At EA Group we know there are no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to business security. No matter the systems you have in place, it they don’t work together then cracks start to appear. That’s why when we work with a business on a security project, no matter the industry or scale, we take a bespoke approach.

Today we’ll take a quick look at each of the security products we provide, and how they integrate together to create a complete security solution.


When you think of business security, you think of CCTV. Digital video equipment helps you to gain that extra peace of mind, allowing you to review events as or after they happen and make constructive changes moving forward. A great CCTV solution isn’t just about spotting crooks, it’s also about meeting regulatory and safety standards.

At EA we can help with the provision and installation of your cameras, ensuring that you have them set up in a way that ensures maximum coverage. Modern cameras also now work in low-light conditions and can be monitored remotely from a device of your choice.

Revolving Doors

A revolving door is a great way to make an entrance. Their energy efficiency and stylish appearance make them one of our most popular solutions here at EA Group. However, did you know they can also provide a number of security benefits?

Revolving doors allow you to manage entry into your buildings in an orderly, efficient way. They allow people to enter quickly, but also help to manage crowds and ensure that everyone moves through your entrance safely. We offer a range of revolving doors, which can integrate with access control services for greater security.

Speed Gates & Turnstiles

Speed gates are the perfect way to control pedestrian traffic, both inside a building and for outdoor events. They allow a staffed security presence to validate entry or ensure payment, and with the integration of access control, allow you to automate your security.

Speed gates are the natural successor of the turnstiles that have been keeping businesses secure for decades. Our speed gates combine impressive aesthetics with a high degree of functionality. They feature advanced sensors that can detect when one person has entered through them, and close in less than a second to prevent piggybacking and tailgating.

Access Control

Access control is an umbrella term used to refer to a range of different systems, but here we’re specifically referring to the technology you use to grant access. This can range from ID tokens, cards and biometrics to simpler keypad entry systems. We can help you integrate these services with the entry systems around your site.

This includes attaching access control readers to your speed gates, turnstiles and doors throughout your premises. We also include more tailored access control services that can better suit individual industries. This includes AEOS Access Control, that enables you to comply with rules and regulations in the ever-changing world of security.


Intercoms are a deceptively simple security solution for businesses. With the right integrations, they can be a genuinely helpful tool in a variety of situations. This is good to know, as by 2025 analogue intercoms will need to be replaced. That’s because of the ISDN switch-off – BT are removing all analogue phonelines, and calls will instead be routed over the internet. Analogue intercoms use those old phonelines, so they’ll need updating. This applies with CCTV too.

By integrating your intercom with your access control, you can remotely allow access to your site if needed. This is a great way to enhance security and convenience when working from home. Integrating alongside CCTV helps you get a better view.


Every business is different, and it’s crucial that the security solutions you use accurately reflect your individual site. Car parks are a great example, and it’s worth taking the time to get car park security right.

For our clients, we provide a range of barriers for areas with widely varying security requirements. Ugly barriers are never the first impression you want your customers to have. With a bespoke approach, we can meet your aesthetic needs and a range of different security levels.


ANPR systems allow you to track the number plates of cars as they enter your site. This is great for reviewing footage in the case of an incident, but it has a variety of other benefits too. These include tracking number plates for parking charges and attendance purposes. It is also useful if you need to block unauthorised vehicles from the site entirely.

ANPR can integrate alongside your CCTV. We can even take existing CCTV cameras and convert them to ANPR systems.

Commercial gates

Our range of commercial gates can be integrated with many of the systems we’ve mentioned here previously, including access control, ANPR, CCTV and intercoms. Our automatic gates are designed and made by our team, allowing us to deliver solutions that can keep your business secure for years to come.

It’s important to mention that our gates, and many of our other security solutions, can be customised to meet your business’s aesthetic requirements.

For more information about our systems mentioned here or if you have any questions that we haven’t managed to answer here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536. Check out our other blogs for more tips about how your business can make the most of these services.

Customers visit the leisure sector to unwind after a long day or to train and work on themselves. It goes without saying that businesses here need to make sure that their buildings are as secure and comfortable as possible for customers and staff alike. This of course involves investing in the right equipment, but you should also look at the services that support each site itself. This includes your doors, security services, access control and building management systems.

At EA Group we’re specialists in all of the above! We provide modern solutions that allow guests and staff to enter your site securely and easily, and ensure that their stay is comfortable and safe. We do this by providing a range of technology that integrate with your existing services and each other to create one complete solution.

