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When a commercial property has a foyer or reception area, lots of businesses will take additional steps to ensure that they’re protecting not only their property, but also their employees and any authorised visitors. This area is one of the most vulnerable in a property and it is undeniably important to ensure that as a business owner you’re doing all you can to ensure that your reception area is physically safe and secure.


Thankfully, there are a number of different security systems available that can help you to adequately protect your reception area and you won’t struggle to find something that meets all of your individual requirements. If you’re interested in upgrading your security and you’d like to learn more about the best automated security solutions for this particular area in your commercial property, below we have looked into them in more detail.



This traditional entrance solution is a common sight in reception areas and turnstiles are known for offering a reliable method to control foot traffic and ensure only authorised users access specific areas of a commercial property. They also force pedestrians to enter single-file, enabling security personnel or CCTV cameras to have a clear view of those passing through.


Many will incorporate access control systems into the design of their reception turnstiles, enabling authorised employees to easily move through this area, preventing any inconvenience to reception staff. This system can use card readers, barcode scanners or biometrics, for example, making entering and exiting incredibly straightforward.


Speed lanes

Speed lanes and speed gates are considered to be an elegant alternative to turnstiles. Their modern design makes them much more aesthetically pleasing and they are perfect for reception areas, ensuring the best first impression is provided. Reception speed lanes tend to be a space-saving solution too, yet they still have a high pedestrian traffic flow capacity.


Similarly to turnstiles, this solution can be designed to incorporate access control systems, providing effective security against unauthorised access. Reception speed lanes feature panels that retract into the body upon an authorised signal and they can be opened/closed in as little as 0.8 seconds, making them suitable for busy reception areas.


CCTV systems

Lots of businesses will use CCTV systems throughout their commercial property and having CCTV cameras in the reception area is often essential. These cameras play a key role in monitoring security in this vulnerable area and they will provide around the clock surveillance, enabling businesses to ‘keep an eye’ on all pedestrians entering their property.


Using a combination of CCTV cameras, such as; HD cameras, infrared cameras, PTZ cameras, day and night cameras, and even dummy cameras, businesses can easily design a reception CCTV system that meets all of their needs. The modern housing of these cameras and the discreet colours available enables them to blend into their surroundings too.


Intercom systems

To provide ultimate security to their reception area, some businesses will use intercom systems. These will prevent any pedestrians from being able to access the reception area without authorisation and intercom systems are often incorporated into other entrance solutions, like automatic sliding doors and automatic revolving doors.


It isn’t uncommon for intercom systems to also feature keypads or other access control readers, enabling employees to enter the reception area without needing to be granted access by reception staff. With both wired and wireless intercom systems available too, there is a convenient solution for all commercial properties, no matter what the interior design is like.


Installing automated security solutions

There really are a number of brilliant security solutions available that would work perfectly in the reception area of your property and hopefully, now that you know a bit more about them, you will find it easier to choose which you’d like to install. No matter which you opt for, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will significantly enhance the security of your business.


Should you require any assistance choosing which security systems to use in your reception area, contact our experts here at The EA Group today. We have many years of experience working with a wide range of security products and we will gladly help you to find the perfect solutions for your reception area. We also provide expertise in the bespoke design and installation of everything from simple to complex security solutions, so we can help you from start to finish with your security project. We would relish the opportunity to assist you and we can carry out a free site survey to get the project underway.


This simple yet effective solution has been around for decades and you can expect to see barriers at the entrance/exit of a range of business premises; from airports and hospitals to construction sites and industrial estates.


Automatic barriers are a very popular choice for any premises with a private car park, in particular, and they are the perfect security solution for business owners who are wanting to have more control over vehicular access to their car park. If you’re wondering what makes car park automatic barriers so sought-after across all industry sectors, below we have looked into some of the most notable reasons.


