EA Group was approached a few weeks ago by a client that had a potential security risk at their staff entrance. The old lane by others had failed and parts weren’t readily available by their previous supplier. A survey was carried out within 2 hours of the call out, a quote went out the same day and a replacement lane from our stock was installed within just a few days.

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Surrey-based EA Group (UK) Ltd, part of the Dublin based Electro Automation Group of Companies, has just completed on the acquisition of Birmingham based EDS (Electrical-Data-Security) Ltd. The acquisition was finalised on Monday 30th September 2019.
EA Groups UK MD, Robert Munday, commented: “With this strategic purchase, the Electro Automation Group of Companies (which now employ circa 200 staff) have significantly broadened their UK Operation.”
The experience and technical expertise of EDSL and the bespoke solutions they offer will greatly enhance our Group Companies product offering and supply service to our UK and Overseas markets”.

The Electro Automation Group was originally founded in 1984 to provide high-quality Access Control, Gate Automation, Car Parking Control, and payment systems. Over the years the Groups product portfolio has considerably expanded and now includes, Highway Toll and Tagging Systems, Information Technology, Access Control, Security and Building Management systems, Reception Speed lanes, UK manufactured Automatic Revolving doors and entrance solutions.
The Groups HQ is based in Dublin Eire with sister Companies in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, and Germany.

EDS Limited, has been established and trading for over 27 years and has been very much involved in the aforementioned product range but boast a more bespoke-in-house manufactured solution.
These primarily consist of Turnstiles for Sale or Hire, Traffic control systems, Rising bollards, complex bespoke Gate and Door Automation systems, which have been successfully installed in many prestigious UK and Overseas project locations.

The goal and objective of this acquisition are to bring a bespoke “turn-key” solution to a wider audience within a greater territory. The Group Companies also share a wealth of technical experience and knowledge which will enable the development of new product innovation in the future.

In the short-term, both businesses will operate much in the same way but there is huge excitement, optimism, and vision for development and expansion in the years to come.

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Montrose House Refurbished Heritage Gates approved by Historic England

Montrose House is a late 17th-century Grade II* listed building in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The owners approached EA Group with a vision of refurbishing the original central gates. This was due to their worn condition and the potential structural dangers that they posed.

With Heritage England involved, the project was undertaken EA to replicate the gates exactly. The original gates were taken down in two stages. Firstly the arch was removed to ensure a safe working area below. Following that, the main gates and framework was delicately removed. Once removed, the historic gates were transported to the fabrication facility.

These beautiful historic gates were to be rebuilt using the original ironwork. This required them to be carefully stripped and repaired. When a new component part was required due to the existing poor condition, a new was manufactured to match exactly using reclaimed or aged material.

After several months of delicate work the new gates were returned and erected on-site.

Bringing a fresh new lease of life to the main entrance of this outstanding house in Richmond, Surrey. These new refurbished gates will now stand as the centerpiece to this magnificent property for many years to come.

Montrose House Heritage Gates before refurbishment

Montrose House Heritage Gates before refurbishment


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We are delighted to report that following a courtesy visit to one of our clients in Weybridge Surrey. The EA Swing Speed Lanes we recently installed are exceeding their high expectations. Furthermore, the feedback from their users has been excellent.

EA Swing S Tops

First of all, the clients remit was clear. To procure the finest and most reliable slim foot speed gates for their prestigious new office reception area, but within the shortest time frame.

EA could supply and install our beautiful high-quality speed gate products from stock held in the UK.
Consequently, by eliminating manufacturing time. We delivered the project, with a very impressive product, in the fastest turnaround.

The main fit out contractor was only on site for 4 weeks. Within this period, we visited, quoted, re-surveyed, installed and left the Speed Lanes as you see them in these images above.

You can read more about our high quality Speed Gate products here.

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EA Group (UK) Ltd have now advanced from a silver to ConstructionLine Gold as an SSIP accreditation.

After listening to several requests from some of our customers. EA Group were delighted to upgrade their ConstructionLine to Gold level certification.

As a result, this higher certification level will provide further assurance to current and new customers that EA Group uphold their commitment to the highest quality and maintaining standards accordingly.

If you are looking for a ConstructionLine Gold accredited quality Entrance Solution or Security Solutions company. We are the manufacturer / installers for all revolving doors, speed gates, turnstiles, entrance solutions, access control, automatic gates or security systems?

