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Types of revolving door


There are many types of revolving doors. There are so many in fact that it can make choosing the right one for your building tricky. At EA group, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality automatic revolving doors for any business.  

Our talented team at EA group have over 10 years’ experience in manufacturing and installing automatic revolving doors. This means they have the best knowledge to be able to advise you on whatever questions or queries you may have. 

A common query we get is worries about how safe revolving doors are in comparison to other doors on the market. In response to that we can say with confidence that our automatic revolving doors are manufactured to the highest possible standard. We use the best control equipment that ensures our doors are designed for maximum safety. Some of the equipment includes sensors for our automatic doors to detect if one or more people enter the same section of the revolving door at one time, and our manual revolving doors have speed control system to prevent the doors from being moved too fast. 

Businesses can also rest assured that each door is created by highly skilled staff and installed by qualified craftsmen.  

Appearance and features of the doors  

A revolving door provides business with a smooth flow of people going in and out of the building. Revolving doors look professional and serve as a welcoming structure to a building, all doors are available in a choice of different finished looks. Some of these being modern contemporary or traditional or even a twit between the two. We make our revolving doors in a range of colours including copper cladding, brass or aluminium so whatever your business colour schemes its likely we can find a colour for the door that complements the rest of the building well. All our glass revolving doors are available as a manual, power assisted or automatic functions.  

In addition, our crystal glass revolving door is designed and manufactured to fit the exact dimensions of your building. An all-glass look gives the door a sleeker appearance that also allows light to enter the building.   

Another noteworthy point is that now all our manual revolving glass doors are manufactured in Great Britain. This gives us the ability to offer quicker delivery times with competitive pricing, it also allows us to lower our carbon footprint.  

Our framed revolving doors feature a design you might be more familiar with. However, they still have the latest engineering design and are manufactured from the highest quality component parts to ensure they work reliably. One of the benefits to the framed doors in comparison to glass is that you can have a choice of frame and finished colours and optional overhead heaters. 

Power Assisted, Automatic or Manual revolving door 

When deciding between power assisted, auto or manual door you need to be thinking about what comes through your doors the most.  

For example, an airport will need to have a large revolving door with three wings to allow a good flow of people with luggage. So, with this in mind, when deciding what revolving door you want, you need to think about if you have a lot of deliveries come through and, are you likely to get a high volume of foot traffic at once. 

We offer doors powered by a variety of mechanisms, each work well for different businesses: 

Power Assisted: The door is powered by a motor that makes it much easier to walk through. This is helpful for accessibility. 

Automatic: The door automatically revolves when triggered by a motion sensor. This is the most accessible option and complies with all personal safety standards.

Manual: The standard revolving door, much more energy and cost-efficient. 

Number of wings: 

The number of wings your revolving door will have with vary with the size of door you wish to have, as well as the traffic you need to accommodate.  

Starting with two wings, this type of high-capacity revolving door does not have a centre shaft, therefore affording more space for wheelchairs or luggage trolleys. This also allows you to reflect more natural light into the building.  

Four wings are smaller, with more numerous compartments that allow more people to enter and exit at a much faster rate. They are useful for business centres and the leisure sector. 

Three wings are used for larger spaces. They are useful for allowing things such as suitcases, pushchairs and bikes to enter with ease. They are Great for the transport sector and businesses that need to prioritise accessibility. 

Maybe revolving doors aren’t for you? 

We know that revolving doors might not be right for everyone, so if you’re not feeling like they will fit with your business then why not check out our automatic sliding doors? 

Through years of development our EA1000 standard automatic sliding door design has proven itself to be a popular choice for many businesses.  

We can supply made to measure automatic sliding door system, that are low noise functioning and adjustable to any speed or colour design you may desire. 

If you think your business would benefit from one of our revolving doors or you’d like to learn more, get in touch using the contact information below. 

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