What are Speed Lanes?

A Speed Lane is an elegant, efficient, and cost-effective Speed Gate entrance solution. They operate on the principle of glass or plastic panels working as barrier gates. The glass or plastic panels retract into the turnstile body after an authorised signal. 

Designed for high-traffic areas, such as airports or sports stadiums, they add an additional layer of security for many venues and improve the flow of people into a building or space.

A Speed Lane entrance allows for a faster flow of people compared to a regular entranceway. They are available in different passage widths, a variety of surface finishes and are designed to be robust and reliable. A Speed Lane can be equipped with technology like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or biometric authentication to speed up the process of identifying and allowing authorized individuals through.

EA are experts in providing Speed Lanes to businesses across all sectors. We have a wide selection of options to suit different needs. As the experts, we thought we’d share how speed lanes can maximise security and efficiency in a venue.

Key features of Speed Lanes

Let’s take a look at the key features of Speed Lanes.

High-speed operation – Speed Lane turnstiles are designed to operate quickly, allowing for fast and efficient movement of personnel through the security checkpoint.

Controlled access- Speed Lane turnstiles are equipped with access control measures, such as card readers or biometric authentication devices, to verify someone’s identity before allowing them entry. 

Integration with security systems- Speed Lanes can be integrated with other security systems, such as security cameras and alarms to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Durable materials- They are typically built with durable materials and designed to withstand high levels of use, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Ease of use- Speed Lane turnstiles have intuitive controls and simple operations which require minimal training.

Aesthetic design – They are designed to fit into any modern interior.

The benefits of Speed Lanes 

Now let’s look at the main benefits Speed Lanes provide.

Increased efficiency- Allowing for a faster flow of people, speed lanes reduce the time and effort required to enter or exit a building. Events with large crowds in attendance can be assured that congestion is kept to a minimum and crowds move into a space safely and efficiently.

Enhanced security- Being equipped with technology such as RFID or biometric authentication, provides controlled access to restricted areas, giving businesses an extra layer of security. The retraction of the barriers can also be programmed to work in reverse, with the panels only coming out to block the lane if the signal is unauthorised.

Improved customer experience – Making the process of entering or exiting a building faster and more convenient, goes towards improving a visitor’s overall experience of your venue or business.  It sets a professional image and can help with customer satisfaction.

Reduced costs- Reducing the time and effort required to enter or exit a building can help minimise impact to staff productivity, allowing people to get where they need to be, quickly.  Additionally, using a speed turnstile gate eliminates the need for staff to check identification manually.

Increased revenue – Improving efficiency and customer experience can lead to increased foot traffic, which can lead to increased revenue for businesses.

Speed Lanes and security

Speed lane turnstiles provide excellent security for businesses where crowd control is essential, such as:

  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Amusement parks
  • Public transportation hubs
  • Airports and train stations
  • Event venues
  • Shopping centres
  • Museums and galleries
  • Hospitals and medical centres

These businesses benefit from Speed Lane turnstiles as they allow for quick and efficient entry and exit of large numbers of people. Depending on the venue and security requirements, Speed Lane turnstile gate heights can be customised, and turnstiles can be widened. EA can advise venues on the most suitable options for them.

How to maximise the efficiency and security of your Speed Lanes

To maximise the efficiency and security of your Speed Lanes, there are some steps you can follow.

To ensure traffic flow is properly managed and doesn’t cause congestion, we recommend training staff on the use of technology and procedures to support any usage issues that arise. Congestion issues will be minimised if staff understand how to help people with authentication issues.

It’s important to monitor activity on the Speed Lanes to stop security breaches or fraudulent activities. This is particularly important at event venues or high-security premises.

Regularly maintaining the equipment and systems will help to ensure that they are functioning correctly and increase the longevity of the product. By maintaining the equipment and evaluating its performance, changes can be made as necessary to keep them working efficiently.

EA Group are experts in providing secure entrance solutions. Get in touch with one of the team to find out how we can help your business.

Speed gates are an increasingly popular choice for business premises. They operate in a similar way to turnstiles and can be integrated with many of the same security features. However, speed gates offer a noticeable upgrade in regard to their speed and modern design.