Enhance perimeter security

Whether you currently have security fencing around the boundary of your car park or you solely rely on a CCTV system for perimeter security, for example, installing a car park barrier will instantly make your business more secure. This is a really straightforward addition to your car park, yet it adds an additional layer of security, making it much more difficult for any unauthorised vehicles to gain access to your premises and, in turn, your business.


Convenient to enter and exit

Due to the fact that car park automatic barriers can be controlled by access control systems like proximity readers or automatic number plate recognition solutions, they won’t become an inconvenience to anyone but those who shouldn’t be on your premises. Vehicles that are authorised will be able to enter and exit the car park with ease, and you won’t have to manually open the barrier for approved visitors who are trying to gain access either as you will be able to control the barrier remotely.


Deter unauthorised vehicles

Even having a simple automatic rising arm barrier at the entrance to your car park will become a visual deterrent. Unauthorised vehicles won’t even attempt to park on your premises and you won’t have the hassle of there not being enough car parking spaces for your employees. Not to mention, perimeter security solutions of this kind are incredibly effective in preventing criminals from targeting your business too and they can reduce the risk of criminal activity like car thefts, building break-ins and also vandalism.


Prevent misuse of the car park

Installing a car park automatic barrier will also help to ensure that your car park is only being used as it should be, for parking. You won’t have to worry about vehicles using your premises as somewhere to turn around, for example, and you can ensure that levels of traffic are being kept to a minimum. In addition to this, you can rest assured knowing that unwanted vehicles won’t be using your car park outside of business hours when there is no one on the premises.


Versatile in design

There is such a vast range of car park automatic barriers available nowadays and many barrier systems can be customised to suit your application. Once you have established your specific requirements for the type of automatic barrier that you would like, you won’t struggle to find something that meets all of your needs. Not only are there multiple colour options available for barriers, but both the body and the beam can feature LED lights too, so they will be modern and aesthetically pleasing in design.


Installing car park automatic barriers

All in all, if you have a private car park at your business premises then it is undeniably worthwhile looking into automatic barrier systems in more detail. It is easy to see why they are so popular and they are a brilliant solution to your entrance control needs. To speak to an expert about installing car park automatic barriers at your premises, feel free to get in touch with our team here at The EA Group today.


Since being established back in 1985, we have become the go-to automatic barrier installer and we have an impressive barrier range available. No matter what your needs may be relating to your automatic car park barrier, you can rely on us to help you design the perfect system. We have a vast portfolio of clients and we have completed projects of all sizes, so we can assure you that you will be in the best hands with our team of specialists.


When businesses are wanting to install pedestrian control barriers within their premises, tripod and rotary turnstiles are frequently used. These simple mechanical barrier devices are known for being a reliable entrance solution for both staff and visitors, and they provide businesses with increased control over who is allowed to access particular areas throughout their premises.


Due to their timeless popularity, there is now a comprehensive range of turnstiles to choose from and there really is a solution that encompasses the needs of all applications. More often than not, turnstile access control systems can even be customised to meet individual requirements and bespoke solutions aren’t uncommon. If you’re interested in installing turnstiles and you’d like to design a system specifically for your business, below are some useful things to consider to help you do so.


The main purpose of the turnstiles

Generally speaking, turnstiles are installed for one of two reasons; to control and slow the flow of foot traffic or to restrict pedestrian access to a particular area. Depending on your reasons for installing a turnstile access control system, you will likely find that you make different design choices and you need to think about whether your turnstiles’ main purpose is crowd control or restricting access, or if it is something else entirely.


The location of the turnstiles

It is important to know where the turnstiles are going to be installed before you start designing your system as, again, their location will directly influence your design choices. You may find that if you’re going to install turnstiles in various locations throughout the premises, your needs for each location will differ and therefore so will the turnstile design, and you should bear this in mind when choosing each location.


The height of the turnstiles

Whilst there is a range of different types of turnstiles to choose from, they all tend to be either; waist height turnstiles or full height turnstiles. Waist height is usually the most common design, however, full height works better when a higher level of security is required and tailgating needs to be prevented. Consider the purpose and location of your turnstiles before deciding which height is most suitable for your turnstile access control system.


