and Security Systems


Access control from your desk

• All doors are controlled directly from one or more PC’s
• You can instantly update user access levels at the PC
• Set up zones for areas that only certain users have access to
• Pinpoint where staff members and visitors are in the building
• Monitor staff working hours

If you like the sound of an access control so far but would like to do more with your system, choosing PC based access control will give you even greater benefits. EA Group can install integrated security management software that is designed to be simple and recognisable. Administrators can be, and often are, fully competent and confident in using the software with less than two hours of training because of how intuitive the system is.

Central Control – managing the system

• Central control from your desk
• Instant updates
• Easy to use system

Being able to manage the system from your desk is a major benefit of using an access control system with a PC. This convenience will make your job so much easier, you can update access permissions at the click of a button. PC based access control is so easy to manage; users can be added to, or barred from, the system within seconds. An integrated security system can control any site, from just one door up to hundreds of doors, with thousands of users.


Flexibility – control who goes where

• Added security
• Flexible control over who goes where
• Restrict areas of hazard or danger

PC based access control allows you to grant users access as and when needed, according to time and place. You also have total control and flexibility over who has access, when and where to. Access privileges can be tailored as well.

Event reporting – tells you who is where and when

• See who is in at a glance
• View staff and visitor movements on the events screen
• Monitor access events as they happen

A PC based access control system means that you can view all staff and visitor movements on site, from your computer screen. The events screen will also show you when a door is forced. This helps you improve the security of your site and shows you when and where an event occurred. This is particularly useful for sensitive sites where an intruder can pose a serious threat and extra protection is a must.

Prevent false alarms

• No more false alarms
• Get a text message or an email if the alarm is triggered

Being woken up in the middle of the night because the intruder alarm has been triggered at work is no joke, especially when it turns out to be a false alarm. You could also lose your police response if it happens too often. With our PC based access control system, false alarms and late night call outs can be prevented. A security system, integrated with your intruder alarm, stops you from entering the building if you do not have permission to unset the alarm. If you do have permission, the system unsets the alarm for you before unlocking the door.

Email and text alerts
Receive an SMS text or an email message for:

• A door being forced
• Someone trying to access a restricted area

A PC based access control system can be set up to send an email or a text message to alert you if a specific event has occurred. This means you can get instant knowledge of what is happening on a site, even if you are not present.

Design your own ID cards

• Card designer program
• Simple to use
• Professional finish

A PC based access control system can be used with a card designer package, meaning your access cards double up as ID cards. All you need is a card printer! Card designer cards look professional and give your business a really smart image.

Useful HR tools

• Manage holidays
• Help with payroll
• Monitor unauthorised absence
• Keep track of sick days and help to identify potential health issues

Our PC based system comes with a really useful and straightforward timesheet feature that gives you a comprehensive record of staff working hours. An accurate time and attendance report can be generated from the access control software, at any point. This is a helpful HR tool which makes it easy to keep track of staff movements on site and ensure employees keep proper hours.

Control multiple sites

• Manage buildings from anywhere
• An easy way to extend your system

There are so many benefits to having electronic access control, you can even use it to control more than just one site. New sites can be controlled remotely from the same PC as before, meaning you can manage buildings from across the country, or even across the world. It makes expanding your premises hassle free.

Link with your CCTV system

• Manage just one piece of software
• Increase security

If you want to extend security beyond door control, you can link your CCTV footage directly to your access control system. Once your CCTV and access control are working together, you only have to manage one piece of software. You can view CCTV images against door events and alarm events from within the access control software. Should a barred token be used to attempt to gain access to your building, you can see who it was and when and where it happened.

Link with your fire alarm

• Safe egress from a building
• Complying with fire regulations
• Automatically unlocking all fire doors
• Optimum staff safety

The access control system will also create a roll call report, telling you who was in the building when the alarm went off. This is a valuable feature which helps you to identify exactly who is safe from harm once the building has been evacuated. Not only does this give you peace of mind but should anyone be unaccounted for, you can pass on reliable information to the fire & rescue service when they arrive.

How can we help your access control project?

If you are considering an access control system, please get in touch and tell us your requirements or what it is that you wish to achieve. We would relish the opportunity to assist you with your project and carry out a free site survey.