Speed gates are particularly useful for managing the people flow and security of your premises. EA Group have compiled some of the key security features that make speed gates an ideal choice for business security.

The safety and speed of their design

Our waist-height speed gates are designed to limit and control how many people are entering a site at once. The gates operate using glass doors that open and close when access is granted. These generally operate faster than turnstiles and allow staff and visitors to pass through in less than a second.

There are some different designs for speed gates that are useful in different premises. Our winged design is very aesthetically pleasing, fast and effectively blocks passage when closed. Flap doors are especially secure as they are raised beyond mid-height, making it more challenging for anyone to climb over.

Speed gates have in-built design features that make them safer to use. They are programmed to detect when people are trapped when closed, by reopening if an activity is detected. They are also fitted with an in-built UPS battery backup to keep them operating in the event of a power failure. Alternatively, the glass doors can be programmed to open completely in the event of a power loss or emergency.

Robustness, durability and customisation

Speed gates are designed to accommodate high levels of people-flow and are durable enough for heavy, long-term use in even the busiest of sites.

The main bodies of our speed gates are made of stainless steel. The barriers themselves are also made of thick glass that is built to last. Our speed lanes can be built to custom requirements, including different sizes, widths and the built-in features that you require.

Authentication features

Speed lanes can be installed to open their gates whenever someone approaches. However, we can also fit them with almost many different authentication options.

We often provide speed gates for premises that require key card, fob or ticket scanning authentication, or even bio-metric information such as fingerprints. We can also fit the speed gates with ‘hands-free’ proximity card readers that can allow people to pass without needing to present their authentication directly to the access control reader. These are particularly useful in arrangements where a company wants to limit the spreading of germs and bacteria.

Authentication entry gives speed gates versatility for a range of different sectors that require unmanned entrance security. We have supplied speed gates for stadiums, amusement parks, leisure and healthcare facilities, airports and many more sectors.

Access control and site entry management

If your building uses a centralised access control system, we can seamlessly integrate your speed gates into it. Using access control, you’ll be able to monitor your people flow and attendance.

In some circumstances, you can use your access control system to analyse the metrics you need to improve your business. Premises such as gyms and leisure centres integrate their entry systems to count how many people are in the building at different times. This way, the business knows when their peak times are at different points in the year.

Managing people flow and preventing tailgating

Speed gates can be used to ensure people enter a site at a safe speed. When it’s integrated with your access control, people will not be able to enter without authentication. This means that you will never have vast numbers of people entering a building all at once and that people can always enter safely and securely. In stadiums and venues, this is an invaluable safety measure that can support your people flow.
Both the winged and flapped glass door designs are quick to open and close. Those without authentication who seek to try and tailgate people in front, don’t stand a chance. The doors will simply close on them, but without trapping the person due to the safety of the speed gate design. With speed lanes, you can ensure that entry is only given to those who have access.

Assisting your security staff

We understand the challenges your security staff can face when guarding your premises. In areas of high-volume entrance or many different tasks to attend to, it’s vital to have the right tech. Speed gates can offer a helping hand to any security team.

Built to be self-sufficient, speed lanes can give your security team the time to monitor other areas of your building’s security. Or if your security staff oversee the main entrance where your speed gates are situated, your security will become much tighter with the added layer of assistance.

Looking to introduce speed gates to your premises?

If you’re looking to introduce speed gates into your access system, we can help you. EA Group are one of the most reputable suppliers of advanced security and access solutions in the UK. Call us on +44 1372 459536 to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly members of staff.

Speed gates and turnstiles. They fulfil the same role in a building, making entry throughout a building a smoother, safer and more organised process. There are some fundamental differences between them though, and as the experts here at EA Group, we want to explain them today.

First, it’s helpful to explain exactly what speed gates and turnstiles are.

What are speed gates?

Speed gates are a medium security entry solution that are usually waist-high. Speed gates are usually made up of a body, a gate, and an access control system. The gate can open in a variety of ways depending on the model you choose. Some swing open or closed, while slide lanes feature panels that retract.