The control system of the turnstiles

All tripod turnstiles can either be manual or automatic and if you’re wanting an automatic system, you need to think about the type of access control software you’re going to use. Turnstiles can be designed to be controlled using all common forms of access control, including; proximity, swipe card, barcode scanner, biometrics and coin/token/ticket. Look into all of these options and decide which would be most convenient for your application.


The aesthetics of the turnstiles

Depending on where you’re installing your turnstiles, their appearance might be important. Think about whether their design needs to be architecturally acceptable or if there are any specific requirements for the overall look of the turnstiles. There are a number of different finish options available to consider too, such as; powder-coated steel and brushed or polished stainless steel, and you need to choose which will be best for your premises.


If aesthetics are really important, consider options like glass pass turnstiles that feature rotating glass wings instead of metal rods. This design provides the same protection as comparable rotary turnstiles, but it is just far more aesthetically pleasing.


Investing in a turnstile access control system

When you’re wanting to install a bespoke turnstile access control system at your business premises, hopefully, the information above will be beneficial. Thinking about all of these different points should help you to design a system that meets all of your individual needs, whatever they may be. To find out more about turnstiles and installing a bespoke system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at The EA Group.


We provide a wide range of turnstile solutions that offer fast, secure and reliable access control to a business premises and we will happily help you to design a system that’s perfect for your intended use. If you choose an EA turnstile system to manage your pedestrian flow, you can be confident that it will be designed and manufactured under the strictest controls, and that it will meet all European and International standards. We look forward to assisting you further with your turnstile access control system.

Whilst security solutions like intercom systems and access control systems are commonly associated with commercial properties, they aren’t an uncommon sight at residential properties nowadays. It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to want to upgrade their security and provide additional protection to their homes.


There are a number of advantages to these door entry systems and they can be just as beneficial at residential properties as they are at commercial properties. So, if you’re contemplating installing additional security solutions at your home and you’re wondering whether intercom and access control systems are worthwhile exploring, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the main reasons why these particular systems are so popular amongst homeowners.


Add another layer of security to your home

Unfortunately, a simple door lock doesn’t tend to be enough to keep unauthorised intruders out of your home these days and as criminals get smarter, it is becoming more difficult to keep your family safe. Installing intercom and access control systems will provide additional protection to your home, providing peace of mind that it will be incredibly difficult for anyone to break in.


Speak to visitors without opening the door

Answering the door when you don’t know who is on the other side can be really dangerous. However, this type of door entry system allows you to interact with visitors before opening the door, preventing you from being a victim of forced entry. Being able to confirm the identity of all visitors this way enables you to keep a security barrier between you and any potential intruders.


Conveniently gain access through all exterior doors

When you have different keys for your porch, front door, side door and back door, it isn’t always easy to find the right key, especially in the dark or when you’re in a rush. Having an intercom and access control system will make it easier for you to get into your own home. Swapping your keys for a singular swipe card or fob, or even a code or fingerprint will be really convenient.


Lower the cost of your insurance policies

Generally speaking, the more security systems you have installed, the less likely you are to make a claim on your insurance and therefore, the cheaper your policies will be. When you install this type of door entry system, you can usually expect insurance providers to offer you lower annual premiums on things like your buildings and contents insurance.


Interact with visitors when you’re not at home

Leaving your home unattended when you’re on holiday, for example, can be nerve-wracking as it will be more vulnerable to criminals. Yet, thankfully, an intercom and access control system will continue to provide protection to your home even when you’re not there. You will even still be able to see and speak to any visitors you get whilst you’re away too, preventing any worry.


Deter criminals from targeting your home

Having additional security systems installed will help to prevent your home from being the target of criminal activity. It isn’t uncommon for intruders to look for homes that will be easy for them to gain access to, but a door entry system will make things very difficult for them. Opting for a video intercom can be particularly off-putting as criminals know they will be caught on camera.


