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Things To Think About When Choosing Between The Access Control Entry Options

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There are a number of benefits to installing some form of access control system throughout an organisation and it is guaranteed to instantly improve your level of security. Nowadays, there are so many different types of access control systems to choose from too and it is easy to find the perfect solution for your business’ individual needs.


Arguably, one of the most important decisions to make in relation to a business access control system is the entry options you’re going to use. From proximity access control systems that require an identification card or key fob to biometric reader access control systems that use fingerprints and facial recognition, there are a number of different options to choose from.


So, to help any business owners ensure that they install the most suitable entry option for their business access control system, below are some essential things to think about.


Where the access control system is being installed

More often than not, the location of your access control system will influence the entry option you choose. For example, number plate recognition systems will only work for car park access control and usually, intercom door entry systems are only used at the entrance to a property. So, if your business access control system is going to be used throughout your whole building, you may want to consider an entry solution that will be suitable for all controlled areas.


How big your whole workforce is

You should always think about the number of people who work for your business, whether this is on a full time, part-time or flexible basis. Depending on the entry option you choose, all employees may need to be given an ID card/key fob or be informed of pin codes, so you should consider which is likely to be more suitable for the size of your workforce. Remember to take into account the likelihood of things getting lost or forgotten too and how this will impact you.


The likelihood of people needing to access different areas

Whether you have one site or multiple sites that will be linked to one business access control system, it is always important to bear in mind how many employees will require access to multiple restricted areas. Say, for example, you were to install keypad pin code entry systems and have different codes on every door, this isn’t going to be convenient for those who require access to a number of areas and a different entry option may be more suitable.


Your budget for your security solutions

As you may expect, some of the entry options are more expensive than others, so it is always important to think about what your budget is. When considering your budget, you shouldn’t just look at upfront costs, it’s essential to think about ongoing costs too. For example, a biometric system is likely to be the most expensive upfront and a proximity system one of the cheapest, but whenever you need new key fobs for your proximity system, this will be an additional cost.


Whether you require your system to have reporting capabilities

It is possible for business access control systems to provide reports about the activity in your workplace. For example, time and attendance access control systems can inform you when members of staff arrive and leave, and some systems can inform you about door activity history and invalid access attempts too. However, only entry solutions such as ID cards will be suitable if you want these types of reports, so think about whether they’re something you’re interested in.


Installing a business access control system

It is fair to say that there really isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution to business access control systems and when choosing an entry option, alongside personal preference, a number of different factors will influence the decision that you make. Hopefully, by taking the time to carefully think about everything mentioned above, you will find it easier to decide which entry option will be best for your business and your employees.


When wanting to install an access control system at your business premises, be sure to contact our team here at the EA Group. We are incredibly proud of our reputation as an established quality brand that specialises in the integration of security systems and entrance solutions, and we offer an incredibly wide range of products and services. No matter what your individual needs may be in relation to your business access control system, you can guarantee that we will be able to meet them.