What are turnstiles?

The most common type of turnstiles are tripod turnstiles. These reliable entrance solutions are made up of a body and three rotating arms. These are a much more established entry solution. Though they may lack visual impact, they more than make up for it in functionality.

What are the different types of speed gate?

There is more than one type of speed gate. They are usually differentiated by their method of opening. Swing lanes are arguably the most common. As the name suggests, they feature a gate that swings open and closed automatically. Swing lanes are excellent as their size can be customised to accommodate varying levels of accessibility.

Slide lanes feature glass sliding panels that retract when authorised by an access control system. These slide lanes can be customised in terms of height for better security and have a very fast opening and closing time.

Speed lanes are a variation on slide lanes. The difference between them is that speed lanes have a more ergonomic and elegant design. Depending on the aesthetic style of your building, these incredibly modern solutions could be right for you. They feature a 0.8 second opening/closing time, to prevent tailgating.

What other types of turnstiles are available?

The classic tripod turnstile is one that is instantly recognisable from train stations, stadiums and events of all kinds. What you might not have seen before is a Glass-Pass security turnstile. These turnstiles are full-height and are designed for un-attended areas where security still needs to be kept tight. Glass-Pass turnstiles are visually impressive, being designed mostly from glass as the name suggests!

We also offer different variations on the tripod turnstile. Our newest are electromechanical turnstiles, which are ideal for the transport and events sector. They feature bi-directional access and are compatible with most access control systems. They even have space available for a coin mechanism and safe.

Should I choose a turnstile or speed gate?

This depends on a variety of factors, including your budget, the aesthetic you’re going for and the amount of guests you expect to enter and exit your premise at any time. Security needs to be considered above everything.

Although turnstiles do provide a level of security, when combined with a human presence, they aren’t suitable for high-security areas unless you use a Glass-Pass. Speed gates include systems to prevent tailgating, and provide a more easily managed entry process. Speed gates also work alongside more access control systems, such as card readers, biometrics, intercoms, or remote control. Turnstiles are more limited here.

In terms of aesthetic, you have a variety of options no matter whether you choose turnstiles or speed gates. All our solutions are expertly crafted bespoke to your needs by our team based in the UK. This means that no matter the architecture of your site, we’ll find a solution that matches your needs. Our solutions are all made in the UK, meaning there’s no long wait for replacement parts or maintenance if needed.

What safety features do turnstiles and speed gates have?

Turnstiles and speed gates aren’t just about managing entry to your site, they also provide valuable safety benefits. Their integration with access control systems means that your team can see exactly who is present in any part of your site. This is incredibly valuable for tracking attendance in the education sector.

Similarly in the case of an emergency, speed gates can lock to an open position and the arms of turnstiles can be set to move freely in either direction. If you prefer your entrance to have an attended security presence, but still wish to gain the value of these services, they can be operated manually using a button.

Using either of these services, or a combination of them for your business, allows you to guide visitors throughout your site. It will also make your premises more secure.

For more information about our speed gates or access control systems mentioned here or if you have any questions that we haven’t managed to answer here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536. Check out our other blogs for more tips about how your business can make the most of these services.

The healthcare sector is arguably the UK’s most important and diverse. The NHS alone is the UK’s largest employer and teams here work in a huge range of different environments. It’s crucial that the technology used by the healthcare sector prioritises safety, ease of use and cleanliness at all times. At EA Group, we have years of experience providing entry and security solutions for the healthcare sector, from hospitals to GP surgeries and NHS trusts.

During this time technology has advanced greatly, with services designed for healthcare organisations driving a huge amount of innovation in our field. In today’s blog we’ll provide an overview of just a few of these services, and how they can improve safety and security around your premises.

Hermetic Medical Doors

At EA Group automatic sliding doors are some of our most popular products. This is for good reason – they massively improve the speed that people can travel around your site.

Naturally there is a huge amount of use that the healthcare sector can get from automatic doors. In the healthcare sector though, a lot of the areas will have critical requirements in terms of hygiene and the control of air leakage. This is where our hermetic medical doors are incredibly valuable.

