EA Defender Turnstile

If you want to be 100% sure of reliable site access security then the full-height EA Defender turnstile is the best choice. This device provides complete access control being a physical barrier, subject to the required level of security it can be supplied with either a single, double, or multiple cage. Custom versions are available upon request and are all UK manufactured

Authorised access can be performed by means of access control via RFID card readers or fobs, biometric devices, or remote control. EA Group can offer all of these devices and many more.

Our sturdy design ensures uninterrupted operation for millions of passages. In free access mode, up to 20 pedestrians per minute can go through the turnstile.

This full-height rotor turnstile has a galvanised and additional powder coated finish. Our unique design has a number of stainless steel rods that stop any damage from prolonged use and also can be easily cleaned


Controlled by

■ Access control system
■ Manual control

Additional Options

■ Manual unlocking in case of unavailable power
■ Reader for access control system
■ Remote radio controller
■ Backup battery 24v
■ Protective canopy

Electrical Specifications

■ Voltage:
–  from the AC (240) V, 50/60 Hz
–  from a DC source  24V

■ Maximum power consumption:
–  500 W