In today’s blog we’ll take a closer look at these services, and recommend solutions that could be right for your business.

Revolving doors: Dazzle your guests

Revolving doors are arguably the most visually impressive entrances available to most UK businesses today. Their all-glass appearance means they look great inside and out. They allow more light to enter your building and support the flow of people both in and out of your site.

We know that for gyms and leisure centres especially, air conditioning is incredibly important. Revolving doors can be a great help here. As during their operation at least two wings of the door are touching the wall, technically no conditioned air is allowed to escape the site. Similarly, outside air is not allowed in. This prevents drafts, saves on your bills and keeps guests and staff comfortable.

Speed lanes and turnstiles: add security and protect revenue

The purpose of all great security services is to keep unauthorised people out, while keeping your guests safe. This sounds simple but it has to be done in a way that’s efficient and unobstructive to everyone involved. Many leisure businesses have a staffed presence but for those looking for added efficiency, look no further than speed gates.

Speed gates are the evolution of traditional turnstiles you’re used to seeing around stadiums and events. They are usually made of glass and integrate with a variety of access control services. This is perfect if your business uses ID cards, tokens or other forms of ID.

Our speed gates use automatic sensors to detect when their intended user has passed through them, and then closes before any tailgaters can follow. You can heavily customise your speed gates to suit your needs. This includes choosing between waist-high or full-height turnstiles for added security or changing the method of access control.

CCTV: Protect your site

Keeping your site secure has to be a priority. Especially when your customers are likely to be leaving their personal belongings on-site. Having a staffed security presence is a great way to deter potential thieves, as are the entry solutions we mentioned previously. Combining these with CCTV gives you an extra layer of protection.

CCTV has come a long way since the grainy camera displays we were used to in the early 2000s. Modern cameras have far greater range of motion, covering all corners of your site. Their displays can be customised to include colour footage, or even to capture footage during low-light conditions.

Monitoring your cameras is also much simpler. Instead of having to view cameras through a dedicated control room, you can now access footage remotely from a device of your choice. This allows for some genuine peace of mind.

Access control: ClubManager integration and more

We know that your gym or leisure facility likely has its own software for bookings and membership. We’re pleased to say that our turnstiles, speed gates and other entry solutions all integrate seamlessly alongside them.

This includes ClubManager, the service we’re asked about most often. ClubManager features booking and attendance management services operated via an app or kiosk. With the help of open APIs, businesses can use ClubManager with other business systems such as accounting and customer relationship management.

Integrating a booking and membership system like ClubManager with your access control adds an extra layer of security and convenience for your guests. Using this service you can allow easy access for your members and their guests, while blocking unauthorised access. You can track attendance, which can be vital in the case of an emergency and also track usage which can be relevant when renewing memberships.

Overall introducing a well-designed access control system to your gym or leisure centre allows you to create an exclusive image and keeps your members safe.

For more information about our systems mentioned here or if you have any questions that we haven’t managed to answer here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536. Check out our other blogs for more tips about how your business can make the most of these services.

Car park barriers are one of those common sights that we take for granted. But if they go wrong or don’t meet the needs of the business that uses them, there can be a huge amount of disruption. Controlling the flow of traffic to and from a business is a hugely important task, so the technology you use throughout this process needs to be carefully considered.

Installing automatic barriers is a fantastic way to shore up the safety and security of your site. They also help to ensure that any required payments always take place. They are designed to work seamlessly alongside the rest of your security and access control solutions. In today’s blog we’ll discuss the factors you need to consider when investing in car park gates, and how they can benefit your business.

What makes a great barrier parking system?

Any good car parking barrier system needs to be focussed on a key set of features. First and foremost, it needs to be able to actually physically block vehicles from accessing your site! After this, the best parking systems can then integrate with revenue and security solutions, creating a complete security system.

How to choose the right barrier?

Before we get down to the integrations, you first need to make sure you have a barrier that meets the physical and aesthetic needs of your car park. You need to consider the level of security and length of barrier required. A manufacturing business and a shopping centre will likely have different needs.

The FAAC 614 barrier is one of the most versatile solutions on the market today, and one we often recommend for car parks. Their beams can reach up to 5 metres, and they feature an efficient and elegant operation. You can customise your barrier with a range of different beams, with rectangular and rounded versions available. For extra traffic control, you can include reflective stickers and flashing lights to help drivers in low visibility conditions.