Installing intercom and access control systems at your home

All in all, it is easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing to install intercom and access control systems and they are undeniably a brilliant choice of security solution for any residential property. It is definitely worthwhile looking into these door entry systems in more detail when you’re wanting to upgrade your home’s security and if you have any questions at all about them, please feel free to contact our team here at the EA Group.


We have a comprehensive range of intercom system and access control system solutions, all of which we can both supply and install, and we can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your home. Our services don’t stop after installation either and we provide ongoing support for all of our security systems, so there is no better company to turn to for assistance. We will gladly arrange a free site survey for you with one of our consultants to help you choose the solution that is best suited to your application, so get in touch today.



When it comes to choosing a security solution that is able to provide protection to private streets or car parks, there is arguably no better option than security bollards. These bollards are specially designed to prevent vehicular traffic from accessing certain areas and they provide impressive impact resistance. With a wide range of high-security bollards available, it is easy to find the perfect solution for your individual requirements too.


Not only are there a number of different bollard systems available, but there are also multiple security bollard suppliers as well and it can sometimes be difficult to know who you should turn to for assistance with this type of perimeter security. So, to help anyone who is currently trying to narrow down their options, below we have put together a list of things that you should always look for in a security bollard supplier.


Years of experience

With experience comes skill and knowledge, so looking for a security bollard supplier who has been in the industry for many years is incredibly beneficial. Not only will they be able to advise you on the best products for your specific application, but they will also be able to help you overcome any potential hurdles that you face when installing this security solution. You will never have to question the capabilities of an experienced supplier throughout the project.


Different types of bollards

Not all security bollards are convenient for your individual installation and, for this reason, it is useful to look for a supplier that offers more than one type of bollard. Ideally, you should have the choice of both pneumatic and hydraulic bollards, and each of these types of automated bollards has its unique benefits. This way, whether you’re looking for fast deployment and low maintenance costs or strength and resistance to force, there will be a solution for you.


Installation and maintenance services

Lots of security bollard suppliers will be ‘supply only’, meaning that you have to find another company to help with the installation as well as required ongoing service and maintenance. To prevent any hassle in this regard, you should look for a supplier that offers both installation and aftercare services, this way you don’t have to work with multiple different companies. Simply using one supplier for everything from design to maintenance can make this whole security project much easier in general.


Versatile bollard designs

It is important to ensure that the bollards you opt for complement the architectural surroundings of wherever they’re installed. To make finding suitable bollards easier in this regard, you should look for a security bollard supplier that has bollards available in several different customisable designs. Whilst their main aim is to increase your security, it doesn’t mean that crash rated stainless steel bollards can’t be made in any RAL colour to improve their appearance.


Adaptable control options

There are different control options available for automated bollards and you should look for a supplier that provides options that can be adapted to your needs. For example, when using a remote control device, being able to adjust the time it takes for a bollard to both sink into the ground and rise back up again once a vehicle passes through is very beneficial. The more flexibility available in relation to control options, the easier it will be to find the perfect solution.


Choosing a security bollards supplier

Hopefully, if you’re trying to choose which security bollard supplier to turn to for your bollard system, the information above will be useful. It is fair to say that looking out for all of these different things can help you to ensure that you’re enlisting the help of the best supplier to provide you with the assistance you need with this perimeter security. But, before you settle on a security bollard supplier, be sure to take a look at the EA Group website.


We are a recognised leader in installing security systems and what’s more, we are renowned for integrating these with various entrance solutions. Since being originally founded back in 1983, we have been supplying, installing and maintaining high-quality yet cost-effective security solutions to a vast range of clients, and you can trust that we are the best security bollard supplier to turn to for assistance. To find out more about how we can help with automatic rising bollards, feel free to get in touch with our expert team today.


It is becoming really common for homeowners to install automatic gates at the entrance of their property. These gates instantly add an additional layer of security to any residential property and they can help to keep both your home and your family safe. In addition to being visually appealing, often driveway security gates are a brilliant visual deterrent too and they can prevent your property from being targeted by criminals.