These doors come with a completely airtight seal. This stops air from leaking through and has seen use in operating theatres and X-ray rooms, as well as in pharmaceutical production. These doors are easy to clean and prevent the spread of germs around your site. They can be sliding or hinged swing doors depending on the needs of your room.

These doors are tailored to the way people in the healthcare sector actually work. It even includes a large push button to open, which is extremely useful when you need to use your elbows.

Access control

Many areas of healthcare facilities need to be kept under a very high level of security at all times, whether this is to maintain sterility or to protect valuable patient or staff data. This is where access control and attendance systems are crucial.

We can install access control services across your site. This system is centrally managed, meaning you can assign and revoke access levels from a single PC. You can have multiple tiers of access, helping to secure your most important areas as required.

In terms of the different ways that you can access your premise, we offer a wide variety. You can use keypads to enter the premise, and then swipe cards, access tokens or even biometrics to access doors throughout. You can monitor the status of these doors from a central operating system or connect it to a device of your choice. This will send alerts when specific doors are forced and can give you a clear view of attendance at any time.

In an industry that needs to prevent disease transmission, something as simple as limiting when the need to touch doors can be incredibly valuable.

Speed gates

Throughout your facility we know how important it is to enable safe, secure access. Our portfolio of speed gates can help here. Speed gates can be strategically placed throughout the entrances of your site to improve security without increasing congestion.

Speed gates link into your access control, allowing you to track attendance without the use of a door. They also help to guide pedestrian traffic from one area of your site to another. They come equipped with tailgating features that track when someone has followed someone else through and sets off an alarm. In the case of emergency, the gates can automatically stay open to allow for a quick exit.

We know that accessibility has to be taken into account in the healthcare sector more than any other. That’s why we offer a selection of speed gates, speed lanes and swing gates that accommodate all levels of mobility. This includes access for people in wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Quality-of-life features

Our range of industry solutions can be customised to suit the healthcare sector. Similar to the hermetic doors we mentioned earlier, all of our doors can be customised to operate silently, improving patient comfort. Our doors feature directional sensors so they only open when they actually need to.

We’ll provide a free site survey to ensure we meet the needs of your organisation. Everything we provide should fit smoothly within your existing operation.

At EA Group we can provision speed gates, doors and access control systems made in the UK and install them bespoke for your business. Provisioning our products from the UK means that our maintenance and installation processes are incredibly efficient. There’s no worry about missing parts or shipping costs.

For more information about our speed gates or access control systems mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

Businesses and organisations of all kinds have recently had to consider the way guests move around their premises much more carefully. Reducing congestion and improving safety are new priorities, alongside security and ease of movement. No matter the scale of your organisation, we know that dedicating personnel to your entrances just isn’t feasible. At EA Group we’re looking at new ways to improve the flow of pedestrian traffic, with or without a manned element.

Speed gates can be the solution for you. Whether you are looking to add an extra layer of security to an entrance, or track attendance around different sections of your site, their appearance and versatility make them an ideal solution. In this blog we’ll explain how strategically placed speed gates can drastically improve the flow of pedestrian traffic around your site.

Improve security without increasing congestion

We know that making your premise into a more secure environment has benefits for both you and your guests. Not only does it protect your site from unwanted intruders, but a visually secure environment makes guests feel more at ease. Many security features and access control services can service to slow down entry if not implemented properly though.

Speed gates are an exception. The clue really is in the name here, and speed gates are designed to allow incredibly efficient access while still improving security. This is partly due to their design and ability to open and close in 0.8 seconds, and partly due to their ability to integrate with a wide variety of access control systems. Our EA speed lanes allow you to improve people-flow at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Your speed gates can work alongside the access control measures you already use or can be equipped with new ones. These include swipe cards, access tokens or even biometrics. These can be customised with your branding and can be tailored to only open certain speed gates around your premise, allowing you increase security in important areas.

Keep track of your staff and guests

In many environments, such as in schools or certain industries like manufacturing or logistics, it’s crucial that you know where guests and staff for record logs or in case of emergency. Your speed gates, combined with access control services, can make this process easy. Using access control integration, your speed gate will immediately log which person has entered through it on your database. For schools, this is a great way to monitor attendance, while in offices you can use this feature as a way to clock in or out.