For a heavier duty solution, we’d recommend our EA 6000XHD automatic barrier. This barrier achieves a vast 9 metre roadway span and is designed for constant use. It has a unique design and single-phase power supply, making it a very heavy-duty solution. This barrier is ideal for both car parks and industrial use.

What can your barrier integrate alongside?

While just installing barriers is a great way to protect your site, did you know that we can help you integrate them alongside a range of other services?

Using bollards alongside your barriers adds an extra layer of security. We recommend using automatic bollards to protect your site during out-of-hours. We can assist with choosing the best location and mechanism to meet your architectural surroundings.

Alongside bollards and barriers, we can also consult on choosing the right payment systems. There’s a lot of choice when to comes to these solutions. You need one that can integrate with your barriers, for an easier and more secure customer experience. This will likely be a pay on foot parking system, but new services are arriving all the time that we will be happy to advise you on.

Finally, barriers can play a key role in your security network. They delay vehicles for enough time for security services to clock them, but not long enough to cause irritation. At EA Group we offer a complete line of CCTV cameras that meet the latest standards in quality, performance and reliability. We also offer ANPR cameras that can record number plates within seconds. Our cameras feature modern cloud databases, saving on storage while allowing easy access to footage whenever you need it.

The benefits of robust car park security

Protecting your car park using barriers and other solutions can be incredibly valuable to your business in a number of ways. Naturally it’s great to keep unauthorised visitors out, but they also keep your guests’ and staff’s vehicles in! The peace of mind that barriers provide can be just as valuable as the physical security that they maintain.

Car park barriers are also a great way of ensuring that your car park is never overfilled. Without a robust entry solution, cars may end up parking in entryways or other unsafe areas which can be a major hazard in the case of an emergency.

When combined with the other solutions mentioned earlier, a parking security system essentially negates the need to have extra staff patrolling your car park. With a solution from EA Group, visitors are guided efficiently to where they need to park. Payment can be better guaranteed and security can be monitored from anywhere through your well-placed cameras.

For more information about our range of barriers, bollards, CCTV, ANPR or any other security solutions mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

Speed gates and turnstiles. They fulfil the same role in a building, making entry throughout a building a smoother, safer and more organised process. There are some fundamental differences between them though, and as the experts here at EA Group, we want to explain them today.

First, it’s helpful to explain exactly what speed gates and turnstiles are.

What are speed gates?

Speed gates are a medium security entry solution that are usually waist-high. Speed gates are usually made up of a body, a gate, and an access control system. The gate can open in a variety of ways depending on the model you choose. Some swing open or closed, while slide lanes feature panels that retract.

What are turnstiles?

The most common type of turnstiles are tripod turnstiles. These reliable entrance solutions are made up of a body and three rotating arms. These are a much more established entry solution. Though they may lack visual impact, they more than make up for it in functionality.

What are the different types of speed gate?

There is more than one type of speed gate. They are usually differentiated by their method of opening. Swing lanes are arguably the most common. As the name suggests, they feature a gate that swings open and closed automatically. Swing lanes are excellent as their size can be customised to accommodate varying levels of accessibility.

Slide lanes feature glass sliding panels that retract when authorised by an access control system. These slide lanes can be customised in terms of height for better security and have a very fast opening and closing time.

Speed lanes are a variation on slide lanes. The difference between them is that speed lanes have a more ergonomic and elegant design. Depending on the aesthetic style of your building, these incredibly modern solutions could be right for you. They feature a 0.8 second opening/closing time, to prevent tailgating.

What other types of turnstiles are available?

The classic tripod turnstile is one that is instantly recognisable from train stations, stadiums and events of all kinds. What you might not have seen before is a Glass-Pass security turnstile. These turnstiles are full-height and are designed for un-attended areas where security still needs to be kept tight. Glass-Pass turnstiles are visually impressive, being designed mostly from glass as the name suggests!

We also offer different variations on the tripod turnstile. Our newest are electromechanical turnstiles, which are ideal for the transport and events sector. They feature bi-directional access and are compatible with most access control systems. They even have space available for a coin mechanism and safe.

Should I choose a turnstile or speed gate?

This depends on a variety of factors, including your budget, the aesthetic you’re going for and the amount of guests you expect to enter and exit your premise at any time. Security needs to be considered above everything.

