commonly used in areas where a higher level of security is required.


Slide speed gates also feature a short opening and closing time, and this tends to be around just 0.8 seconds, which makes them perfect for any areas that also experience very high levels of foot traffic. Like all of the other speed gates above, they can be controlled manually or by an access control system too.


Wide swing gate

This type of speed gate is specifically designed as a simple access control barrier where wider accessibility is needed, whether this is disabled access and delivery routes. A swing gate is just as modern and sleek as any other type of speed gate, but it is much more simplistic and is simply one swinging glass gate.


They are available in width sizes from 500 mm to 900 mm and can be controlled in either manual or automatic mode. It isn’t uncommon for these swing gates to be used alongside one of the other options mentioned above.


Installing speed gates at your property

Hopefully, you will know a little bit more about the different types of speed gates available on the market nowadays. There is no denying that any of these designs will work brilliantly at the entrance to a commercial property, but you should now find it slightly easier to decide which will be most suitable for your individual property and also your needs. Ultimately, whichever you choose, you can guarantee that they will be effective in controlling the access to your property.


If you’d like to speak to an experienced professional about speed gates in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at the EA Group today. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality security and entrance solutions across the UK and Ireland, so you can trust that we are the perfect people to turn to in this regard. Once you have decided which you’d like to install, we will work closely with you to design, manufacture and install your new access control solution too. We look forward to assisting you further.