Alongside tracking attendance more quickly, speed gates also serve to make the process more secure. We can offer full height speed gates that cannot be hurdled, as well as tailgating sensors that stop unauthorised access behind others.

Improve access for all people

People with mobility aids need to be accommodated for around your site, without sacrificing security or pedestrian flow. Speed gates are an ideal solution here as well. Alongside our speed gates, we can install extra wide models or glass swing gates that are ideal for wheelchairs or other mobility aids. These swing lanes are still compatible with all our access control features and are ideal for creating a more pleasant welcome for any guest.

At EA Group we can tailor your speed gates to meet the needs of your site. We know that in some entranceways such as in gyms or offices, space may be at a premium. We can customise our gates to ensure that they remain efficient and accessible while still fitting within the aesthetic vision of your site.

Work alongside your existing operation

You might already have a security presence at your entrance, even ones with existing entry solutions like tripod turnstiles. Speed gates can enhance this process by speeding up the flow of pedestrians. If you wish to have a manned presence monitoring your speed gates, then they can be customised to include a control desk and can be operated using buttons on this desk. This allows you to maintain a great level of security, while massively reducing congestion at your entrance.

Combining these fast-operating gates with security personnel allows you to guide visitors smoothly throughout your site. This reduces crowds and creates a safer and more welcoming entrance for any guests or staff. This is especially useful in public spaces such as medical centres, stations, airports and larger commercial spaces.

At EA Group we can provision speed gates, made in the UK and install them bespoke for your business. Provisioning our products from the UK means that our maintenance and installation processes are incredibly efficient. There’s no worry about missing parts or shipping costs.

For more information about our speed gates or access control systems mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

The education sector has to consistently handle higher levels of footfall traffic than almost any other. In these situations businesses need to strike a balance between security and ease of access for students and other visitors. The perfect mix can be found by implementing speed gates in key high footfall areas.

Speed gate is an umbrella term for a variety of entry solutions. This includes Swing Lanes, Speed Lanes, Sliding gates and Swing Gates. All of these solutions have uses in a variety of sectors, but here at EA Group we believe they are the perfect entryway for a number of locations in the education sector. Schools, colleges and universities all need to manage attendance and have a clear picture of exactly who is within any premise at a given time. Here’s why we believe that speed gates are the perfect tool for the job.

Manage attendance

In the event of an emergency, it’s vital that staff are informed of the ID of every student and staff member in each area of your site. Whilst registers help in the classroom, and database services like SIMS track records on a wider scale, maintaining a clear record of exactly who is where can be incredibly valuable in an emergency.

Speed gates, combined with ID cards create the most organised access control solution. Students and staff simply scan their card upon entry to either your school’s main building, or individual locations, such as libraries or lecture halls. This means that only authorised people are allowed within your premises, but also that in event of an emergency, staff can check records and understand exactly who is where.

All of our speed gates are equipped with emergency features that allow them to be easily bypassed, if need be, but also come with tailgating detection to stop any unauthorised entrants from following others through a gate.

For accessibility purposes, we can also offer larger glass swing gates, that are ideal for allowing wheelchairs or other mobility devices to pass through quickly and securely.

Provide better security

Ensuring that pupils and staff can learn and work in a safe environment is paramount for any educational organisation. Speed gates provide an extra layer of security to your premises.

Our speed gates are designed to not intrude on your space, with our new Swing Lane S model featuring a slimmer and more space efficient design, but still provide a strong visual obstacle against intrusion. Human security methods, such as staff checking lanyards or ID at colleges or universities are often effective but can be slow when dealing with hundreds of pupils.

Our speed gates help to guarantee that pupils can always move about your premise quickly, with our gates taking seconds to open and requiring minimal contact. Alerts will be sounded in case of unauthorised access, tailgating, piggybacking, or if an authorised user has passed their card back to help someone else enter.

For your convenience, we can also equip speed gates with simple manual controls. This allows staff to overlook who is entering any open gates and quickly close manually if needed.