When it comes to installing driveway gates these days, not only do you have a wide range of standard gates to choose from, but you can even design a bespoke gate too, so it is incredibly easy to install a gate system that meets all of your individual needs. If you’re going to design your automated gate then you will have lots of different factors to consider to ensure that the design is perfect for your home, including;


The type of gate

From traditional swinging gates to modern sliding gates and bi-folding gates, there are a number of different options available when you’re designing an entrance gate for your home. Space will play a vital role when choosing between these different options and you will need to think realistically about which type of gate you’re able to accommodate on your driveway.


Whether they’re configured with a single or double leaf, swinging gates need to have space to swing inwards whereas sliding gates need to have space to slide sideways. However, bi-folding gates require much less space to open, making them perfect for smaller driveways where other options aren’t suitable. So, think carefully about which will be best for your property.


The gate material

Commonly driveway security gates are either made from metal or wood, and there are pros and cons to both of these materials. Generally speaking, metal gates are brilliant for decorative designs, but wooden gates tend to provide more privacy. Take some time to look into the gate materials available and learn more about the differences in things like cost and maintenance.


The gate automation

Often, automatic gates are available with either Hydraulic Ram or Electromechanical Underground gate operators. The operator is the motorised element that controls the physical movement of the gate and things such as; the direction of opening, the weight of the gate and the probable wind resistance will determine which operator is best suited for your application.


The control option 

There are lots of different ways that you can control your driveway security gate once it is installed and it is important to look at all available options when you’re designing your new gate. From keypads and remote controls to sensors and ANPR, there will likely be a number of control options suitable for opening and closing your entrance gates.


When deciding which control option is best for your driveway security gates, you will need to consider things like your security needs, the convenience level you’d like and also your budget. Don’t forget to think about how many people will need to gain access to your driveway too, this might influence your decision as to which control option you choose.


The gate security

Whilst automatic gates are designed to be secure and to help you protect your home, they can still feature additional security systems and you need to consider whether you’re interested in these. Things like intercom systems and CCTV systems can enhance your security even more and it is worthwhile thinking about whether you’d like to integrate these into your gate design.


Installing the perfect driveway security gates for your home

Thinking about all of the different factors mentioned above can help you to design a driveway security gate that is perfect for the entrance to your property. Of course, if you require any assistance at all in creating a design that is suitable for your requirements, our team here at the EA Group will gladly help you. As the UK’s leading automation experts, we have many years of experience behind us helping homeowners with bespoke security solutions.


Not only can we assist you with creating a gate system that is tailored to your needs, but we can manufacture, install and maintain your new driveway gate for you too. You can always turn to us in confidence knowing that we can provide you with the comprehensive support you need with this project and that the gate we supply will be of the highest quality. We would relish the opportunity to assist you with your driveway gate, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


A huge percentage of companies will install access control systems on their premises and these are arguably one of the most popular security systems on the market today. As the name suggests, access control systems enable you to control who is able to pass through a secure point on your premises and they are incredibly effective in preventing the unauthorised access of both vehicles and pedestrians on private land.


When installing a business access control system, there is a lot to think about in order to design a system that meets all of your individual needs as they are such a versatile and flexible security solution. One thing that all companies will need to consider is where their secure points are going to be and where they’re going to install their access control readers. To give you some inspiration in this regard, below are some of the most commonly chosen locations.


Entrance doors

Almost all companies will choose to install their business access control system on the automatic doors at the entrance of their building. When doing so, no one unauthorised will be able to even enter their building and this can significantly increase the safety and security of their employees. Whether the reader is installed on swing doors, sliding doors or even revolving doors, it will enable you to control who is able to access your building and when.


Internal doors

Sometimes, companies will also want to install access control readers on various different internal doors too and this is particularly common in very big commercial buildings. When not all employees need to have access to all areas, business access control systems will help you to prevent them from freely moving around the building. This can be really useful when you have rooms with hazardous materials or confidential documents.