Although turnstiles do provide a level of security, when combined with a human presence, they aren’t suitable for high-security areas unless you use a Glass-Pass. Speed gates include systems to prevent tailgating, and provide a more easily managed entry process. Speed gates also work alongside more access control systems, such as card readers, biometrics, intercoms, or remote control. Turnstiles are more limited here.

In terms of aesthetic, you have a variety of options no matter whether you choose turnstiles or speed gates. All our solutions are expertly crafted bespoke to your needs by our team based in the UK. This means that no matter the architecture of your site, we’ll find a solution that matches your needs. Our solutions are all made in the UK, meaning there’s no long wait for replacement parts or maintenance if needed.

What safety features do turnstiles and speed gates have?

Turnstiles and speed gates aren’t just about managing entry to your site, they also provide valuable safety benefits. Their integration with access control systems means that your team can see exactly who is present in any part of your site. This is incredibly valuable for tracking attendance in the education sector.

Similarly in the case of an emergency, speed gates can lock to an open position and the arms of turnstiles can be set to move freely in either direction. If you prefer your entrance to have an attended security presence, but still wish to gain the value of these services, they can be operated manually using a button.

Using either of these services, or a combination of them for your business, allows you to guide visitors throughout your site. It will also make your premises more secure.

For more information about our speed gates or access control systems mentioned here or if you have any questions that we haven’t managed to answer here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536. Check out our other blogs for more tips about how your business can make the most of these services.

Revolving doors are arguably the most visually impressive entrance that most businesses can access. Their association with luxury hotels and large enterprises makes them a popular choice, as does their modern and sleek appearance.

It’s this association with executives and the high life that might lead many businesses to overpay on their revolving doors, or choose a solution that doesn’t work for them based on price. At EA Group we’re helping businesses of all sizes to access these fantastic solutions in a way that actually works for them.

Our team here at EA Group all share a passion for detail and innovative solutions. In today’s blog we’ll cover the qualities that you need to look for when choosing a revolving door and how finding one that can make a real difference for your business might not be as difficult as you might think.

How many revolving doors do I need?

This naturally depends on the size of your building and flow of pedestrians. A typical 3-wing revolving door allows 24 people to enter and 24 people to exit within one minute, which adds to a total of 48 people per minute. If you’re expecting more than that number, you need more doors!

What kind of revolving doors are available?

In terms of size and finish you have a lot of options when working with EA Group. All our doors are designed by our team of experts here at EA. This means we’ll always strive to meet your exact specification in terms of the size and appearance of your door and recommend any changes that could be made.

In terms of the types of doors available, our most popular are the all-glass models. These stunning doors refract, reflect and diffuse light in and out of your premise, creating a bright and welcoming entrance. We manufacture these doors bespoke in size increments of one millimetre, so they fit your precise specifications. They are constructed almost entirely from glass or can have a thin metal frame if you prefer.

Other options include manual revolving doors which are a stylish solution for traditional style buildings. We also offer doors with larger frames to create a great entrance for sites with more challenging architecture.

Are revolving doors energy efficient?

The short answer to this is yes! Especially considering soaring energy prices and environmental concerns, businesses need to look more closely about how we heat or cool our buildings. Revolving doors do a fantastic job at naturally keeping warm air inside and cool air out, and vice-versa in the summer.

With a revolving door, it’s physically impossible for it to be left ajar. This means that conditioned air doesn’t escape, and external air doesn’t enter. This is because at least two of the door’s revolving wings will be touching the wall at any time, creating a seal as the door revolves.

This means that when you consider investing in a revolving door, you should consider the outlay alongside its potential energy savings.

How can revolving doors be made more accessible?

Accessibility is incredibly important to any business or organisation. You need to ensure that people with all levels of mobility can reliably access your building. The best entrances ensure that anyone can get to where they need to go quickly.

We can offer extra-wide revolving doors that do not feature a centre shaft. This provides much easier access for wheelchairs and other mobility aids. We usually provide this style of door for airports, where moving through with luggage trolleys is a necessity.

For extra accessibility, we can also offer automatic sliding doors alongside our revolving doors. These provide a range of options for entry, without compromising the aesthetic quality of your entrance.

What businesses need revolving doors?