We understand that no two entryways are the same. That’s why we can tailor the height of our gates to fit the security requirements you need it to fill, whether you’re creating an obstacle to impede unwanted entry, or a more advanced solution to protect a secure laboratory or office space.

Implement Covid19 measures

Reducing the spread of illness has to be taken into consideration when implementing any entrance solution. For schools and colleges this is especially important. Managing your flow of pedestrian traffic by making sure students enter through speed gates in an organised manner is a great way to implement safety measures such as social distancing.

Other entry solutions may require the presence of more staff, or more hands-on methods of entry such as doors or turnstiles. With speed gates, you can use contactless models to make entry faster and Covid-friendly.

Speed gates can also be manually left open or closed to better encourage a one-way-system around your premise if needed. These solutions are great at both reducing the spread of infection in the short-term but will also provide better security for your school, college or university moving forward. All of the solutions mentioned feature a robust and long-lasting design, providing a balance between aesthetics, convenience and security.

EA Group are the UK’s leading provider of entrance solutions. All our entranceways are tailored to your businesses’ specific dimensions and requirements, giving you an entrance that remains efficient and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. To get in touch with our team, call EA Group on 01372 459536, or to find out more about our speed gates, visit our website.

EA Group can install speed lanes and other security solutions with a much quicker turnaround than others, just installed in Peterborough from UK stock:

When a commercial property has a foyer or reception area, lots of businesses will take additional steps to ensure that they’re protecting not only their property, but also their employees and any authorised visitors. This area is one of the most vulnerable in a property and it is undeniably important to ensure that as a business owner you’re doing all you can to ensure that your reception area is physically safe and secure.


Thankfully, there are a number of different security systems available that can help you to adequately protect your reception area and you won’t struggle to find something that meets all of your individual requirements. If you’re interested in upgrading your security and you’d like to learn more about the best automated security solutions for this particular area in your commercial property, below we have looked into them in more detail.



This traditional entrance solution is a common sight in reception areas and turnstiles are known for offering a reliable method to control foot traffic and ensure only authorised users access specific areas of a commercial property. They also force pedestrians to enter single-file, enabling security personnel or CCTV cameras to have a clear view of those passing through.


Many will incorporate access control systems into the design of their reception turnstiles, enabling authorised employees to easily move through this area, preventing any inconvenience to reception staff. This system can use card readers, barcode scanners or biometrics, for example, making entering and exiting incredibly straightforward.


Speed lanes

Speed lanes and speed gates are considered to be an elegant alternative to turnstiles. Their modern design makes them much more aesthetically pleasing and they are perfect for reception areas, ensuring the best first impression is provided. Reception speed lanes tend to be a space-saving solution too, yet they still have a high pedestrian traffic flow capacity.


Similarly to turnstiles, this solution can be designed to incorporate access control systems, providing effective security against unauthorised access. Reception speed lanes feature panels that retract into the body upon an authorised signal and they can be opened/closed in as little as 0.8 seconds, making them suitable for busy reception areas.


CCTV systems

Lots of businesses will use CCTV systems throughout their commercial property and having CCTV cameras in the reception area is often essential. These cameras play a key role in monitoring security in this vulnerable area and they will provide around the clock surveillance, enabling businesses to ‘keep an eye’ on all pedestrians entering their property.


Using a combination of CCTV cameras, such as; HD cameras, infrared cameras, PTZ cameras, day and night cameras, and even dummy cameras, businesses can easily design a reception CCTV system that meets all of their needs. The modern housing of these cameras and the discreet colours available enables them to blend into their surroundings too.


Intercom systems

To provide ultimate security to their reception area, some businesses will use intercom systems. These will prevent any pedestrians from being able to access the reception area without authorisation and intercom systems are often incorporated into other entrance solutions, like automatic sliding doors and automatic revolving doors.


It isn’t uncommon for intercom systems to also feature keypads or other access control readers, enabling employees to enter the reception area without needing to be granted access by reception staff. With both wired and wireless intercom systems available too, there is a convenient solution for all commercial properties, no matter what the interior design is like.