Car park barriers

A lot of the time, when companies have a private car park, they will also install their business access control system on the automatic barriers at the entrance to this car park. This helps to prevent anyone who isn’t an employee or a legitimate visitor from using their car park without permission which can be incredibly useful. Often, having an access control reader here will help to prevent damage being caused to vehicles kept on-site too.


Entrance gates

Similarly to automatic barriers, many companies will choose to install access control readers on their automatic gates too. This works really well on premises where there is limited vehicle access and it will ensure that only authorised vehicles are coming onto the site at times when they’re allowed to. This type of perimeter security will help to keep everyone outside working on your premises safe throughout the day.



It isn’t uncommon for companies to have turnstiles inside their building, often in the reception area, and many will install their business access control system on these turnstiles too. Not only will this provide greater control over who is passing through the turnstiles, but it can also provide useful information like an accurate and verifiable count of attendance too. Having access control readers on turnstiles is often really convenient for companies as well.


Speed gates

Just like turnstiles, companies will install access control readers on the speed gates in their reception area too and this can prevent the need for security staff manually operating the speed gates. Again, like all of the other locations above, speed gates can be controlled using a wide range of access control, including common forms like; proximity fobs, swipe cards, barcode scanners, biometrics, tokens and tickets too.


Installing business access control systems

There really is no denying that business access control systems are a brilliant investment to make and there are so many different ways that this singular system can benefit your company. Now that you’re aware of the various locations that you can install your access control readers, you can take some time to think about which locations would be most suitable for your bespoke system, ensuring that once installed, it is able to meet all of your requirements.


When wanting to install a business access control system at your premises, be sure to contact us here at the EA Group. We have experience designing, installing and maintaining numerous different types of access control systems, and you can rely on us to supply you with a system that is perfect for your company. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to ensure that their required levels of security are met and we will go above and beyond to ensure that you’re satisfied with the end result. We look forward to hearing from you.





It goes without saying that when you own a business, security will be very important to you and for this reason, lots of business owners will choose to install additional security systems at their office building. Alongside popular solutions like CCTV systems and access control systems, it is becoming increasingly common for business owners to look at using entrance solutions too and many are deciding to install things like turnstiles and speedgates in their reception area.


Speedgates, in particular, are a very popular choice amongst business owners in recent years and they are undeniably a brilliant entrance solution for any office building. If you’ve never really considered installing office speedgates before and you’re wondering why they’re so sought after, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the compelling benefits associated with the installation of office speedgates.


They dramatically enhance your security

When you install office speedgates in your reception area, you will be able to effectively prevent anyone unauthorised from being able to gain entry to the other areas of your office building. Whether they’re automatic and integrated with access control or they’re controlled manually by your security team, you will have complete control over who passes through this secure point.


Many business owners like speedgates because they are able to slow the flow of foot traffic too and this can make it much easier for their security teams to identify anyone unauthorised who is even attempting to gain access to your office building. In addition to this, speedgates can prevent common issues like tailgating too, ensuring that no one is able to pass through the gate by simply following an authorised member of staff.


They are aesthetically pleasing

Unlike other entrance solutions, office speedgates won’t negatively affect the appearance of your reception area and they are much more visually appealing than traditional tripod turnstiles. The glass panels used in speedgates makes them really contemporary in appearance too and they will easily be able to complement the interior design of your office building.


There are lots of different types of speedgates to choose from and there really is the perfect solution for every reception area. From classic swing lanes and slide lanes to minimalist speed lanes, you won’t struggle to find something that meets all of your needs in terms of accessibility and also appearance. Often, office speedgates are customisable too and different parts of the design, like the finish of the gate, can be adapted to your individual requirements.


They prevent congestion during peak times

Even though office speedgates are able to slow foot traffic and provide you with increased access control, they won’t cause problems when your reception area is at its busiest. As the name suggests, this entrance solution is known for being speedy and efficient, and it will prevent long queues of employees trying to gain entry in the mornings/evenings.