There are some industries more associated with revolving doors than others. Hotels, airports, and business centres immediately spring to mind. The truth is, however, that if you need a professional entrance and a contemporary appearance, they can work for just about any site. We’ve provided doors for all the sectors mentioned above, but also for the education, leisure and residential properties.

In terms of aesthetics, we’re guided by you. Not only can you customise the number of wings that your door has, but you can also customise its finish. Our revolving doors are available in a choice of stainless steel (brushed or polished), brass or bronze finishes. We can even offer copper cladding, or your choice of anodised colour finishes.

What are the alternatives to revolving doors?

If you’ve read this blog and started considering other options, we can help. Our automatic sliding doors are incredibly popular, and can be customised to the same degree as the revolving models.

For more information about our range of revolving or automatic sliding doors mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

Our offices are increasingly connected. With the rise of cloud and other internet-enabled services, the technologies we use speak to each other much more. This is fantastic for business efficiency and collaboration between colleagues and customers alike.

At EA we’ve also seen many of the security benefits as well. You can now connect your access control systems to your CCTV, gates, doors and communication services. This enables better remote monitoring and more efficient access for guests and staff. This integration now extends to your intercom, and that’s the topic of today’s blog.

Intercom services used to run on analogue connections. They would connect to a single phone and that was about all they did. Now with the arrival of cloud-based services and a wider range of integrations, they can do a whole lot more. For another level of security and convenience we’ll also detail the benefits of integrating your intercom with access control.

Audio and video

This is the basic function of the intercom, but it is worth mentioning. A good quality intercom service that integrates with your access control service should also have a high standard when it comes to audio.

Many IP systems and even some analogue services now come equipped with video as well. It’s great to be able to check your camera when you’re in a hurry, and it can help to deter some more persistent door-knockers.

With the basics out of the way, here are some of the newer features you might not yet know about.

Mobile notifications

With an integrated IP system, your intercom can connect to a mobile device of your choice. This automatically sends you a notification when the intercom is triggered. From here you can check the video or audio feeds from your mobile. This is not only great to access when you’re away from your desk in the office but also enables remote monitoring.

This means if you’re working from home, you can easily let colleagues in if needed. If a delivery driver arrives, you can quickly get in touch or even deter potential unauthorised guests. IP systems generally include a higher standard of video camera, so you’ll get a clear picture wherever you are.

CCTV Integration

The best technology works well together, and security systems are no exception. Our intercom services can integrate alongside CCTV to give you an unparalleled level of visibility at all times.

Depending on the age of your CCTV system, and whether this is IP enabled as well, you’ll be able to check multiple angles when an alert is triggered. This is valuable not only for your peace of mind but can also enable better remote monitoring in future. If you’d like to find out more about how we design and install our CCTV systems, check out our last blog.

Access control systems

So far, we’ve focussed on improving the functionality of your intercom system, but integrating your intercom with your access control unlocks another level of new features. Your access control system is any system you use to unlock doors around your office. It could be a swipe card, access token or even biometrics. You can integrate your intercom with these systems as well as your CCTV. This means you can hear, see and then allow access to any visitors or staff members in seconds.

This process can be entirely handled remotely. We know that many teams now work flexibly or entirely from home and have seen intercoms used in more situations than just to watch out for crooks. For example, you can buzz in anyone who forgot a key that day, or even just let in a delivery person.

In the case that someone does attempt to force open a door, our access control service creates record logs of when access was attempted. This can then be cross-referenced with your CCTV and intercom at a later date.

Get in touch with EA Group

Finding the right security solutions for your business can be a headache. We’re here to help. We offer a comprehensive range of intercom systems which we can supply, install and support with regular maintenance.

Not every system is right for every situation. Depending on the needs of your business we can offer either an intercom, a keypad, or both integrated as a single unit and part of an access control solution from our partners.

We can get the ball rolling with a free site survey. Our team can identify flaws in your security network and recommend the right service to help. Whether you’re looking for a new intercom, to update your existing one to integrate alongside more services, or are looking for a complete overhaul of your access control system, we can help.

For more information about our intercoms, CCTV or access control systems mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

The healthcare sector is arguably the UK’s most important and diverse. The NHS alone is the UK’s largest employer and teams here work in a huge range of different environments. It’s crucial that the technology used by the healthcare sector prioritises safety, ease of use and cleanliness at all times. At EA Group, we have years of experience providing entry and security solutions for the healthcare sector, from hospitals to GP surgeries and NHS trusts.

