5 ways to improve your business security

To sum up what we do at EA Group, we provide products and services that keep you and your business safe. The world of business security can be a complex one, and can seem daunting at first glance. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to five products that you should definitely be thinking about, if you don’t have already.


Without a reliable security camera, your business is left defenceless against intruders while the office is closed. Having a security camera helps give business owners peace of mind that their office space and everything inside it, is safe. 

Traditional cameras were much more about creating a deterrent for criminals. One that no longer works, as grainy, black and white footage from poorly placed cameras rarely leads to prosecution. At EA we take a different approach, with strategically placed, high-quality cameras that can be viewed in real-time. Offering peace of mind now, and in the case that a break-in does occur.

At EA group we provide and install a wide range of complex CCTV security cameras to meet all the technical needs of every business in any working environment. We not only offer the supplies and installation, but we also provide servicing and maintenance support as well.  

We cater to every business, for example, if your business is at an industrial site, we can recommend a camera that will suit the extreme working environments to ensure your business is being monitored consistently. Or if you have a large office building, we can recommend a camera that can capture the building at all angles to ensure no area is left defenceless. 

Automatic Gates  

A gate protecting your business has a number of benefits. Not only does it have a fantastic visual impact, showing guests what your business is all about. But it also gives your staff some much needed peace of mind, when they’re in or out of the office. Without a gate there’s no way of keeping intruders and unwanted guests from trespassing the office grounds outside of business hours. Use a gate to protect your business, your car park, and your staff.

At EA group, our gates provide extra security to help keep unauthorised people from entering the premise at all times. We provide gates designed to match your existing architecture, so you can find one that looks good and keeps your business safe! We strive to deliver the highest quality and safest automated gate systems throughout the UK. 

Automatic Bollards  

Automatic bollards placed at your business entrance or car park help prevent an act called “smash and grab”. If your building is unsecure and a driver targets the building, then the business is at risk of injury to staff and anyone else who may be in the building.  

Bollards prevent cars from accessing the premise while still allowing a good flow of foot traffic. This is ideal for businesses who are located on busy streets or who have a large number of people coming in and out of the office daily. EA group have been installing and maintaining automatic security bollards for over 20 years! We provide the highest quality products and after care services to ensure you are getting the best service possible. 

Access control  

Without secure access control systems, people, assets and business data aren’t safe. With no access control systems in place you have no way of stopping unauthorised people from being in places they shouldn’t.  

You should use EA group for your business access control to increase your security and for the protection of your property. At EA we understand how important access control systems are to a business and commercial properties, businesses need to be able to trust that only approved staff or vetted personal can gain entry to the building, and we can help assure businesses of that by offering a range of systems that they can choose from. For example, one of our most popular systems is our touch ID access control systems. 

Some of our clients that use our access control systems are offices, police forces, airports, hotels, local governments as well as schools and colleges.   

Speed gates and turnstiles  

Turnstiles provide superior access control by detecting and deterring unauthorised people accessing the building. Without having turnstiles in place businesses run the risk of letting in unauthorised people into the building unknowingly.

EA group supply a stylish design that balances the importance of safety aspect and the appearance. The benefit on a turnstile is that it forces people to walk and drive in a single file line allowing staff to see who is coming in and out of the building, it also allows cameras to get a good view of the faces of everyone coming in and out of the building. 

If you’ve read about a system you think could benefit your business, then feel free to get in touch. If you have any more questions or queries about our services, call the team on 01372 459536.