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ConstructionLine Gold certificate awarded to EA Group


Before and after image of a Revolving Door installation

EA Group have just completed works at Chancery House in Sutton.

The building originally had a manual revolving door with solid drum walls. Roll forward just a few weeks and they now enjoy a bespoke sized, frameless all glass revolving door that lets the sun light flood into the building reception.

Features include integral night shutter doors to close across the door opening during out of hours, adding a further layer of security.

Additionally, this manual revolving door is fitted with an underfloor power assisted drive to self park the door carousel after each use.

All proudly manufactured in the UK and available from the EA Group with a short lead time. Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us or call on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services.

Power Assisted Revolving Door manufactured in the UK by EA Group UK Limited

This started as a simple enquiry for a revolving door and quickly developed into something quite unique. The designer was looking for an all-glass door that could be put into a Corten rusty steel entrance for the Nando Head Office. The information provided to EA was very minimal, below was the concept image we were provided:

Not only did we offer the revolving door but also the Corten surround that other companies that had been approached were not interested in. Below are some of the drawings we developed:

The end result now installed is a far cry from the enquiry we received and looks great within the newly fitted out offices.

The interior of the building is non-standard too, the staircase incorporates and slide to return back to the ground floor should you wish:

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Automatic Gates to a Grade 2 listed building. Supplied an installed by EA

EA Group have just completed the automatic gate replacement and safety upgrade to the Grade 2 heritage entrance, at The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.

During the course of a major refurbishment, The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn contacted EA Group to provide an automatic gate solution. The challenge was to reproduce an identical set of twin automatic sliding gates replacing the existing entrance. The original gates were reaching their end of life.

An Automatic Gate supplied an installed by EA to a Grade 2 listed building


EA Group used the latest materials that are longer lasting and makes for a more sustainable entrance. Furthermore to add to the challenge, EA Group needed to ensure the gates were BS EN12453 compliant. This involved using the latest safety equipment whilst still not deviating from the original historic based design.

The automatic sliding gates were carefully designed to ensure the overall appearance was in full keeping to the original set. Additionally, new master and slave operators were installed for a faster and safer operation. Furthermore, electronic safety in the form of safety edges, induction loops and photocells were neatly installed to the new automatic gate.

All of these upgrades ensured that the new gates exceeded current legislation. The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in London have a safer and more reliable entrance.

The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, Central London

Listed Grade 2 Automatic Gate Replacement Complete with BS EN12453 Safety Upgrade

Status: Completed

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The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, London where EA Group have supplied and installed Grade 2 heritage entrance gates


Render of the new Alton Sports Centre that will feature an EA Revolving Door


This new sports centre with an investment of nearly £20m is a joint project between East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) and contractor, Everyone Active who will run the centre thereafter.

It will be open to the public in 2019 and will replace the current 1970s-era building. It will be built alongside the town’s current sports centre, so there will be no break in service while construction goes ahead. The entrance to this facility will have an EA Group All Glass Revolving Door manufactured just 32 miles away at our Surrey premises.Render of the new Alton Sports Centre that will feature an EA Revolving Door, Spa area

With a climbing wall, fitness studios, soft play, improved swimming pool, gym and spa, this will be the perfect modern facility for Alton’s families.

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WHG Housing Association came to EA Group and required a solution to their fairly new but drafty building.

As we often see they have two pairs of draft lobbies that sit opposite each other and when open they let air conditioned air out and hot or cold air in, this is particularly noticeable in the winter as the cold enters and fills the atrium within.

We proposed that the lobbies could be altered to have a DDA door to each side, remove one pair of sliding doors internally and replace with UK manufactured all glass revolving doors. The outer set remain to offer an extra line of security out of hours.

Whilst on site we were shown another set of sliding doors that were operated with access control, these were priced with a much better solution of high glass speed lanes. to stop tailgating.

Another service we were able to offer were full renders to the client so they could envisage the changes. Below are just a few:

The WHG Walsall entrance before new revolving doors installed


A rendered impression of how the WHG Walsall building will look when complete, showing the new revolving doors


A rendered impression of the new entrance at the WHG Walsall building showing new revolving door installed


A CAD rendered impression by EA Group of WHG Walsall showing High Glass Speed Gates turnstiles installed


EA Group won this under competitive tender and we are pleased to say that not only did we show good value, we will be able to turn this around much faster than our competitors who import.

In one case we are a third of our competitor’s lead-time.

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