During this time technology has advanced greatly, with services designed for healthcare organisations driving a huge amount of innovation in our field. In today’s blog we’ll provide an overview of just a few of these services, and how they can improve safety and security around your premises.

Hermetic Medical Doors

At EA Group automatic sliding doors are some of our most popular products. This is for good reason – they massively improve the speed that people can travel around your site.

Naturally there is a huge amount of use that the healthcare sector can get from automatic doors. In the healthcare sector though, a lot of the areas will have critical requirements in terms of hygiene and the control of air leakage. This is where our hermetic medical doors are incredibly valuable.

These doors come with a completely airtight seal. This stops air from leaking through and has seen use in operating theatres and X-ray rooms, as well as in pharmaceutical production. These doors are easy to clean and prevent the spread of germs around your site. They can be sliding or hinged swing doors depending on the needs of your room.

These doors are tailored to the way people in the healthcare sector actually work. It even includes a large push button to open, which is extremely useful when you need to use your elbows.

Access control

Many areas of healthcare facilities need to be kept under a very high level of security at all times, whether this is to maintain sterility or to protect valuable patient or staff data. This is where access control and attendance systems are crucial.

We can install access control services across your site. This system is centrally managed, meaning you can assign and revoke access levels from a single PC. You can have multiple tiers of access, helping to secure your most important areas as required.

In terms of the different ways that you can access your premise, we offer a wide variety. You can use keypads to enter the premise, and then swipe cards, access tokens or even biometrics to access doors throughout. You can monitor the status of these doors from a central operating system or connect it to a device of your choice. This will send alerts when specific doors are forced and can give you a clear view of attendance at any time.

In an industry that needs to prevent disease transmission, something as simple as limiting when the need to touch doors can be incredibly valuable.

Speed gates

Throughout your facility we know how important it is to enable safe, secure access. Our portfolio of speed gates can help here. Speed gates can be strategically placed throughout the entrances of your site to improve security without increasing congestion.

Speed gates link into your access control, allowing you to track attendance without the use of a door. They also help to guide pedestrian traffic from one area of your site to another. They come equipped with tailgating features that track when someone has followed someone else through and sets off an alarm. In the case of emergency, the gates can automatically stay open to allow for a quick exit.

We know that accessibility has to be taken into account in the healthcare sector more than any other. That’s why we offer a selection of speed gates, speed lanes and swing gates that accommodate all levels of mobility. This includes access for people in wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Quality-of-life features

Our range of industry solutions can be customised to suit the healthcare sector. Similar to the hermetic doors we mentioned earlier, all of our doors can be customised to operate silently, improving patient comfort. Our doors feature directional sensors so they only open when they actually need to.

We’ll provide a free site survey to ensure we meet the needs of your organisation. Everything we provide should fit smoothly within your existing operation.

At EA Group we can provision speed gates, doors and access control systems made in the UK and install them bespoke for your business. Provisioning our products from the UK means that our maintenance and installation processes are incredibly efficient. There’s no worry about missing parts or shipping costs.

For more information about our speed gates or access control systems mentioned here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536.

CCTV has come a long way in the past 20 years. Aside from mobile phones, there isn’t another service that has seen such rapid development in its capabilities and usefulness. At EA Group, we’ve seen this development first-hand.

Cameras previously only provided grainy black-and-white footage, where making out a face was almost impossible. Storage was an issue too. Video files used to take up masses of space, meaning it was inefficient or impossible to keep complete records. Things have changed now.

Modern CCTV services from the world’s leading security companies unlock a variety of new security benefits. These are all now available from EA, from night-vision to infrared cameras that detect body temperature. These features aren’t right for every industry but can be invaluable for teams in sectors like transportation. In today’s blog we’ll cover just a few of the benefits that adopting new CCTV services can provide for businesses.

Security benefits

We’ll start with the obvious one. Before any of the added extras a CCTV solution needs to improve your site’s security. Protecting people and assets around your site has to be a priority and we can help make this happen. Our solutions feature HD video and can include a colour display. Dome security cameras feature a wider range of motion for greater coverage in indoor spaces. Bullet cameras are more rugged and are ideal for maintaining a clear view of outdoor areas. Integrating these cameras into a single system means you’ll never miss a thing.

For over 30 years from our Surrey base, we have built an enviable position within the industry as a specialised company with the nationwide resources to offer a full and comprehensive CCTV design, supply, installation, service support and maintenance.

