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How entry solutions improve safety and security for healthcare teams


The healthcare sector is arguably the UK’s most important and diverse. The NHS alone is the UK’s largest employer and teams here work in a huge range of different environments. It’s crucial that the technology used by the healthcare sector prioritises safety, ease of use and cleanliness at all times. At EA Group, we have years of experience providing entry and security solutions for the healthcare sector, from hospitals to GP surgeries and NHS trusts.

During this time technology has advanced greatly, with services designed for healthcare organisations driving a huge amount of innovation in our field. In today’s blog we’ll provide an overview of just a few of these services, and how they can improve safety and security around your premises.

Hermetic Medical Doors

At EA Group automatic sliding doors are some of our most popular products. This is for good reason – they massively improve the speed that people can travel around your site.

Naturally there is a huge amount of use that the healthcare sector can get from automatic doors. In the healthcare sector though, a lot of the areas will have critical requirements in terms of hygiene and the control of air leakage. This is where our hermetic medical doors are incredibly valuable.

These doors come with a completely airtight seal. This stops air from leaking through and has seen use in operating theatres and X-ray rooms, as well as in pharmaceutical production. These doors are easy to clean and prevent the spread of germs around your site. They can be sliding or hinged swing doors depending on the needs of your room.

These doors are tailored to the way people in the healthcare sector actually work. It even includes a large push button to open, which is extremely useful when you need to use your elbows.

Access control

Many areas of healthcare facilities need to be kept under a very high level of security at all times, whether this is to maintain sterility or to protect valuable patient or staff data. This is where access control and attendance systems are crucial.

We can install access control services across your site. This system is centrally managed, meaning you can assign and revoke access levels from a single PC. You can have multiple tiers of access, helping to secure your most important areas as required.

In terms of the different ways that you can access your premise, we offer a wide variety. You can use keypads to enter the premise, and then swipe cards, access tokens or even biometrics to access doors throughout. You can monitor the status of these doors from a central operating system or connect it to a device of your choice. This will send alerts when specific doors are forced and can give you a clear view of attendance at any time.

In an industry that needs to prevent disease transmission, something as simple as limiting when the need to touch doors can be incredibly valuable.

Speed gates

Throughout your facility we know how important it is to enable safe, secure access. Our portfolio of speed gates can help here. Speed gates can be strategically placed throughout the entrances of your site to improve security without increasing congestion.

Speed gates link into your access control, allowing you to track attendance without the use of a door. They also help to guide pedestrian traffic from one area of your site to another. They come equipped with tailgating features that track when someone has followed someone else through and sets off an alarm. In the case of emergency, the gates can automatically stay open to allow for a quick exit.

We know that accessibility has to be taken into account in the healthcare sector more than any other. That’s why we offer a selection of speed gates, speed lanes and swing gates that accommodate all levels of mobility. This includes access for people in wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Quality-of-life features

Our range of industry solutions can be customised to suit the healthcare sector. Similar to the hermetic doors we mentioned earlier, all of our doors can be customised to operate silently, improving patient comfort. Our doors feature directional sensors so they only open when they actually need to.

We’ll provide a free site survey to ensure we meet the needs of your organisation. Everything we provide should fit smoothly within your existing operation.

At EA Group we can provision speed gates, doors and access control systems made in the UK and install them bespoke for your business. Provisioning our products from the UK means that our maintenance and installation processes are incredibly efficient. There’s no worry about missing parts or shipping costs.

For more information about our speed gates or access control systems mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.