Installing automated security solutions

There really are a number of brilliant security solutions available that would work perfectly in the reception area of your property and hopefully, now that you know a bit more about them, you will find it easier to choose which you’d like to install. No matter which you opt for, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will significantly enhance the security of your business.


Should you require any assistance choosing which security systems to use in your reception area, contact our experts here at The EA Group today. We have many years of experience working with a wide range of security products and we will gladly help you to find the perfect solutions for your reception area. We also provide expertise in the bespoke design and installation of everything from simple to complex security solutions, so we can help you from start to finish with your security project. We would relish the opportunity to assist you and we can carry out a free site survey to get the project underway.


It goes without saying that when you own a business, security will be very important to you and for this reason, lots of business owners will choose to install additional security systems at their office building. Alongside popular solutions like CCTV systems and access control systems, it is becoming increasingly common for business owners to look at using entrance solutions too and many are deciding to install things like turnstiles and speedgates in their reception area.


Speedgates, in particular, are a very popular choice amongst business owners in recent years and they are undeniably a brilliant entrance solution for any office building. If you’ve never really considered installing office speedgates before and you’re wondering why they’re so sought after, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the compelling benefits associated with the installation of office speedgates.


They dramatically enhance your security

When you install office speedgates in your reception area, you will be able to effectively prevent anyone unauthorised from being able to gain entry to the other areas of your office building. Whether they’re automatic and integrated with access control or they’re controlled manually by your security team, you will have complete control over who passes through this secure point.


Many business owners like speedgates because they are able to slow the flow of foot traffic too and this can make it much easier for their security teams to identify anyone unauthorised who is even attempting to gain access to your office building. In addition to this, speedgates can prevent common issues like tailgating too, ensuring that no one is able to pass through the gate by simply following an authorised member of staff.


They are aesthetically pleasing

Unlike other entrance solutions, office speedgates won’t negatively affect the appearance of your reception area and they are much more visually appealing than traditional tripod turnstiles. The glass panels used in speedgates makes them really contemporary in appearance too and they will easily be able to complement the interior design of your office building.


There are lots of different types of speedgates to choose from and there really is the perfect solution for every reception area. From classic swing lanes and slide lanes to minimalist speed lanes, you won’t struggle to find something that meets all of your needs in terms of accessibility and also appearance. Often, office speedgates are customisable too and different parts of the design, like the finish of the gate, can be adapted to your individual requirements.


They prevent congestion during peak times

Even though office speedgates are able to slow foot traffic and provide you with increased access control, they won’t cause problems when your reception area is at its busiest. As the name suggests, this entrance solution is known for being speedy and efficient, and it will prevent long queues of employees trying to gain entry in the mornings/evenings.


Generally speaking, most speedgates have high traffic flow capacity and they can allow around 30 people per minute to pass through when required, so you won’t have any issues in this regard. Of course, you can always install multiple office speedgates if you know that you have particular periods where multiple people require entry to the offices at the same time. So, it is incredibly easy to ensure that no issues occur in relation to ease and speed of entry.


Installing office speedgates

All in all, it is fair to say that if you’re interested in installing additional security solutions at the entrance of your office building, then speedgates really are a brilliant option to consider. There are so many advantages to choosing these modern glass gates over other more traditional alternatives and you can guarantee that they will be a great addition to your reception area. If you’d like to find out more about installing office speedgates, contact us here at the EA Group.


We have many years of experience delivering high-quality security and entrance solutions, and you can trust that we are the best people to turn to for assistance in this regard. Should you wish to go ahead and install office speedgates, we have a brilliant range of designs for you to choose from too and we can assure you that we will have the perfect solution for your office building. Feel free to explore our website today to find out more about the different speedgates that we currently supply.



Launched in 2003 and now with over 1,500,000 customers, Gear4music is a leading retailer of musical instruments and music equipment.

During the start of the covid lockdowns, Gear4music approached EA Group for some high glass speed lanes that could incorporate access control and high temperature detection

Naturally, we had products in stock and were on-site in no time. below is the installation completed:

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us here