Remote monitoring

For many businesses, the days of the security control room are over. There’s a need for greater flexibility now and the ability to monitor your security feed can be invaluable.

Our systems can be bundled alongside a remote monitoring app. This allows you to check the camera feeds of multiple sites from home or anywhere with an internet connection. You can even add alerts when a camera is triggered. This of course has great benefits for security and improves response times during incidents, but it’s also convenient. Remote monitoring from a device of your choice allows you to check whether a delivery has been dropped off or if the bins have been taken out. Sometimes the little things are the most important.


Most businesses need to have expansion in the back of their minds when they install new technology. You need to make sure whichever solution you use can support you for years to come. Our CCTV can do exactly this.

As your business expands to new sites, new cameras can be added to your existing network. This is all supported by our project management team. We’ll always make sure that when we install cameras there is plenty of capacity for future upgrades. Our cameras also integrate with access control and intrusion detection systems. This means that as your business grows your security can match it, all provided and maintained by a single supplier.


Different areas of your business naturally call for different security solutions. It’s important that more specialist services don’t work in isolation and can be monitored easily alongside the rest of your network. You may already use ANPR cameras for your car park or site entrance, but if not now is the perfect time to start.

ANPR cameras automatically log the number plate of every vehicle that enters your premise. This can be used for parking charges, but also for attendance logging or for security purposes. Our ANPR cameras integrate seamlessly with the rest of your network to create one complete solution.

Industry specific features

At EA Group we’ve provided security services to a huge range of industries, from business centres and retail spaces to high security financial institutions. While some features are always a must, such as a discreet appearance and clear video quality. There are also unique features that are necessary for some industries. Luckily, we can help here too.

We can offer covert cameras for maximum security with a layer of added subtlety. For the retail sector reducing the spread of infection is crucial to protect guests and staff. Temperature scanners are time consuming to use and create congestion. Our infrared cameras scan skin surface temperature in less than half a second, quickly flagging any anomalies and allowing your ream to react quickly.

Cameras selected by EA Group are designed to look good wherever you position them. The modern housing and the discreet colours blend in perfectly with any environment, whether it is ultramodern or has a more traditional décor.

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Businesses and organisations of all kinds have recently had to consider the way guests move around their premises much more carefully. Reducing congestion and improving safety are new priorities, alongside security and ease of movement. No matter the scale of your organisation, we know that dedicating personnel to your entrances just isn’t feasible. At EA Group we’re looking at new ways to improve the flow of pedestrian traffic, with or without a manned element.

Speed gates can be the solution for you. Whether you are looking to add an extra layer of security to an entrance, or track attendance around different sections of your site, their appearance and versatility make them an ideal solution. In this blog we’ll explain how strategically placed speed gates can drastically improve the flow of pedestrian traffic around your site.

Improve security without increasing congestion

We know that making your premise into a more secure environment has benefits for both you and your guests. Not only does it protect your site from unwanted intruders, but a visually secure environment makes guests feel more at ease. Many security features and access control services can service to slow down entry if not implemented properly though.

Speed gates are an exception. The clue really is in the name here, and speed gates are designed to allow incredibly efficient access while still improving security. This is partly due to their design and ability to open and close in 0.8 seconds, and partly due to their ability to integrate with a wide variety of access control systems. Our EA speed lanes allow you to improve people-flow at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Your speed gates can work alongside the access control measures you already use or can be equipped with new ones. These include swipe cards, access tokens or even biometrics. These can be customised with your branding and can be tailored to only open certain speed gates around your premise, allowing you increase security in important areas.

Keep track of your staff and guests

In many environments, such as in schools or certain industries like manufacturing or logistics, it’s crucial that you know where guests and staff for record logs or in case of emergency. Your speed gates, combined with access control services, can make this process easy. Using access control integration, your speed gate will immediately log which person has entered through it on your database. For schools, this is a great way to monitor attendance, while in offices you can use this feature as a way to clock in or out.

Alongside tracking attendance more quickly, speed gates also serve to make the process more secure. We can offer full height speed gates that cannot be hurdled, as well as tailgating sensors that stop unauthorised access behind others.

