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The key security features of speed gates


Speed gates are an increasingly popular choice for business premises. They operate in a similar way to turnstiles and can be integrated with many of the same security features. However, speed gates offer a noticeable upgrade in regard to their speed and modern design.

Speed gates are particularly useful for managing the people flow and security of your premises. EA Group have compiled some of the key security features that make speed gates an ideal choice for business security.

The safety and speed of their design

Our waist-height speed gates are designed to limit and control how many people are entering a site at once. The gates operate using glass doors that open and close when access is granted. These generally operate faster than turnstiles and allow staff and visitors to pass through in less than a second.

There are some different designs for speed gates that are useful in different premises. Our winged design is very aesthetically pleasing, fast and effectively blocks passage when closed. Flap doors are especially secure as they are raised beyond mid-height, making it more challenging for anyone to climb over.

Speed gates have in-built design features that make them safer to use. They are programmed to detect when people are trapped when closed, by reopening if an activity is detected. They are also fitted with an in-built UPS battery backup to keep them operating in the event of a power failure. Alternatively, the glass doors can be programmed to open completely in the event of a power loss or emergency.

Robustness, durability and customisation

Speed gates are designed to accommodate high levels of people-flow and are durable enough for heavy, long-term use in even the busiest of sites.

The main bodies of our speed gates are made of stainless steel. The barriers themselves are also made of thick glass that is built to last. Our speed lanes can be built to custom requirements, including different sizes, widths and the built-in features that you require.

Authentication features

Speed lanes can be installed to open their gates whenever someone approaches. However, we can also fit them with almost many different authentication options.

We often provide speed gates for premises that require key card, fob or ticket scanning authentication, or even bio-metric information such as fingerprints. We can also fit the speed gates with ‘hands-free’ proximity card readers that can allow people to pass without needing to present their authentication directly to the access control reader. These are particularly useful in arrangements where a company wants to limit the spreading of germs and bacteria.

Authentication entry gives speed gates versatility for a range of different sectors that require unmanned entrance security. We have supplied speed gates for stadiums, amusement parks, leisure and healthcare facilities, airports and many more sectors.

Access control and site entry management

If your building uses a centralised access control system, we can seamlessly integrate your speed gates into it. Using access control, you’ll be able to monitor your people flow and attendance.

In some circumstances, you can use your access control system to analyse the metrics you need to improve your business. Premises such as gyms and leisure centres integrate their entry systems to count how many people are in the building at different times. This way, the business knows when their peak times are at different points in the year.

Managing people flow and preventing tailgating

Speed gates can be used to ensure people enter a site at a safe speed. When it’s integrated with your access control, people will not be able to enter without authentication. This means that you will never have vast numbers of people entering a building all at once and that people can always enter safely and securely. In stadiums and venues, this is an invaluable safety measure that can support your people flow.
Both the winged and flapped glass door designs are quick to open and close. Those without authentication who seek to try and tailgate people in front, don’t stand a chance. The doors will simply close on them, but without trapping the person due to the safety of the speed gate design. With speed lanes, you can ensure that entry is only given to those who have access.

Assisting your security staff

We understand the challenges your security staff can face when guarding your premises. In areas of high-volume entrance or many different tasks to attend to, it’s vital to have the right tech. Speed gates can offer a helping hand to any security team.

Built to be self-sufficient, speed lanes can give your security team the time to monitor other areas of your building’s security. Or if your security staff oversee the main entrance where your speed gates are situated, your security will become much tighter with the added layer of assistance.

Looking to introduce speed gates to your premises?

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