Generally speaking, most speedgates have high traffic flow capacity and they can allow around 30 people per minute to pass through when required, so you won’t have any issues in this regard. Of course, you can always install multiple office speedgates if you know that you have particular periods where multiple people require entry to the offices at the same time. So, it is incredibly easy to ensure that no issues occur in relation to ease and speed of entry.


Installing office speedgates

All in all, it is fair to say that if you’re interested in installing additional security solutions at the entrance of your office building, then speedgates really are a brilliant option to consider. There are so many advantages to choosing these modern glass gates over other more traditional alternatives and you can guarantee that they will be a great addition to your reception area. If you’d like to find out more about installing office speedgates, contact us here at the EA Group.


We have many years of experience delivering high-quality security and entrance solutions, and you can trust that we are the best people to turn to for assistance in this regard. Should you wish to go ahead and install office speedgates, we have a brilliant range of designs for you to choose from too and we can assure you that we will have the perfect solution for your office building. Feel free to explore our website today to find out more about the different speedgates that we currently supply.



A lot of the time, when wanting to upgrade the entrance solution at their commercial property, people will choose to install glass door systems and there really are numerous benefits to doing so. There is no other option that is more aesthetically pleasing than glass solutions and it really is the perfect choice for all professional environments. No matter what industry sector you work in or what your property looks like, commercial glass door systems are a great investment.


Of course, should you want to install a new glass entrance solution, it is incredibly important to ensure that you’re designing the perfect door system for your property and there is a lot to think about in this regard. Nowadays, you have so much control over the design and it is essential that the new glass doors give off the best first impression of your business. So, when designing a commercial glass door system, be sure to consider the following;


The different types of doors available

From swinging glass doors and sliding glass doors to revolving glass doors, there are many different types of door to choose from when you’d like a new entrance solution. As you may expect, all of these different types of doors have their own advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you look into these before deciding which will be best for your property. You may find that one is much more suitable for your entrance than the others.


The size of your property’s entrance

The amount of space you have at the entrance of your property will always influence the commercial glass door system that you install. If you have limited space, you will probably be more restricted in your design and you may be unable to have some types of doors or specific configurations. Always ensure that you know the exact measurements of your entrance area before you start working on a bespoke design.


The different frame types for glass doors

You can install both framed glass doors and frameless glass doors, so you will need to decide which will be most suitable for your property. Should you choose to have steel framed glass doors, you will also need to consider the many different frame finishes and colours available as well. Think about what options would best compliment both the interior and exterior design of your property and also which is most appropriate for the style of your property.


The amount of foot traffic you experience

How busy your commercial property is will need to be taken into consideration when designing your commercial glass door system. If you experience a lot of foot traffic at particular times of the day, it is essential to ensure that your new entrance solution will be able to accommodate this. It is beneficial to look into options like high capacity revolving doors with wider glass wings and telescopic sliding doors for busier properties.


The way the doors will be operated

With both manual glass doors and automatic glass doors available on the market, you will need to choose how you’d like the commercial glass door system to be operated. For many, automatic doors tend to be a much more convenient solution, however, they can be more expensive upfront. Remember to take into consideration things such as ease of accessibility and energy efficiency when you’re making your decision in this regard.


Installing a commercial glass door system

When you’re wanting to install a commercial glass door system at the entrance of your property, hopefully, the information above will be beneficial. Taking the time to carefully consider all of these different points will give you a much better idea of what your individual needs are for this particular entrance system. Then, you can ensure that you’re designing a glass door that perfectly meets all of these needs.


If you’re looking for a team of experts that can assist you with both the design and installation of your new commercial glass door system, be sure to visit the EA Group website. We have been synonymous over the years with the art of making an entrance and there is no better company to turn to when you’re wanting to upgrade your entrance solutions. Our talented team will happily guide you through the process of designing your new glass doors and we can assure you that you will be happy with the finished installation when you turn to us for assistance.