Improve access for all people

People with mobility aids need to be accommodated for around your site, without sacrificing security or pedestrian flow. Speed gates are an ideal solution here as well. Alongside our speed gates, we can install extra wide models or glass swing gates that are ideal for wheelchairs or other mobility aids. These swing lanes are still compatible with all our access control features and are ideal for creating a more pleasant welcome for any guest.

At EA Group we can tailor your speed gates to meet the needs of your site. We know that in some entranceways such as in gyms or offices, space may be at a premium. We can customise our gates to ensure that they remain efficient and accessible while still fitting within the aesthetic vision of your site.

Work alongside your existing operation

You might already have a security presence at your entrance, even ones with existing entry solutions like tripod turnstiles. Speed gates can enhance this process by speeding up the flow of pedestrians. If you wish to have a manned presence monitoring your speed gates, then they can be customised to include a control desk and can be operated using buttons on this desk. This allows you to maintain a great level of security, while massively reducing congestion at your entrance.

Combining these fast-operating gates with security personnel allows you to guide visitors smoothly throughout your site. This reduces crowds and creates a safer and more welcoming entrance for any guests or staff. This is especially useful in public spaces such as medical centres, stations, airports and larger commercial spaces.

At EA Group we can provision speed gates, made in the UK and install them bespoke for your business. Provisioning our products from the UK means that our maintenance and installation processes are incredibly efficient. There’s no worry about missing parts or shipping costs.

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Every business owner in every industry has a few similar requirements for their office doors. The big one, of course, is that they should open and close when required. If your current office doors can provide this, great! But the way staff and guests enter and exit your office is more complex than it may first appear.

There are plenty of things you need to take into consideration when choosing a new entry solution, from the location of your door, the level of security you require and the level of footfall traffic you expect to pass through it. So, whether you’re looking to renovate an existing office, create a new one or just upgrade your manual doors to automatic ones, then this blog is for you.

Today we’ll cover why it’s important to integrate the office doors in your business with access control systems, how it’s done, and the benefits this will provide.

Why access control is crucial

Since 2020 and the pandemic, businesses have had to take a closer look at how people enter and exit their premises. You need to not only ensure that each area of your office is secure, but staff and guests can enter and exit without creating congestion.

In any office environment, accessibility is now more crucial than ever. It’s important that your office can accommodate all people, no matter their level of mobility. Many older entry solutions may not be able to fulfil this need. Access control systems allow you to better ensure the accessibility of your premise, allowing you to respond quickly in an emergency or to make the entry process simpler for those with mobility aids.

The final reason access control is so crucial is security. Whether you have dedicated office security or rely on an automatic solution, access control can genuinely provide some much-needed peace of mind. Whether you need to protect your business’ perimeter or secure a crucial area of your site, access control can be very valuable.

How to integrate your office doors with access control

We offer a variety of different access control measures that work alongside a wide variety of doors. For a modern and professional entrance, we recommend automatic sliding doors or revolving doors. These can be customised to suit any entrance. We can install access control measures on these doors, whether they are swipe cards that allow easy access in seconds, or access tokens that help you leave your keys in the past.

Your access control can be as simple or comprehensive as you require. For high security areas, we can integrate your access control system with a database system to give you accurate head counts and access logs. You can also set levels of access for specific areas, so all your staff can unlock the front door, but not everyone can access critical locations like your server room.

The way we connect your access control systems mean you can operate them all directly from one or more PCs. This means that you can manually operate any doors on your premise if needed, and also quickly ensure that all your systems are up to date. This central operating system can also integrate alongside your CCTV cameras and fire alarms, for added security, safety and quick responses to any incidents.

The benefits of integrating your doors with access control

Your office is made more accessible by integrating your doors with access control. Instead of relying on one member of staff with a set of keys turning up first each morning, your staff can now each have a customised key card that allows them to access your site every day without leaving doors unlocked.

Access control can massively help your HR department. It allows for far simpler event reporting. If each member of staff has their own key card, then you can see at a glance who is in the office and when they leave. This allows you to create a comprehensive timesheet with ease.

This solution also helps to improve security in the long term. Being woken up by an intruder alarm is no joke, especially when it’s a false alarm. Integrating your doors with an access control system prevents false alarms, as anyone without the ability to unset the alarm will not be given permission to enter the office. If you do have permission, the system unsets the alarm for you before unlocking the door.

Your access control can send you notifications if a door has been forced, or if someone has tried to access a restricted area. This allows you to allocate security resources to the right areas moving forward. You can also control all your sites through the same system.

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